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Seasons Greetings everybody! :)

Here is a 1600x900 image (sorry it is not a totally original painting - very busy at the minute) if anybody is interested in staring at a million stars while drinking Mulled Wine and eating Mince pies!

I hope you all like it - have a great Chirstmas and New Year!

Best, :)

G x

V I S I O N . A F A R . 2 0 0 9 . S H O W R E E L


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Enador's avatar

Takes me somewhere nowhere. It is good and I do watch the image not just look at it. Great Creation. Thanks. May God Bless you.:clap:

AtelierC's avatar
This wows me! So beautiful!
tsahel's avatar
Magnificent !
madmadman01's avatar
always the best in space imageryClap Clap Clap 
Kahdrim's avatar
LydiasTears's avatar
hey, that is ... You have a talent for colors :painter: :D
Takuneru's avatar
My face is like the icon I used. Wow. I'm stunned.
Baaling's avatar
its amazing >0<
what programm do you use for your pictures?
Tygerson's avatar
Gorgeous colors, and love the extreme tilt!
Mirk217's avatar
totorial on this would be! it may be informative!
rebellion991's avatar
The power of imagination. I also looked at the Grand Universe and noticed that the bottom-right corner of the wallpaper looks similar but i love this one very much. More blue is more cool. A Merry Christmas to you too.
nethskie's avatar
Yhsthar's avatar
wow, soo cool!
danarogon's avatar
ok...or that is the smallest galaxy in the universe or those planets are the largest of the univers. both are disturbing =(...still i love the style but next time (unless thats your way of doing space art) have to make it a little bit more real =)...

...ok i am gona fav :XD:
rlouward09's avatar
eimiStudio's avatar
Why am I just discovering your artwork now??
It's all just Amazing!!
Althaly's avatar
I am rendered speechless...
BenThijs's avatar
this is so awesome!!!
Chris000's avatar
Amazing yet sad as well, as these planets are on the edge of the galaxy, isolated from the closer packed stars in near eternal darkness.
Riftmaw's avatar
A wonder to view. <33
iamofthedesert's avatar
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