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We Trot to War

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aaand back to my painterly style woot! Well this painting took freakin forever. But I'm so glad it's finally done. Inspired by watching the anime "Girls und Panzer" hehe super fun watch. I wonder, in this picture what burns brighter? The friendship? or the fire? Maybe it's the hatred....

Twilight Sparkle (Hauptmann/Captain, Tank Commander) - Quick witted, with a brilliant mind, but it's not those that make a good tank commander. Her synergy with the other crew members transforms them into the most feared tank crew in Equestria.
Fluttershy (Senior Private, Driver) - Calm and collected, most of the time. Able to get her friends out of a pinch anytime anywhere.
Rainbow Dash (Sergeant, Gunner) - "Eagle Eye" Dash. Having almost extraordinary eyesight from years of flying, she is the best gunner in Equestria.
Applejack (Private, Loader) - The strength gained from years of applebucking is now used for chucking shells. The best gunner coupled with the fastest loader in Equestria makes this one of the deadliest tanks there is.
Pinkie Pie (Private, Radio Operator) - Having a knack for convincing the brass for more cupcakes, this Pink pony always knows how to get her message across, one way or another.
Rarity (Lieutenant, Hooffen SS) - Acting as a liaison with high command, she doesn't like to get her hooves dirty with the others, and prefers to stay behind the lines, coordinating the other tanks. However, she can be most deadly in the field. Tasked only to special missions that a tank can't handle alone.

PzKpfw VI Tiger "MN6" Ausf. E
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MLP Vinyl Scratch (Smiling) Plz *blasts Girls und Panzer music*
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"It was a red dawn the morning our Tiger tank first arrived on the front lines..."

"It was there on the Eastern Front that we first made a name for ourselves."

"By the spring of '44, we had been redeployed to the western front... Prance..."
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Торпеду в борт!
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bajiwolfStudent Writer
OMG, Ponies in a Tiger I beat some tanks against humans!!? HOW DID THEY DO THAT!?
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0015234Student Digital Artist
Great pictures
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Wow. No. I mean... Wooooooow!
Amazing art!
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Why so many ponies in one tank, for what I know, if the tank armor is breached all the ponies are going to die in one shot!
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A tank this size can not be operated properly with only 4 tripulants or less
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UponiaProfessional General Artist
I remember seeing this at GBBC back in July and I remember pointing that tank out as a tiger 1. I actually regret not getting this at the con Because this is pretty dam good (actually its one of my earliest favs).
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Where the supporting PzKpfw III?

Also the edges of the front plate is slightly slopped down, plus the Bow gunner has no MG-34 and the 
8.8 cm KwK 36 L/56 is messed up, plus no viewing port to the aim the main gun and there is no coax gun, plus it looks the turret is stuck on the tank.

Sorry about that, just thought i would point out mistakes :) 
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Twilight (Sly Smile) Plz Twilight : Gerade Ziel ein wenig höher sind Sie?
Rainbow Dash (facepalm) #2 plzRainbow Dash: English Twilight, do you speak it!? 
Stay the fuck in the helmet 
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FarleyKat86Student Digital Artist
Do you know girls und panzer (its an anime)
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Reminds me of the Famous Panzer Ace Michael Wittman and his crew.
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MyLittleBeatlesHobbyist Writer
Could you to Katyshua as a pony?!
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How many different variants of the tiger 1 were there??????
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That is a very long and complicated answer. But simply: 3 plus a oneoff, 2 Porsche-designed Tigers and it's replacement.

The Tiger 1, Sturmtiger(a turret less version with a 380mm Rocket Launcher),  and the BergeTiger, a one-off Recovery Tank based on the Tiger. There was the also the 'Porsche' Tiger(called the Tiger(P), The Elefant(aka Panzerjäger Tiger (P)) was based off the Tiger(P).

Then there is the Tiger II(officially called the Tiger Ausf. B), but unofficially called the King Tiger, Royal Tiger or
Königstiger. The Jagdtiger(against turretless with a 12.8cm PaK 44 gun) was based off that.
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this tiger is cool 
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In increasing rank:

AJ & Pinkie = Soldat
Fluttershy = Obersoldat
Rainbow = Feldwebel
Rarity = Leutnant
Twilight = Hauptmann
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Dont Fuck with the Mane 6 while they are in a Tiger 1 (Early)!
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Wonder who would win? Michael Wittman or the Mane Six (both in a tiger)

My vote is Michael Wittman.
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Well Michael Wittman has the experience, so i think whould win... But what if they whould work together :O
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That would be amazing.
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