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Realistic Big Feline Back Leg Tutorial

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Back leg tutorial for bigger kitties! Next I hope to do leg tutorials for domesticated cats. 

Remember, if you prefer stylized anatomy then feel free to ignore this tutorial!

Realistic Domesticated Feline Ear Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart Realistic Feline Nose Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart Realistic Big Feline Front Leg Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart

Also check out my canine tutorials: 

Realistic Canine Ear Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart Realistic Canine Front Leg Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart Realistic Canine Nose Tutorial by Anti-Dark-Heart 

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purrsonalitydisorder's avatar
do you have a domesticated feline back leg tutorial?
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
I don't believe so, that's something I'll have to do one day
purrsonalitydisorder's avatar
yes, if you could sometime, that would be lovely <3 i love your tutorials <3
anredera's avatar
Very cute paws. Excellent tutorial and very helpful. Love 
Wildfire-Tama's avatar
Ah yay, I just love these so much, so helpful. Thank you again!! <3
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
floofytail's avatar
Ooh, this is a nice little reference. I'm gonna go study it tonight after school!
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
Glad it's useful to you :heart: 
diamondleopardjs's avatar
Thanks so much, i can practice felines with better anatomy now Heart 
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
You're very welcome!
Arsyynis's avatar
If I may ask, what exactly makes that one leg "too canine"?
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
Very define and bony with thinner feet. Cat legs are a lot 'smoother' than canine legs. 
Arsyynis's avatar
Aaah I see, thanks!!
Hossybutt's avatar
Ahhh yes finally <33
H0TAR0's avatar
Oohh that is useful thank you! :D
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
You're very welcome
K-Wolfheart's avatar
yaay that's awesome
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
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