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An enormous arched structure reaches up from the ground. The conventional buildings and landscape are dwarfed in comaprison as the structure's apex pushes into the clouds.

Painted in Photoshop with a Wacom Tablet.

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robinweatherallProfessional Digital Artist
yeah really good colour depth, 
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sci-fi landskape is always so grandiose and awes striking. who doesn't love it? 
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CyurusProfessional General Artist
Really amazing, love the tones and detail in this one.
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ErunirHobbyist General Artist
I saw this image eleven years ago, never knew where to find it again, and today I finally found it! Great piece of art!
d0ekun's avatar
This is the first work I ever saw from you. It was back in 2004, I believe. I have been an "Antifan" ever since.
Ignigena-Fire's avatar
Great job I love the effect of the giant arch reaching so high up.
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aerroscape Digital Artist
-who did the static calculation on this? ))
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forgedOrder Digital Artist
Trully inspiring!! :) Back in 2009, when I started painting, and I found this picture on the internet. It gave me a lot of inspiration at that time :) From that point this was on of my favorite paintings ever. And now I find it again here :) It is AMAZING! :)
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This is stunning. I cant describe how much i am taken by this
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rDOPEdHobbyist Digital Artist
I love it :) I really do :)
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KifflomStudent Digital Artist
Really.. i can't stop watching this awesome picture..
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orionseesall76Hobbyist Artist
Very Cool:)
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mindscapebdStudent Digital Artist
I saw this amazing work on the Bold Vision cover, which i am going to purchase soon for sure! Amazing concept and work on the lighting and colours!!! :)
Sh3nmue's avatar
i saw this in your book, amazing stuff
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Hoooooly Hell that is AWESOME!
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CommanderEVEProfessional General Artist
My face: O___________________o; XD
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thousand times favs.... this is not imagination it is real!!!!
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csoroHobbyist General Artist
I like the concept behind it. There's something very ambiguous about this piece that makes the viewer mentally meander in trying to imagine what this giant structure could be for. I would like to think it would almost be a giant a giant arched city built to preserve as much of the natural environment as possible for the sake of housing millions of people.
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NoHeart-WallsHobbyist Writer
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