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April 1, 2017
Light and Life by ANTIFAN-REAL
Featured by cosmicbound

Light and Life

** update ** after leaving this image for 110 days with a couple of intentional perspective anomalies - I've reverted the file to the master one. Those that saw it and messaged me personally or on the comments, good eyes for the spot, it's been fun! If you want to see them now - you will have had to download the trick file :D **

Visionafar piece - a place far away, maybe in the Universe or maybe for our own world. It's amazing what you can achieve if we all work together. x

Print available:…

Painted in Adobe PS CC using a Cintiq 22HD.

Native res - 8k wide

I hope you are all well out there! :)

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MTLA's avatar
WHY, why it's so amazing just like it comes from my dreams about how the future should look like? These small windows, coloring and details, everything just fine and enough. Great job!
Kiwi-R's avatar
This is so good!!!! I must say I especially love the viewpoint as well as the colors! Very well done! :clap:
gregor-kari's avatar
love the style!!
JazzedT's avatar
This is pretty much how i imagine the (hopeful) far future to be. Mankind has done away with most of it's problems and has explored the universe to set up thriving, limitless colonies like these.

What a beautiful and radiating picture. And i have a soft spot for sunsets. :D
Platyadmirer's avatar
Holy cow your work has gotten more epic! I've had your digital tips book for a long time but wow the art was great back then and now it's super boss, good job man!!!!! :happybounce: Clap 
cemac's avatar
Thank you for creating and sharing this very special artwork, which I have included in my new Journal Feature :heart:
SolarStorm7's avatar
How would one go about commissioning you? I'm currently in the market for an image I need done and stumbled upon your marvelous work.
please contact me at:
HellboysLady's avatar
THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! I must ask do you take Request or commissions?
HellboysLady's avatar
What is your price? or can I request?

if I can request I would like to see your take on a Alien style city with my ship flying though it.

this is my Ship, it is Transformers Prime style. TFP Causeways Transport-Battle Ship FINAL by Lady-ElitaOne-Arts
sekaixsora's avatar
I saw this image in a video on youtube that credited you with a link.

It's one of the most astonishingly beautiful pieces I've seen in a long while, the perspective, creativity and colours here are stunning - I was moved to tears! It's absolutely beautiful, it looks flawless!

I just love how you blended the colours together, a sunset of orange and gold with some red on one side, darkening to the right with blue and pink hues to purple..
The smooth glassy reflections on the buildings, the little lights...the story and life in it, the ponds and grassy ground, the light rays and mist, and the blur effect.

10/10 blown away :D
chrishamner's avatar
Unbelievable colors and creation... what a place
IooGustavo's avatar
I love this work, it´s so beatiful. Ty so much! <3
Jeyjey24's avatar
Very beautiful ! And inspirative ! Great work, i hope you will work for ages !
faithesper's avatar
Just beautiful! I think I've fainted. 
MjP-70's avatar
Amazing work!
CliveStation's avatar
So F-ing amazing!!!
ultraindigo's avatar
this is all kinds of beast.
MnstrFrc's avatar
it's so beautiful.
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