45 min SP - 'Unknown'

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Hey there eveybody,

The work I am currently creating under NDA is very neat, clean and a little sterile, so when I get the odd hour to paint it tends to be pretty rough and ready "Speedpaint" style images. This one is so impulsive that I've named it "Unknown" as it is quite an odd image for me.

Anyway, the image took about 45 minutes of random brush strokes, colour tinting and mucking about, I hope you like it!

Original res 3500 pixels (high)
Painted in PS CS3
Intous 3 Tablet

G x

V I S I O N . A F A R . 2 0 0 9 . S H O W R E E L


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leucistic77Hobbyist Writer
This is actually inspiring! I could write a scene in a sci-fi novel that would describe this setting.
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that is quite insane for 45 minutes, very nice
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aaawhymeProfessional Digital Artist
you are a wonderful painter!
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M0L0D0YHobbyist Digital Artist
WOW Code Red
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AoiKitaProfessional General Artist
wow, I love how nice it looks---I love how concept art is so detailed and wonderful, yet as long as you use your strokes well, can be so simple and fast---it must take practice to know how to use your brushes effectively :).
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RabidWater General Artist
Can't imagine that you read much of your comments, but love the work and keep it up. Awesome book too by the way :)
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levitan71Hobbyist General Artist
i love it! its has a run down spaceport theme
xigbar4ever's avatar
Jesus christ you really have some great ideas. This looks exactly what i imagine the powerful enemy emporer or general to have their throne inside of.

It looks really omninous and threatening. In the middle of what could be an old or freshly created battlefield its just a really amazing and even scary in some ways. added it to favorites!
KillaSmokeZ's avatar
I like this. Reminds me of oddworld
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oOSekeOoHobbyist Traditional Artist
45 minutes?
I'm impressed!
Thies is really amazing! The whole atmosphere is simply fantastic! I like the foggy mood^^
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Cool... 45 minutes? Amazing-
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ArkadorStudent Traditional Artist
Great piece, really stands out from a lot of other Speed paints on deviantart.

Did this start out as a drawing, or was it spontaneous,also was it a black canvas or did you have a picture for painting on top of using textures and colour? :)
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RoyalFlowerGardenStudent Artist
it looks completely epic! great colors.. great everything
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EFECTIFProfessional Artist
Good work.I like it!
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BluefireArtsHobbyist Photographer
Actually that rough edge along with the great lighting is what i love in your images. A painting is not a photograph, and should not try to become one. I think this hyperrealism trend in movies and games is the wrong direction. With leaving things a little blurred or not completely worked out in a painting you leave that for the viewer to imagine, and in that make a far stronger impression. Realism, with all its neat and clean details is for the eyes, painting is for the heart
ANTIFAN-REALProfessional General Artist
I could not agree more :)

G x
MetsukiNiiro's avatar
I Love The colors :D
can you please see my gallery?
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dahligProfessional Digital Artist
45 minutes?! That is just CRUEL!

Amazing job, really, one of those I-want-to-munch-on-your-brain kind of works... :)
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I reckon the river at the bottom just balances the whole piece with a smiggen of yellow and blue
broken-art-attack's avatar
that's a sinister looking tower. nice work.
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