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Breloom - Commission

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Commission for TheOdd1sOut


Art © Me
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AmmonaArt's avatar
Omg... I love it....fav
Papertop's avatar
Colouriel's avatar
Nice job!!!
Bandarai's avatar
Gorgeous! Your colour use always makes your work so enjoyable. Look at that beautiful lighting/shading <3

Love that adorable pose too. :D
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
Thank you so much :heart:
ThePencilRiot's avatar
oml I just got a breloom evolved, love this piece!
photoedfade's avatar
OMG IT IS A BRELOOM! it ain't my fav but it a pokemon
TheCynicalHound's avatar
So beautiful! One of my fav Pokemon. You did such a good job here. Love the colors!
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
Thanks a bunch C:
AnthonyColeRuth's avatar
Oh I remember this guy, from the gen 3 series of pokémon right?

I remember it being a particularly fun pokémon to use because of it's moveset. xD

Fantastic work on this guy. ^^
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
I'm not good with Pokemon so I have no idea xD
photoedfade's avatar
i think it is on gen 3
SerenityFeueropal's avatar
THE Odd1sout?? OMG, he's one of my subscriptions on youtube! This is amazing!
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
Haha hes a friend of ours. :heart:
SerenityFeueropal's avatar
And now you're friends...geez, next you'll be telling me you have Steven Spielberg's number on speed dial.=P (Razz) 
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
Lol that'd be awesome
The-Onsie-Dragon's avatar
So cute~! I love Breloom! TheOdd1sOut commissioned this??? Wow, okay. Still awesome tho ^^
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
I've actually never heard of Breloom till this commission haha. And yeah, it's from TheOdd1sOut C: hes a friend of ours
The-Onsie-Dragon's avatar
That's so cool~!
Breloom is a bit overlooked sometimes so don't worry about it~! I actually have a funny story about how I discovered it~! I was playing ORAS and I had caught a Shroomish (I catch anything I come across that I don't already have), I named him Lil' Shroom and trained him for a while not knowing it had an evolution. Once he evolved, I was so surprised and happy and immediately fell in love with Breloom! The name Lil' Shroom was also great for such an unexpected cutie and I kept him until the end of my playthrough. I still have him and will never stop loving him ^w^
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