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Cleansing Fire

HOOOOO MAI GOD. Well, I totally was not expecting this. This is probably one of my best paintings ever!!!
This is a tribute to :iconequestria-prevails:'s character, Princess Stella. It's a huge thank you to someone who has been such an inspiration to me. Also, it's a little follow-up to my speedpaint of her a while back. Look at the difference OMG.

Character and lore belong to Equestria-Prevails
MLP belongs to Hasbro
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"Into the fires of battle; unto the anvil of war." I can't remember where I heard that, but it's one of my favorite quotes :D
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Salamanders Space Marines, Warhammer 40,000. 
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Yep. I even have the new codex and it took me forever to figure that out ^^;
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Cleansing Fire (R)(R)(W)


For each non-basic land permanent, it's controller sacrifices it unless he or she pays (W) or (R)(R) or (3).

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OOOO what a cool idea for an MTG card.
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You really think so?
cooool, this looks awesome, I especially love the sky! Nice job on the lighting as well
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haha thank you so much! :D
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"We're almost there. Victory is in sight; I can almost taste it.

His legions of monsters and pawns are shattered, his head minions are all defeated, and those that claim to be his 'allies' had abandoned him. All that he has left, are the walls of his last stronghold.

I don't know what he is planning, but from what we know of him, Grogar probably still have a few surprises waiting for us, some devious strategy or sorcery that may yet turn his coming defeat into an unthinkable victory. 

But we had gone too far to fail now. We had suffered too long, sacrificed too much, for it all to come to nothing. Whatever it is he still has to throw at us, we'll overcome them. Whatever it takes, we will burn his dark city to the ground, and bring that bastard to his miserable knees. 

We'll make him pay for what he had done to my land, what he done to Dream Valley, what he had done to all of us, what he has done to the world. His reckoning is upon him; vengeance shall be OURS.

The time has come, old friend. Get Galaxy, Surprise, Sparkler and the others here, Twilight; let us go and tear down the walls of Tambelon."

--- Firefly the Undefeated, true name Stella, Princess of a lost kingdom, to Twilight the Wisher, of Old Dream Valley, on the eve of the Siege of Tambelon, the final battle of the Great War that ended the threat of Sorcerer-King Grogar and his city Tambelon forever.
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....beautiful. I didn't watch the previous generations but I know a good piece of writing when i see one.
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"Tartarus is but a place. One I am quite familiar with, in fact. So do what you have such a hot need for, Princess Stella! Slay me with all the fury you can muster! Raze my city to the ground and slaughter or enslave its citizens to your heart's content--it matters not, little pony!

In some form, in some way, I will return...and bring desolation upon your precious Dream Valley that will make what I did to your kingdom look kind by comparison. Be it in a thousand years...or thirty seconds...after I perish.

I only hope YOU will still be around then, so I can see your pretty little face when you lose hope YET AGAIN."

--- Sorceror-King Grogar's last words, before his excexution after the battle.
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Oh, brilliant, epic. Fits the pic so nicely. 
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[Takes a bow] Thank you kindly. :)
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[Nice! Very menacing of Grogar, even in the face of defeat...]
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[That's what I was going for. ;) I also wanted to show just how much of an utter BASTARD he is--what with not giving a damn if his subjects are enslaved or outright slaughtered, or the implication that he wiped out Firefly/Princess Stella's kingdom for kicks.]
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For the empire!
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My garsh..When I get the talent coin that you possess.. I will rule the world.
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Not if I rule it first haha. Practice, dude.
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