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It is one of the random sketches I did back then as an example for pen-sketch commission and I thought it looks nice enough to post it. =)
I was just playing with the thought of drawing tengu. I will need it later. Some things I like and some needs improvement~
This is for today, busy busy busyyyy~
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cool, if you don't mind i'm going to borrow this picture for a pathfinder game, as it looked the closest to the character i was trying to make. If you have a problem with me using it just let me know, i'll change it
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Oh, glad you like it. ^^
Hm, it's the first time someone wants to use one of my picture for their character, I heard some people feel offended by such things and I considered it but I don't. XD
So yeah, feel free to use it, thank you for asking me first, I appreciate it. :)
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So extremely rad
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Aw thank you! :)
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I like pen drawings. Hardly leaves any room for errors.
I featured this here.
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Wow, thanks a lot. ^^
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with his cape like that he looks like a hero. awesome
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Haha, I didn't think about that so far. XD
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i like tengu
so looked them up
came across this pic
and now i want to read a story about a tengu super hero
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I like them too, they are cool. Too bad my knowledge doesn't go too far about them. But read some stories where they are mischivious and attacks Buddhist monks to trick them. XD
Hahah "super-hero" like what..? In the very "Marvel" meaning of the word: that it has super special skills, or just as in the "main good guy" who fights for justice and good? :)
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either or, if you wanted him to have powers you could just give him natural Tengu ability's; speaking telepathically, the best martial artists to ever live, limited teleportation, shape shifting, and they some times carry fans made of feathers that have the ability to grow or shrink a person's nose, but usually they are attributed the power to stir up great winds.
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Ohhh, these sounds cool! o.o
Actually in later of one of my story (Age of Phoenix) I will have some tengu characters, to be honest that is why I used a tengo as test subject for sketches - to mess a bit with the design. But they are just side characters there.
But now you brought this up I really wonder why there are not many of them in shows, cartoons ect, I don't think we are the only ones liking them.
Strange. o.o
But if you hapen to know a story where they appear, please let me know =)
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this is some more stuff about them~
Tengu are also famed for their skills in martial arts, and are said to have trained the ninja, taught samurai, schooled famous heroes in kendo and possessed the founder of aikido himself his name is (Morihei Ueshiba) he's pretty awesome on his own!
although that's not a story about them its the closes i could do

no ones just used them to there full effect that i know of yet.
iv'e got an idea or two for them.

if you ever want to work together on a group project let me know
iv'e got free time on my hands
ill send you my email
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Oh yes, the very only thing I knew that they thaught humans to martial arts and sword smithery (if I spelled that right).

I seee. In fact I don'T really remember seeing them either.

Thanks a lot for the offer. I may consider later, I do like group projects and yep, tengus sounds fun for sure, I'd be curious of what you have in your mind. But for now I have lots of other things to do. =)
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oooh those things are soooo cool!
wow! i absolutly love all the detail you put in your sketches! :love:
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Yeah, tengus are pretty cool in my opinion~
Thanks. Hm details..? Well this one doesn't have much details though I think, but true that I tried to add textures a bit and such to improve the look. =)
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And it worked very well!! It looks awesome!!
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Tök jó a póz, könnyűnek tűnik, nagyon mozgékonyak, de mégis erősnek! És az árnyékolása, az velemi szuper. :)
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Oh, tetszik, ahogy leírtad, ez alapján jobban néz ki, mint a rajzon. XD
Köszi, az árnyékolás most nekem is tetszett, de sz'tem a rajz maga nem lett ANNYIRA jó, de azért okés. =)
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:XD: Ne kicsinyítsd a kép érdemét! Sok-sok előnyös vonása van, csak kiemeltem közülük párat.

Egyébként, meg az a jó, ha ilyenek az "okés" rajzaid! :D Akkor a szuper jó magasan van!
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Haha, akkor tök jó, ha ilyen jónak látszik. :D

Ha "szuper" szintet sajnos még nem értem el sajni. XD
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