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Feathers Over the Horizon

And here's a nice break from all the war and death and stuff. Fluttershy having a nice picnic by the ocean. Wind blowing, seagulls calling, the sound of waves in the distance. I really love how this one came out.
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This is playing in my head again. ULTIMATE CHILLOUT RIGHT HERE BOI
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So wonderful... I'm sure Fluttershy loves this place... :love: :love: :love:
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Looks pretty good the colors but I don't know why... it looks like a tsunami is coming! I think it is the far high wave perspective that gives me that! Faved.
ooh lovely scene, water looks delicious..
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I love this! I like the soft look everything has, and the wind effect on the grass and blanket is very nice. It's nice to see a peaceful drawing like this. :aww:
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Until Pinkie Pie appeared...

Awesome work on this one. You earned yourself a Watch.
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That's amazing! I just can't imagine anything better, than seascape with Flattershy! 
Wow! :)

So peaceful and lovely! A lovely day for a picnic just for yourself. Awwwww!
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Great landscape, 
Not sure if fluttershy can see the landscape though. Perhaps, she listens to it? 
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"The Waves Are Calling My Name"..
Amazing... I'm loving this so much. This kind of scene is my favorite. Nature, ponies, and ponies' depth... along gorgeous art ^_^ Marvellous work, thank you so much for this! It reminds me of a certain "sea" mood from a game that I love, too. And I've travelled to places like these in Brittany I love seagulls so much too ^_^
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My perfect date /)
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Wawww... this is amazing... I would love to be next Fluttershy to enjoy this landscape *-*
Amazing drawing ! It is my new wallpaper !
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I'm sorry I know you mean well. And it's not that I can't take the criticism. I respect your comments and will take them into account. But please could you next time try to be more respectful to the artist. Give criticism only when the artist actually asks for it. Because sometimes, the artist isn't looking to get bashed and honestly it just makes them feel bad. I mean, imagine if someone came and laid down harsh critiques on all your pieces. Wouldn't you feel bad too? When the artist wants criticism, he will ask for it. That is all.
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I know anti very well and he takes criticism all the time and he learns from it, but when someone comes along and says pretty much that his art is shit and that people are giving him empty lies, of course it's not gonna make him feel any better. Especially commenting on everything he does, like his commission prices, saying that he isn't worth the money. Many people have commissioned him for a very high price so obviously he is worth the money seeing as so many people still ask him for commissions. So please take your salty butthurt away or learn how to write proper constructive criticism, thanks.
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Do you cut yourself with that much edge? 
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Calm Your potatoes. 
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Oh i'm calm, I was defending anti from a shit talker ^ ^;
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