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August 2, 2011
Future Monument Valley by *ANTIFAN-REAL Suggester says: "Impressive sci-fi landscape! Before I viewed it I thought it was just a simple pic but then I noticed many things in it, it's very detailed even the artist made it in 150 mins."
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Future Monument Valley

Our distant progeny inexplicably decide the best location for new enormous frikkin' spaceports is Monument Valley! Kids eh...? :) Just mucking around really but this image will be part of matte and painting tutorial in my next book. :)

No more than 2.5 hours of work, reference taken from various sources for the base landscape.

Original Res – 2.4k wide
Wacom Intous 3
150 mins work.

Enjoy. :)
G x

V I S I O N . A F A R . 2 0 0 9 . S H O W R E E L


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Thuslan's avatar
I guess nobody can use that place as a set for the wild west or barren alien worlds anymore in the future. It seems like a lot of people would be mad about the location of that space port in the middle of nowhere, but it still looks great! I like the combination of natural and architectural beauty, and even for digital art, it looks impressively realistic. I think it should look taller to be a spaceport though.
AvalonHasFallen's avatar
It makes one feel like the future is near, nearer than we know.......
Being a product of the previous century I can not even conceive of the technology, not to mention the talent,  that allows someone to create such a beautiful image, in two and a half hours no less. Although I would hate to see the Valley so disfigured, it is non-the-less a stunning visual. Excellent work!
AlexOotzaAkaSharpy's avatar
This looks like one of the scenes in Abe's Exodus cinematix when Abe and his fellow companions travel to Soulstorm Brewery.
Nice art nonetheless!
TechnoPhilosopher's avatar
One of my favs.. we would love to work with you or feature your work on [link]
im1tta's avatar
I think this is really your best works!!! Amzing colours, combined with this famous landscape! 
Dahami's avatar
Reminds me of Robert McCall's images combining floating cities with southwest landscapes.
Karinta's avatar
It's unusual, but exciting.
inabearsuit's avatar
When I looked at this I got super pumped, I just hiked through Monument Valley this summer. But I wish it looked like this!
phomax's avatar
Nice composition!
FluffyLover1986's avatar
Reminds me of F-zero!
SigmaRadec001's avatar
N1CO95's avatar
This is just so AMAZING!!
nice work.not that that means anything coming from me but i look at this and see a revelation that people really should stop making kids. 7 billion people? well what the fuck?! not to undermine your work with my cynicism, but what a depressing outlook...
Onnep-ink's avatar
SoulSiren's avatar
HI, how much would a print be? I may buy one from you---this is absolutely beautiful!
UnforutunateFortune's avatar
thats pretty awesome!
exocolumn's avatar
nmsmith's avatar
You are very talented. Nice work, again...
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Amazing work. Congratulations on the DD. :iconflowerheartplz:
DragonOnigiri's avatar
wow amazing really
GrayEngel's avatar
Is that a photo a desert valley stuck in there? Then the shadows and building was added in there? The path is drawn over fadedly :}
GrayEngel's avatar
Sorry if I sound to judging, I forgot to say it was a great picture >:D
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