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Realistic Canine Front Leg Tutorial

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Requested front leg tutorial! Added a bit of front paw info to it as well.

Hope this helps!

Realistic Canine Tail Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart Realistic Canine Nose Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart Realistic Canine Leg Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart Realistic Canine Ear Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart

Also check out my feline tutorial:

Realistic Domesticated Feline Ear Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart Realistic Feline Front Leg Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart

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I don’t know ANYONE who draws canine nails like the example in the bottom corner

Glad I haven’t seen that ‘till now

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Would you be willing to make a cat full body tutorial? ;w;

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Do you have a realistic wolf ears tutorial? (or a wolf face tutorial)? :)
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Ohhhh, I needed these!!! Thank you for making them! :la:
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omg I think you just saved me from an eternity of drawing front legs completely detached from the forechest
Thank you for making this!
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Haha you're welcome :heart:
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this is truley amazing! by any chance do you have anything for lynx anatomy? :3
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I have a few kitty tutorials in my gallery :heart:
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A wonderful tutorial. A lot of useful information about how to draw paws. This will help a lot! :loves: V2 
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
Aww, i'm glad you like my tutorials! Thank you for all the kind comments :heart: I really appreciate it!
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Your tutorials are very helpful and wonderful! Thank you so much for your work! :love: 
Daisy you're welcome 
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Lol I need to study and practice paw/leg tutorials and refs because I'm so bad at pawsXD But I like collecting these by putting them in my "bases, linearts, refs" folder collection:)
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Lmao every single thing that is wrong is what I use on my canines RiP me
cooley's avatar
Really, REALLY enjoyed all these. Thank you for sharing!
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So basic paw shape is just a parallelogram with a smaller parallelogram inside of it? :)
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the chest seems a bit narrow on the "correct version" but the paws looks awesome
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
Depends what type of canine you are working with.…
FluffySt's avatar
oooh i seee..maybe because i exspected some kind of a larger dog
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Breeds with more barrel chests will have legs that are very far apart…

I tried to keep my canine tutorials more towards wild canines, since there are so many different types of anatomy for dogs. It'd be exhausting to cover them all lol
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