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Realistic Big Feline Ear Tutorial

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Another kitty ear tutorial but this time for big cats! Remember, if you prefer stylized anatomy then feel free to ignore this tutorial.

Realistic Domesticated Feline Ear Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart Realistic Feline Nose Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart Realistic Big Feline Back Leg Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart

Also check out my canine tutorials: 

Realistic Canine Ear Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart Realistic Canine Front Leg Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart Realistic Canine Nose Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart 

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anredera's avatar
So many nuances. Very beautiful ears. Great tutorial! Heart bum 
Aoi-Haruko-Ayame's avatar
I love these! I'm constantly finding myself coming back to them for reference when I get confused by a photo!
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
Glad to hear that they're helpful!
K-Wolfheart's avatar
yaay love those, so helpful :D
AquarelleFox's avatar
I like your tutorials, having the little details for realistic things pointed out can still be really helpful for the stylized path.
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
I'm glad you like them!
Gray--Dog's avatar
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YamiOkamii's avatar
I love how you basically draw a toony, TLK looking ear on the right, and just go "WRONG"
SterlingKato's avatar
Well, to be fair the title does say 'realistic' so essentially the way the ears are drawn in TLK are not realistic and are stylised -- It's the wrong way to draw them if you are trying to go for realism.  
YamiOkamii's avatar
Oh no, I understand that! I was just giving them a hard time. 
In all seriousness, I think their tutorials are very well done, and very helpful when wanting to do realism. 
Sorry for the confusion! 
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
Can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not Lol. Hope you're not cuz in the real world it is, technically, wrong.
YamiOkamii's avatar
Oh lol sorry, yes I'm being sarcastic. I was just giving you a hard time. C:
Honestly, your tutorials are wonderful, and you give great tips for artists wanting to do realism.
Sorry for the confusion!
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
Oh okay :XD: I just didn't want you to be offended.

I'm always afraid someones going to get upset thinking I'm personally attacking their style which I'm definitely not. It's why I put my disclaimer "If you prefer stylized anatomy please ignore"

Glad you like it :heart:
YamiOkamii's avatar
Oh that's funny, I didnt want YOU to be offended by MY comment. It was just supposed to be silly, and I didnt want to hurt anyone's feelings.
I know it doesn't look like it based on my gallery, but I actually do both cartoony style and realism. The realism is posted on my website. (Look at my latest journal if you want to check it out)
I can completely respect both styles!
laylalame's avatar
I love your tutorials. 
Ticklicous's avatar
I really enjoy your tutorials. Just saying.
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
Glad to hear that :heart:
Rinworks's avatar
Always so helpful :heart: thank you so much for these! :) They've been marvelous and a big help.
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
No problem :heart: Glad they're a help
Aroruaholly's avatar
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