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Club Meeting

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WOOOOAH it's been a while. Decided to do a sort "draw this again" kinda thing with my old pic
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I love how natural organic the treehouse seems.
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MLNavsariHobbyist Writer
Lovely soft colours. It's a very homely scene.
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GeneralEcchiHobbyist General Artist
very noice view
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This looks great. I just wonder if those flowers are fake.

Awesome work on this piece.
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Pony-BerserkerHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, that's an awesome picture. Great colors.
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FritzyMagpies Traditional Artist
oh gosh, you and paining leaves XD Enemies till the end of time ;P
(they came out looking great though ;3)

Amazing work as always Anti! I really love the sense of depth on the clubhouse, and the CMC look as though they are really there~ Awesome job~
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Paulicus1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great perspective!
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Lovely piece, beautifully executed.  And so CUTE!!!
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zilvartProfessional Digital Artist
Really pretty!!! I love your perspective it looks perfect. ultra pretty I'd say^^
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HungrySohmaProfessional Digital Artist
My eyes are so convinced that this place is real, and I can feel the textures around me O//o//O
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MLPegasis4898Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aw! Wonderful! I really like the angle and smoothness of this piece of art! :love: :love: :love:
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Excuse me while I favorite half your gallery
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TwilightIsMagicStudent General Artist
"What happens if someone started drawing everything at the same detail level no matter the distance?" Turns out, it can be pretty darn awesome. Thanks for the sheer dedication, maker. Plus, I love that sunny atmosphere you gave it with the tint on everything, yet also keeping the shade in on the leaves by not brushing over them with it.
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EverlastingJoyHobbyist Filmographer
This angle is a great choice. It gives us a sense of the height of the clubhouse, so seeing Scoots down there gives the distance, if you pardon the pun, depth.

Nice job with the lighting too. It looks like it's a morning or later afternoon scene, and you did a good job capturing that.
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Very nice. I like the odd visual angle, it makes things more interesting.
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NicolasDominiqueProfessional Artist
Well done :)
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EcrfennecHobbyist Filmographer
Really nice!
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LightDragon1988Student Artisan Crafter
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Very nice -- there hasn't been all that much art of the crusaders post cutie mark.
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Gorgeous shading job on the environment.
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AplReachStudent General Artist
Nice indeed, sir!
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AnticularPonyHobbyist Digital Artist
Why thank you
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