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In todays torrid times, I thought a message of unity might be worth spreading. I've made a print for it. :)

Light, Love and life to you all <3

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That's pretty cool. Reminds me of the film "PASSENGERS"
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Love it. And I love the colors - all my faves. Magenta, blue, purple. And the message is definitely needed right now. Thank you!
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what was your thought on the text treatment?  truer words....btw. wonder if people knew that most of the worlds out there were already inhabited and that we wouldn't easily just find another one to go to. wonder what that would mean for our politics? i hear people talk alot about just going to a new place after ruining this one. i dont think it would be as easy as they think it would be....i think we'll be shocked when we learn how much we are not alone....
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Mothership Terra <3
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A good message... 
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this gave me chills! :star:
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Thanks for the beauty and the excellent message, it made me smile despite all the bad stuff in the news. :)
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This is a nice call to sensibility, well done, sir. :)
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Wow...this...I just love it. Everything about this, from the atmosphere to the message. Kudos to you for getting this message out. I'm proud there are a lot of amazing people like you in this community. Stay amazing.
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