Master Universe

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Part 4 of a series of 4 images depicting the Universe as described in “The Urantia Book”


Commissioned by the Urantia Foundation some time ago, although I do believe they intend to publish the series this year.

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Z-StarEntertainmentHobbyist General Artist
BEAUTIFUL! 😇🤩😍. How far can you even go from the Master Universe?
ANTIFAN-REALProfessional General Artist
I have realised that these images are not that explicitly accurate. However - the Master Universe is as far as I know, the totality of the material universes. The spacial area for these is toroidal and the distance to the edge from the centre is absolutely huge - more than >2-5 trillion light years.

I will be attempting to reinterpret these concepts in the future - however it is worth noting that only the "grand universe" is inhabited.

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Z-StarEntertainmentHobbyist General Artist
Okay. There’s a lot questions I had in my brain about The Urantia Book. I was wondering. Is Orvonton the Milky Way galaxy or is it Nebadon. Thanks for the answers though.
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c0rwynProfessional Writer
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What a pathetic way to spam!
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JKRWHYStudent Digital Artist
Oh my goodness.... How could your brain even comprehend drawing a piece with so much.. everything in it?
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DamianKrzywonosProfessional Digital Artist
thats wide
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its wonderful.. :) <3
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I CANT GET ENOUGH OF THIS its just so beautiful
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Vanessa-MariaHobbyist General Artist
there really is nothing here that i don't/can not get enough of
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kingdragon01Hobbyist Photographer
This is great, I'm going to write my own take on this concept of the Urantia book in my sci fi book someday...
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AmeliadHobbyist Artisan Crafter
this is awesome xxx
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This definitely has a weight of majesty about it. It's beautiful with the colours, shading and lights, yet it has an ominous underpinning where the darker clouds, the crackling lightning and the empty stretch of space behind it all.
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Disturbing that such a piece would ever be commissioned as a serious representation of the universe.
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can I use this for my multimedia project? :D pls psl pls!
I'll post the link here when I'm done!
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cLoVeR21Hobbyist General Artist
this one too! it's really awesome!!!!!! please can I have your permission to use this in our short film!
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