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Sunlight pierces the early morning cloud and mist bathing a large costal city in gold and red. The larger buildings, climbing into the clouds, are the first to receive the star's radiance.

Painted in PhotoShop - To save time, a rough B+W block model was created for City's buildings.

Original resolotion 6250X2500
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Just beautiful

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god this is 10 years ago? 
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I am lost in your visions...I wish I could be around to see the world look this way :)
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How about a video or a stream while you work ? That would be so interesting
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10 years passed, still lovin' it!
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Really like this one Clap but where can I download the original one (6250*2500) Confused ?! Could you put the original painting on your personal cloud like Dropbox or something so I can download it Happy Bouncer 
By the way, the lighting is awesome, and that building on the right looks soooo nice Glee Emote  
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Wow, awesome stuff. Really love the scenery here. This pic reminds me of a traditional pic I did years ago that's sorta similar to this.

Anyway, great work on this.
How Beautiful!
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The sunrise and fluffy clouds make me feel relaxed almost instantly. This is really pretty; the colors of remind me of something else you did - "the modern city" or something like that.
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so so so amazing!
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Oh, I saw this in a digital art book, i think it was called 'Bold Visions' or something.
Yeah! Bold Visions. It's HIS book after all! :P
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The reflection... :O
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that is just brilliant..
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