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Another book cover crop :)

“As humanity reaches further into the Universe we begin to realise that the further we go, the more there is to grasp; out in the cosmos and within ourselves.”

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4k pixels (largest dimension)

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New Book :)

Digital Painting – Tricks and Techniques (USA Amazon)

Digital Painting – Tricks and Techniques (UK Amazon)

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Epic-Tragedy267's avatar
Breathtaking work :)
Jazmin-Jazz's avatar
Amazing!!  It looks so real!!  :squee:
Roguedome's avatar
LKJGAJKLGJKDSSKJGSGUSGSKJS!!!!1 This is awesome!!!! Somehow, send me mind waves that will give me your talent. XD
this picture is very motivational
XXLenaX's avatar
i love it and is absolutely beautiful!
galaxywriter's avatar
Absolutely beautiful!
kumarawi's avatar
i love it ! it's , it looks so much adventure is just waiting to be found out there , it looks like a photograph taken by a awesome quality satelite , but ....... when i read the description i had to read it over again cuz i couldn't believe it when i saw that u had done it on ur own , it's just too good ,i'm going to be speechless in a little while
TheSPunk3d's avatar
Ya know! isn't it funny how even before you see the DD stamp, you can tell that it's DD material just by looking at it? I swear, I took one glance and was like "Yep, this is a Daily Deviation". Great job!
Conceptbloke's avatar
mate you got another daily deviation with this one
Oh crikey, I have! :) thnak man :)

g x
DreJunior's avatar
Great Concept,
I Have An Art Work With The Same Name!

She-Dragon16's avatar
oooooooh aaaaaaaaaaaah
Drakmanka's avatar
wow... amazing!
Quadhouse's avatar
I could stare at this for hours.
UDtheAesir's avatar
Very cool, man!
starxx1's avatar
YumiRuin's avatar
Holy crap I'm so jelly of this!!!!
Minkymy's avatar
space is so vast, and you capture it so well.
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