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Surrounded by mountains, the waters of an evening sea, a delicate sunset and the activity of a large city; An ancient temple stands high, dwarfed by life and framed in nature.

This piece was created in Photoshop CS and a Wacom Intous 2 tablet.

Original res: 4600x3500
~18-19 hours.
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how can I have de full res? or a print?

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seems to be at another planet.
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The colours are perfect.
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incredibleeeeeee. Do you have a livestream or youtube channel?
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Epic vista, man! Love the little details!
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I have your artists bible!
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What I like most is the hopefulness in the juxtaposition of the uber modern cityscape, and the seemingly virginal landscape. The confident optimism that these two landscapes are not in conflict, but convincingly in harmony with one another is its most successfully striking aspect. It is stunning.
Kudos on your comment :) I very much enjoyed it and you are right on the money. :)

G x
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It's beauty captures the heart...
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This is simply breathtaking. The detail, the colours, the atmosphere...I'm almost speechless.
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Amazing! How did you do the sky!? You should really do some tutorials. Your stuff is so awesome!
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how is this physically possible to do??
great work !
very beautiful!
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OK...Whoa. Nice.
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This has been featured here, in my Favorite Artwork of 2009.


Thanks for the great space art, and enjoy the feature!
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