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Realistic Domesticated Feline Front Leg Tutorial

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Managed to get this tutorial done in time! Better late than never :D

Realistic Domesticated Feline Ear Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart Realistic Feline Nose Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart Realistic Big Feline Back Leg Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart

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Realistic Canine Ear Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart Realistic Canine Front Leg Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart Realistic Canine Nose Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart 

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turning the beans upside down results in a dancing kitten
this is amazing btw, thank you so much for helping us with matters that some others might be bad at and helping us see common mistakes!
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These are really useful, even just skimming through and realizing little mistakes I make.

i don't draw felines often, but when I do i'm totally guilty of doing the canine claw thing ^^' also glad to see other people calling them beans/jelly beans!
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Something else you could have added is that cats have a leading 'toe' on their pads. But overall, this tutorial is very useful!
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Example? I could still add it C:
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It's called a Carpal pad:……

Examples online are hard to find, I can take a picture of one of my cats if you need a better one
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I'm not sure that's what they're talking about since I already have a Carpal Pad on my tutorial :U
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whoops! my bad
I only looked at this in passing
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When you look a cat's paw, it will have what's called the leading toe.
On the left paw, (from left to right) the second 'toe' (jelly bean part) will be higher up then the (from left to right) third 'toe.'
On the right paw, (from left to right) the third 'toe' will be slightly higher then the (from left to right) second 'toe.'
This works with all felines, on both the back and front paws.
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beans = toe beans = paw pads 
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Cats have very jelly bean-like paw pads!…
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well then...that's...something :XD:
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Dem kitty tiddies :V
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