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Concept IV - World View

A forth image from a previous project. This piece showing the view across the main game world from the entrance of the "Earth World" towards the Mountain of the Fire Dungeons. Colour and feel for the world was the main objective of this piece.

Photoshop CS - Wacom Tablet
~ 8-9 hours
Original Size ~3200 wide.
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Grdzneuli's avatar
Wonderful colors )) love it :)
SoaringAven's avatar
I like this very much and I would love to share it on Pinterest. Would you mind?
PI-Pics's avatar
ArtDeepMind's avatar
This masterpiece remind me a LOTR.. Hill of Destiny i think in english ^^
ilove78213's avatar
I might vacation there, one day! :D
Streak783's avatar
dude this is awsome
Sheyrne's avatar
i have the book too... X) you're truly an inspiration....
Firespettan's avatar
I have your book "bold visions" I really love it. It have really been a great help for me to get better with the light effect that I normal sucks to do.
vicvicvici's avatar
great atmosphere.........
kali69's avatar
soresvan's avatar
I love all the wonderful digital paintings of yours!
omg this is the kind of stuff i want to do :\ i just need to do more but i dont have basic foundation ill just have to work harder :strong:
serphilith's avatar
Hmm, looks really great, mind if I use it as a reference to my game idea?
DR490NW4RRI0R's avatar
this is fucking awesome.
Also, HI.
I haven't heard from you in fucking AGES.
DR490NW4RRI0R's avatar
disregard this comment. I left it in the wrong place lol.
ladyroll's avatar

tsutar's avatar
bad place to build a city... but awesome art!
NaughtyBoy83's avatar
1 of your Best Works, I Really Love This One.
Eve-Tora's avatar
Woah. It's a little paradise with a menacing neighbor. Haha.
One-eyedjacks's avatar
Cool, reminds me a bit of Lord of the Rings.
MissStark's avatar
The volcano and red vines around the trees, in contrast with the lush green landscape, gives this piece a great feeling of uneasy peace. I imagine this is what it might look like if Mordor was rehabilitated and inhabited... beautiful, but still turbulent under the surface.
gaiserbin's avatar
wao!!!!!!....... nice!!!!!
knight-of-rosubia's avatar
This is pretty epic. I like your artwork. You are pretty good!
MirkwoodElf's avatar
I'm reminded a little bit of Ithilien (sp?) and Gondor from LOTR.

Still, awesome job. :)
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