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November 15, 2009
The suggester says:
I found this, and I thought straight away~ WOW. How could this NOT get a DD yet!? It's AMAZING. It's an astounding and breathtaking picture! It truly deserves it!
A very known masterpiece in the space art genre by the one and only Gary Tonge! Don't forget to visit the rest of this artist's gallery!
Featured by gucken
Suggested by Redd23


Part 2 of a series of 4 images depicting the Universe as described in “The Urantia Book”

The second image in the collection shows the seven circuits of the perfect central universe of Havona. As described in the book, Havona is made up of "1 billion of these enormous, beautifully formed worlds." I like to think that this image has a serenity to it that gives the impression of peace and calm.


Commissioned by the Urantia Foundation some time ago, although I do believe they intend to publish the series this year.

Original res 6000 pixels + (intended for very large reproduction)
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MTLA's avatar
Very cute and atmospheric. Pleased to see such amazing and higly detailed art.
Meztli72's avatar
Very beautiful!!! ^^
I'm starting a YouTube Channel to simplify some ideas and expand on some perspectives I have concerning the world around us. I'd like to use your pic for my channel. Would that be possible? I'll give you credit in the channel description as well as in the corner of this pic. Hope to hear from you =)
madmadman01's avatar
Can I have your permission to use this as a background picture for my album Universal? The only thing that will be changed is that I will add the word "Universal" and my name above it. Credit will be given to you and when the album is released and I will be making profit with that I will contact you and we can agree on a suitable percent of income to will gain for each album sold. Thanks
ghostbaine's avatar
very muchly wow
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How does one get permission to use this wonderful artwork for a webpage background?
hello ,i wonderif it is possible for you to give me permission, to use one of your ullustrations for a web site i am building, it is to run in conjuntion with a book i have written called a seventh borm, about the same subject, thanks for your time P.Davies.
Trisaw1's avatar
Beautiful and heavenly.
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"IN THE MINDS of the mortals of Urantia — that being the name of your world — there exists great confusion respecting the meaning of such terms as God, divinity, and deity. "
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I'm sorry to say that this wonderful piece of art has been stolen and you're not the only victim
Phebe-Moreaux's avatar
I agree that it radiates a deep sense of peace and tranquility. The further planets almost look like fireflies. However, the empty space above the circuits looks cold and unwelcoming, which I think emphasises the connected universe and the need to belong to the whole rather then being adrift.
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I love the harmony of this picture, the music emanating from it straight into my core. "Serenity" is exactly the word for this piece because personally it really calms me down.
I was reading the Urantia Book online for the time first time last night and today I find these beautiful pictures!
13aceofspades13's avatar
that looks radical.
Love your work! Would you be willing to allow UrantiaUniversity to use one of your images on the entry page of the website that's being created? You would make our day!

Best regards,
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This is currently my desktop :)
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You have been featured here: [link] ^^
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I would be honored if you would participate in my contest. Take a look [link]

Thank you for your time
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Amaizing work :wow: =D
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Wow! the colours in this work are really compliment the layout of the work. I love the lighting and... everything basically!
louie-43p's avatar
Wow! the colours in this work are really compliment the layout of the work. I love the lighting and... everything basically!
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