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House of Rahl

Just heard about the new Terry Goodkind book coming out and I cant wait! I thought the series was over, but no! woohoo! :onfire:

Hope you like it!
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This is an amazing piece of work which describes the way I imagined Richard and Kahlan would look like. Keep it up.
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omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg, fan freak out here, love ths
i didnt really imagine richard like that, but kahlan is perfect. best i've seen. Shes just gorgeous!
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Featured this here:


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You're a genius...
seriously xD
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Wow, its great.
MyNameIsIOP's avatar
you mean the omen machine?
love the drawing btw
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This makes me kinda my pants :D
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This is amazing. I'd never once considered Bale for Richard, but I couldn't argue with that.
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Brilliant! I love the drawing! I can't wait to get my hands on next Terry Goodkind book! :)
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yea same here! Did you read Law of Nines?
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Rereading actually. :)
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Yes, i just heard about the book a few weeks ago, I'm currently listening to the audio books for the third time. Unfortunately I never time to just sit and read, but i can listen to them anytime. It's taken this third time around for me to get the courage to do fan art, im starting with Debt of Bones and doing character art, i'm pretty much rubbish at backgrounds, i can picture them in my head but transferring to paper just never looks as good!
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I feel the same way just the other way around! I usually feel like my backgrounds are ok but my characters are rubbish :)

I've never thought about listening to audio books. Is the narrator pretty decent?
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Ha, maybe we should try a collab sometime with your background and my characters then...of course i've never done collabs like that before it might be hard to make it look like they blend together well.

I'm currently working on two pictures which are one of Chase (he's my favorite) where they describe in the first book right before they head out to find the pass. The second is shortly after that where Richard is watching Zed, Chase and Kalahn while they're riding to the pass. They'll be posted here as soon as i finish them.

The version i have, the narrator is very good, i know i shy away from some audio books if i'm able to listen to a sample first if the narrator is too over the top or too flat it just ruins the reading.
Like Lord of the Rings has a very over the top narrator for one version,it's almost annoying to listen to, and then there's a good one (Robert Englis) for another.

The versions The Sword of Truth that I have are read by Nick Sullivan, i'm not sure if there are other versions out there.
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The textures of their skin (and, OMG, Kahlan's mouth) are wonderful :D
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OMG YAY! Thanks for writing about that in your artist comment, cause now I know!!!

Beautiful image.. it looks almost traditional. The textures are great! And you have an enviable talent for facial structure, something I am working desparately on!
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glad I could spread the word ;)

thanks for the compliment! Ive been drawing/painting a face a day for awhile now. I started doing it cause I felt faces were where I was lacking. You just made me blush
julieloveart's avatar
Aww ^^;

Yeah I am planning on practicing faces this summer... I'm lacking too lol
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Love this picture! Are you talking about his book "The Law of Nines"? Or is there another one coming out?
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nope not Law of Nines, but a new one! I don't know if a title has been released but it is definatly a Richard/Kahlan novel :)
skippythekid's avatar
OMG, I'm already bouncing in my seat!!!!
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