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An image depicting our World in the future. A majestic antigravity cruise ship is tended too 8 hours before it departs, its passengers boarding in their own time from the terminal building and personal transports, knowing they will not see Earth again for 9 months, twenty Star systems and 165 light years.

People keep asking me to create a new VA piece – here you are, I hope you like it. :)

Painted in Adobe PhotoShop CS
Wacom Intuos 2 Tablet
22-23 hours.
Original res 6000x3250
Image size
1280x705px 408.43 KB
© 2006 - 2020 ANTIFAN-REAL
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God I recognise it from The Wonky Angle's music reviews on youtube haha :)

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MTLAStudent Digital Artist

Wonderful view dude, i'm pleased with such architecture. Keep up great work and your style. I enjoy the way you work with the shadows and detailing.

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RebellingLemmingHobbyist Traditional Artist
Great art!
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Amazing Artwork
It is awesome Painting Art
I used to dream big like this as a child in grade school; nice to see someone else still knows how.  Great work!
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 Your style reminds me of the concept work of Syd Mead.
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i love this pic
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picnokinesisHobbyist General Artist
This is so beautiful! The details are fantastic!
You've been featured here :)
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Kim-Il-SongunHobbyist Digital Artist
That's amazing!
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Amazing, epic, beautiful Clap  
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LostFallenHeroStudent General Artist
Reminds me of Phantasy Star. I love how the light reflects off of the buildings in the background, plus everything looks so calm because the light, vibrant colours. Very beautiful, nice job! :meow:
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ShottyMonsterStudent Digital Artist
immense, you are so good at lighting and colour composition it blows me away
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TazuneeHobbyist Writer
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WhiteLilyDragonHobbyist Digital Artist
Talk about a small world! I found this beautiful painting on another site years ago, ( [link] ) and I've been using it as a wallpaper from time to time since. I just happened to spot it here on dA, the original piece as it was posted by the artist. ^_^ Now I finally know the name of it! Being the sci-fi nut I am, I love these types of environments and your Prometheus piece is still my top favorite, even after all this time.
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BiodrawxelStudent General Artist
when's the videogame coming out? xD
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I love the greens in this picture. It really drives home the story behind it. They won't see lush grass, a wide open sky or the turquoise ocean again for so long. The utopian image is the antithesis of the cold dark of space. The description really adds an extra depth to this piece.
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theinfiniteeStudent Interface Designer
great job
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that is a awesome picture of future.
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I'm speechless this is one of the most beautiful drawing/paintings i have ever seen! I love the beauty of the city and sun! You are honestly one of my favorite science fiction drawer! Keep up the good work!
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This is one of my favorite genres, future Earth. I'd love to see the original res if you still have it.
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Sora108Hobbyist Digital Artist
very clear. such a high definition work. color harmony was really stunning.
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