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Eva - Commission


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New *Watch me paint this on YOUTUBE

Commission for :icongorvette:


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Pure kindness!

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I'm in love... ;-;

How much would a pet portrait like this cost? I'm not sure which category of commission it is sorry! I'm DEFINITELY going to be putting aside some money next couple of pays to grab two of these when you're ready to take on more comms!!

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This one actually isn't on my price sheet. It's a rough painting bust and usually go around $80. Accessories are free

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Ooh in that case I'm going to be stalking your comm openings ;D I'll grab some for sure!

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ughh I love this piece. So soft--and I love the purple details and bounce lights in the fur to compliment the background <3

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Thank you so much!

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This is just fantastic! I love the expression!

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This is so beautiful!! I love your painting so much...

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oh my goodness it looks like the puppy i just saw

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OMG what a precious girl 😍💕
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