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Taking Back Lost Ground

OMG I'M BACK. Hey guys it's summertime!! We kick this off with a commission from :iconchrisjr5: calling back to this piece if you guys remember it:We Trot to War by AnticularPony
This piece in particular is based on the commissioner's fanfic where it chronicles the Elements' struggle in a war against the Imperium of Earth (an earth pony nation) under the command of Princess Luna. Here's a link to the actual fanfic called Stuten Und Tiger:…
Here we see the crew kinda unwinding after a tough battle.
Some of you may be wondering about Rarity. Well she's in the back lines coordinating the attacks and are the tank crews' liaison with high command. Ranks are as follows:
Twilight Sparkle (Captain, Tank Commander)
Fluttershy (Senior Private, Driver)
Rainbow Dash (Sergeant, Gunner)
Applejack (Private, Loader)
Pinkie Pie (Private, Radio Operator)
The tank itself is a PzKpfw VI Tiger "MN6" Ausf. E
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Still remind me of EaW, even though I know it ain't from here x)