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Geo-thermal Electrical Turbine

Just fooling around for the hell of it - :)

A suspended superstructure converting geothermic energy into power for a planet. Just though it would be fun to paint - not for any project.

About 10-12 hours work
4.4k height - original res
Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet

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Austin7Hearts's avatar
This looks awesome.
Brokoola's avatar
Wow, mate. This is amazing!
steveforward's avatar
you need to contact me ASAP mate, I am writing loads of instrumental rock material and would love to use some of this artwork for the covers.  I am no huge rock star, but would credit you no problem.  This is simply breathtaking work,  have found you on facebook and put a request in, let's talk,  listen to some of my tracks etc..  I am blown away by your work. 
Commander-Fillmore's avatar
AyumuTheWolfQueen's avatar
I have seen that somewhere (Not the art but the place) hmmm... really amazing! Looks so cool! 
Fiedjo's avatar
Amuth89's avatar
.....seems familiar.....
Kenouki's avatar
The image remembers me the end of the 3rd level of the videogame "Rez".
overseer's avatar
Very cool concept. Love the overall choice of colors and this is how it could look like if we were to ever go big scale on geothermal energy. It also has a bit of 'Death Star' to it. Great work.
My-PrOxY's avatar
Just a much belated thank you for sharing this cool atmospheric piece, and providing inspiration to others (like me)! :worship:
Phebe-Moreaux's avatar
At first look it reminds me of the classic heaven vs hell, in large part due to the fiery, gothic mountain structure below, and the white halo of light above. Then I read the description and saw the electrical join and the intermingling reds, blues and whites and realised the necessary connection. It altered how I saw it when I considered that the fiery aspect is the natural component and that the halo heralded the artificial. It turned the classical on its head as the 'light' is in fact exploiting the 'dark' and the realisation that the initial reaction was way off. It makes me think of the civilisation and what they're like. This is simply enthralling.
AmandaMo1127's avatar
Very Cool, the contrast in this pic is beautiful :)
CommanderEVE's avatar
gdghkdfhgfjg AWESOME Contrast! :O
yzorderrex22's avatar
Stunning work. Kudos. :clap:
aupre's avatar
nice work !
samplane123's avatar

Beautiful work, especially on the lighting.
o0Crofty0o's avatar
It's brilliant.

I love your arts^^ Well done
JamesHillGallery's avatar
You're concept renderings are amazing! Your knowledge of light Caustics are terrific as well!
typerulez's avatar
fucking awessome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD
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