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Taking Back Lost Ground

OMG I'M BACK. Hey guys it's summertime!! We kick this off with a commission from :iconchrisjr5: calling back to this piece if you guys remember it:We Trot to War by AnticularPony
This piece in particular is based on the commissioner's fanfic where it chronicles the Elements' struggle in a war against the Imperium of Earth (an earth pony nation) under the command of Princess Luna. Here's a link to the actual fanfic called Stuten Und Tiger:…
Here we see the crew kinda unwinding after a tough battle.
Some of you may be wondering about Rarity. Well she's in the back lines coordinating the attacks and are the tank crews' liaison with high command. Ranks are as follows:
Twilight Sparkle (Captain, Tank Commander)
Fluttershy (Senior Private, Driver)
Rainbow Dash (Sergeant, Gunner)
Applejack (Private, Loader)
Pinkie Pie (Private, Radio Operator)
The tank itself is a PzKpfw VI Tiger "MN6" Ausf. E
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Still remind me of EaW, even though I know it ain't from here x)
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Do one from the movie "Fury"
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Rainbow Dash: Coffee anyone?

Pinkie Pie: No thanks. I just want to go to sleep. Last night's guard shift was kinda stressful.


Pinkie Pie: Just five more minutes please.

Fluttershy: Please don't yell at them. I am almost done.

Twilight: Fluttershy, you would do well to know your place. I appreciate your concern for your fellow tank crewmen but you forget that you are not in charge. I am the one in charge, then comes Rainbow Dash, then you. Is that clear?

Fluttershy: Yes ma'am. I apologize.

Twilight: Alright. You two have until the tank is repaired. Then you will wake up. Understood?

Pinkie Pie: Yes ma'am.

Rainbow Dash: I should've joined the Luftwaffe instead.

Pinkie Pie: Why didn't you?

Rainbow Dash: They wouldn't let me. Apparently I was "too fast for them to keep up with".

Pinkie Pie: That's too bad.

Rainbow Dash: Did you hear they're working on an upgrade? Apparently they're trying to build a new top-secret engine that's twice the speed of sound.

Pinkie Pie: Really?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah. They call it the Messcherschmit 262. The world's first jet engine design. Someday, they'll make a jet as fast as me... Maybe when I'm retired. Until then I will always hold the record for: Fastest pony in the world.

Pinkie Pie: That's quite the achievement.

Fluttershy: Ok. The tank's fixed.

Twilight: Good. Alright, time's up. We're moving out in five. Grab something to eat and get ready.

Applejack: We've got Russians to the North!

Twilight: Cancel that. Get to your positions. We're moving out now!

Rainbow Dash: Target sighted. Waiting for your command.

Twilight: FIRE!

Rainbow Dash: ON THE WAY!

Pinkie Pie: Target destroyed.

Twilight: Good. Let's move on.

Pinkie Pie: New orders from high command. We are to rendezvous with the rest of the Panzer Division to the North at 0900 hours.

Twilight: That gives us a 30-minute window. Let's move Fluttershy. We're going to be late.

Rainbow Dash: I can make a few tweaks to the engine so we get there faster.

Twilight: How long will it take and how much faster will we go?

Rainbow Dash: The tank will be 20% faster in just five minutes.

Twilight: leaving us with twenty five minutes. You have two minutes. Just one second slower and I will court-martial your ass. Understand?

Rainbow Dash: On second thought it's probably better if we wait until we get there.

Twilight: Good answer. If the Russians want to invade Equestria they've got another thing coming. Let's put them out of their misery. Fluttershy, head to the Kremlin. We're about to pay uncle Joey a visit and end the war.

Rainbow Dash: Let me get this straight: We're going to disobey orders, from Berlin, no less, to attack the Russian capital?

Twilight: Yes. And if you question MY orders again... Well, you know exactly what will happen.

Applejack: Sounds FUBAR to me. Are you trying to get us killed?

Meanwhile, at the Kremlin:

Russian Lieutenant: Sir, we have a problem.

Stalin: What is it?

Russian Lieutenant: The Germans have broken our line to the East. A Tiger tank is coming this way.

Stalin: Just one tank? How could one tank, by itself, possibly sneak past our defenses?! You are about as useless as that idiot who calls himself "the furher"!

Russian Lieutenant: Premier Stalin, sir, I apologize, I have made one mistake.

Stalin: I do not tolerate failure Lieutenant. Not even the slightest margin of error. For that you must be punished.

Russian Lieutenant: If that is what must be done...

Twilight: Hey Stalin!

Stalin: Who is that outside the window?

Russian Lieutenant: That is the tank that broke our defenses.

Rainbow Dash: Eat this!

Applejack: Loading incendiary!

Twilight: FIRE!

Rainbow Dash: ON THE WAY!!!

Fluttershy: I really hope the furher gives us a medal for this. If not we will have to make good excuses for why we disobeyed our orders.

Meanwhile, in Berlin:

Gunsche: Mein Furher, I have the latest report. Stalin is dead. The Russians are surrendering.

Hitler: So it is done?

Gunsche: Yes sir.

Hitler: Good. Tell command I want our new heroes back here. I am going to be holding a ceremony in their honor.

Twilight: It feels good to be back home.

Rainbow Dash: We each get an Iron Cross? I've always wanted one of these!

Pinkie Pie: Cheer up, Fluttershy. We're heroes now. We all get medals and a promotion. Isn't that what you always wanted?

Fluttershy: Yes but...

Applejack: What's wrong?

Fluttershy: For one thing I don't feel I'm capable of handling that kind of responsibility and two: What if they transfer me to a different unit?

Twilight: You would have had to make a request for that Fluttershy. Lighten up. We'll always be together. I heard you just made Captain. Congratulations.

Rainbow Dash: Then what rank did I make?

Twilight: Actually, we all made the same rank. You all got promoted to the same rank as me.

Rainbow Dash: What does that mean?

Twilight: It means I am about to be court martialled for disobeying a direct order.

Fluttershy: I'm sorry Twilight.

Twilight: Don't be. It wasn't my call to make but I made it anyway. If there's anyone who has to be sorry then it's me.

German Council: This court martial is intended to determine the fate of Twilight Sparkle, Commander of the 23nd Panzer Division, who has disobeyed orders given by the German High Command. How does the defendant plead?

Twilight: Guilty.

Hitler: Hold on! Her actions saved the lives of many good men. I hereby excuse her on the charge of insubordination.

German Council: Mein Furher?

Hitler: You heard me. While she did in fact disobey orders, if not for her more German soldiers would be dead! This hearing is over!

And so, Twilight is sent home with an honorable discharge from the Furher while her sisters Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Applejack continue to serve in the German Army, each charged with the task of training the next generation of Equestria's soldiers, as well as that of their ally, Germany. Rainbow Dash is assigned to the Applejack is sent to train Germany's infantry, Pinkie Pie is placed in charge of Logistics, and Fluttershy remains in charge of the Panzer Division, to teach Tank school. Every week they write a letter home to Twilight, wishing she were still there. Within the next few months, they will get to see her again. In the meantime, they must prepare Germany's army for the next war.
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This is something I will never understand. Since Fluttershy was always a pacifist, Hitler would have executed her. There is no place in the German Army for weakness.

Then again, Hitler was a hypocrite and a warmonger, and was completely delusional about "creating the ultimate race" so if anyone was capable of converting Fluttershy into a mass-murdering maniac then Hitler was definitely the one person who could do it. Violence is a strong deterrent against kindness.
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And to think Germany was "The best army in the world" at the time. We probably would have gotten our asses kicked by them were it not for Britain, France, and Russia.
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And most likely Captain America
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This is epic on so many levels
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Ponez und Panzer.
These damn ponies are Germans, so does that mean Celestia is Hitler?
(or maybe its Luna)
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Actually, according to the fanfiction, the ponies are on the brink of war with another pony faction when twilight discovers a broken down tiger in the frozen north (appently teleported). The ponies equip their army with tigers when the war breaks out.
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Nice pic, but where's Rarity?
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Ah the beast tiger tank :)
Ah bugger... it's to good to pass.
remind me of Tales of Valour in Company of heroes... I like it.
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Woah! Niiice! This is a really cool scene! :wow: :wow: :wow:
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I love Twilight expression! 
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So if this is Tiger MN6, then what are the other Tiger's numbers? (ex. 131, 300, 301)
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I'd like to see something like that of Operation Market Garden. Possibly Tiger "MN6" would be stationed in Arnhem along side the 2nd SS Panzer Division. Just a thought.
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I know during that operation, there was a SS Panzer Corps who came up against the Allies. From what I read in books it was the 9th and 10th SS Panzer Divisions. With the great numbers of enemy tanks, it was one of the reasons why this operation failed.

My great grandfather served in the US Army infantry in WWII. Before he died, he told me of the few times they came up against a German Tiger. It was one of the most feared machines in WWII. Hell the only way you can destroy a tiger is by shooting the engine compartment. This was where the US Sherman tank was reliable. But the Sherman stood no chance against the Tigers gun since it had medium to light armor. But because of the Sherman's speed they were able to get behind them.  
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Oh, thanks for the information.
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Ah, it was the 2nd SS Panzer Corps under Bittrich.
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You draw a good panzer 6
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