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Chinese New Year!!

Have a little late Chinese New Year pic haha sry. Took a while to paint hehe. Anyways, Happy Chinese New Year! ^^ Hope you like it!
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The pic is great, I think everyone except AJ fits the asian-style (sorry I don't knwo how to call it) but she is just looking perdy pretty :3
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Awsome and Amazing at same time, good job, I really like it :)
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This is awesome! And not only is a pony in a lion but its Fluttershy :) 2 of my biggest passions combined. The lion doesn't look quite right but I don't blame you for that, even with years of experience with Chinese lions they are still hard to draw, let alone adapt to ponies (I know I've tried with little success numerous times) The colouring is amazing, and I particularly like the way you've lit the scene.
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Bloody brilliant /)
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oh my god YESSSSSSS
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Happy Chinese New Year to you too.

What? No goats? Oh well. Wonderful work
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Wow, beautiful!! Amazing work! This scene is really really nice ^.^ Happy Chinese New Year to you too!
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Awesome ! I LOVE IT, CONGRATULATIONS !!! Flutty is adorable *-*
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Oh my gosh Fluttershy looks adorable XDXDXD <3
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Gong Xi!! >w<
Hope you gets lots of angpao.... I mean live long and prosperous!
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"Hope you like it"? Seeing all six of Spike's friends spending time without him is literally the only thing in the entire fandom that sucks my enjoyment out of everything.
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Ah-ha! I see you're the artist who created The Moon Festival and The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Well, I stand by what I said; seeing all six interpreted as a complete and exclusive group that Spike doesn't belong in still puts my spirits down in the dumps. Either way, this still isn't quite as magnificent as some of your other works.
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