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Realistic Canine Nose Tutorial


Recommend by :iconninjakato: Title says it all, just tutorial on how realistic canine noses look! If you're a stylized or cartoon artist feel free to ignore this tutorial C: 

Realistic Canine Tail Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart Realistic Canine Leg Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart Realistic Canine Front Leg Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart Realistic Canine Ear Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart

Also check out my feline tutorial:

Realistic Domesticated Feline Ear Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart Realistic Feline Front Leg Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart
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Could you do a tutorial on how to color realistic fur? 😅 and your tutorials are genuinely helpful ^^

WhiteThornDeer's avatar
I tend to make the mistake of using the "too sharp" shape, its normal for some dogs thus. For some. Not all.
Super121830's avatar
Thanks for making all these tutorials, I find them really helpful. :D
Kylerton's avatar
"Too much like a bean"
*Jontron voice* Who are you to judge.
anredera's avatar
Lovely nose. Very useful tutorial. iloveyou 
goblinndog's avatar
they seem so simple 
until you try to draw them 
now thIS is definitely going to be a hUGE help for me, thank you so much for making this! :0 

//guilty of making that bean nose
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You're very welcome, I'm glad its helpful to you!
Kale-Stars's avatar
Very helpful! I may end up making them too sharp since I like stylized noses, whoops XD
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
Stylized is okay :U
Kale-Stars's avatar
Ye >w< I will just have to be careful when doing realistic drawings though :")
Synthwave-Shark's avatar
Goodbye making my noses to spiky hello getting somewhere! Thank you for being so magic at this stuff, you rock!
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
Haha no problem C: 
VarDagi's avatar
"Too much like a bean" XD
WiIdpaws's avatar
This is amazing. I have so much trouble with canine noses. ^-^

Dat bean nose... lol <3
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
Glad it helps, Hun! :heart:
FluffySt's avatar
looks cool,i love canine noses :)
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
kylohnn's avatar
Thanks so much for this! I think I just faved all your realistic canine tutorials lol
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