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Concept - Old Backstreet

Hello all, :)

A scene concept for an arid area - the geographical position and altitude required some pretty strong sunlight and contrast, it was tricky to balance all that with a well rounded images showing the claustrophobic back streets – the light had to stream into the alleys very strongly.

Original res 3200 high
Painted in PS CS3
Wacom Intous 3 tablet
About 8-10 hours painting time (can't be sure)

I hope you all like it. :)

G x

V I S I O N . A F A R . 2 0 0 9 . S H O W R E E L


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CorgiFoxi's avatar
the atmosphere of this one makes you feel like your standing right there in that backstreet.
GabriHylian's avatar
Amazing!! Reminds me of Aladdin :D
anti-vedel's avatar
Amazing shadings!
GremlinCat's avatar
really love the atmosphere and green light!
LongJh's avatar
Really digging the mood this this!
AmbientAether's avatar
The lighting is wonderful; I love this!
blueheat23's avatar
so much realism...amazing talent you have!
DrAwThEaNiMe's avatar
yeah this picture just put me in a good mood. . .beautiful
DarkDragoonX's avatar
Simply fantastic. I've always wanted to walk in a backstreet like that.
R-Eventide's avatar
I love these scenes of yours! The realism is amazing...drawing the viewer right into the scene.
kungfubellydancer's avatar
I love the scattered light effect you put into your artwork, in addition to the amount of detail.
riceplusnoodles's avatar
i love the light source.
Nice work~
Rin-Uzuki's avatar
This is so beautiful! I love the greenish cast of the light... <3
YUK-buitar's avatar
on of best works i've seen in DA
Dabbaghi's avatar
Oh God ...
It's awesome ! Great lighting !!!
thparkle-Mathter's avatar
What wonderful colouring and colours in general! Love the perspective as well!
Over all, it's great C:
mymilkiaen's avatar
Nice!It's very beautiful!
aberry89's avatar
absolutely wonderful! Lighting is fantastic!!!!
Ash-S's avatar
wow amazing, it feels so real with the lighting and the shades :faint:
Jis's avatar
the precision on the shadowed areas is awesome.
yellowdress's avatar
So beautiful :heart: I'm jealous of your talent ;)
svenart's avatar
great image, very well done :)
themysteriousone's avatar
Oh wow! This is the kind of stuff I like. Besides urban decay, streets and alleyways very similar to these are always so... inspiring to me for some reason. I applaude the amount of work you put into this to make this picture! *thumbs up*
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