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Concept - Space Yacht

Hello! :)

In stark contrast to yesterdays rather violent image - today I thought I would paint something tranquil. "Space tourists take a break in the sun on a distant moon as their Yacht hovers silently above them"

Anyway, the image took a couple of hours or so (being neatly painted I could not use my random brush attack mode) - I could do with a trip out there myself!

Original res 4000 pixels (wide)
Painted in PS CS3
Intous 3 Tablet

Thanks for looking :)

G x

V I S I O N . A F A R . 2 0 0 9 . S H O W R E E L


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PINARCI's avatar

That is lovely. Less, lessismore is at scream.

Elij09's avatar
very  cool expansive feeling
to  it
hanzoQ's avatar
feel so peaceful, a forgotten trip in the future
CharTeam's avatar
hdsmoot's avatar
When can I order one? looks awesome
Majeh4108's avatar
They'd better watch out for Sand People.
Are there any similar pics to this one? Or any others that are of the same ship?
ArtistNina's avatar
this really reminds meh on star wars
Notros's avatar
Hey... how'd you get a picture of my houseboat?!
Biodrawxel's avatar
takin' off from Tatooine...

nice work!
Phebe-Moreaux's avatar
Are they balloons? If so, I love that touch of familiarity in the alien surroundings. At first glance the picture looks simple, calming - mainly due to the relaxing colours - then you see all these fabulous details. The shading on the ship is truely remarkable.
wuestenbrand's avatar
star wars episode 3, i love this.
JamesLedgerConcepts's avatar
Star wars comes to mind. Great composition.
Earthen-Arts's avatar
totally tatooine. love it! :iconfavoriteplz:
bluenova25's avatar
should be called "hover yacht" ;P :meow:
PetarMKD's avatar
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orsonpl's avatar
Phantom Manace in my head now.
orionshope's avatar
Wow visually stunning work AWESOME !
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