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Been playing Alice: Madness Returns and I couldn't resist.

The game is pretty dark and twisted. I tried to take it in the opposite direction however. (I like the dark haired Alice from the game I kept her)
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Love the dark look & little touches, like glowing flowers from the game! thnx to American McGee right? 😉

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   Hello, Im doing #makeithorrorchallenge for Amino Horror. Can I use your artwork for the blog? I'll credit your name for sure. Here's a synopsis of the alternative story.

   An asylum runaway has wandered into a dark forest after her escape. There she met her first horror of the long night. A cannibalistic hillbilly White Rabbit and his invisible friend Cheshire Cat respectively. They pumped her with unknown plant drug, overdosing the poor soul. On the plus side it gave her bone marrow a mega boost. Production of blood cells, unbelievable proportions... Soon a dry forest will turn into scarlet swamp. The ancient spirit of the woods Cheshire Cat will be satisfied. As they began to cut her limbs, making her smaller, Alice's pulsing mind fell into a magical hole of pure hell...
Hopefully this story will keep you on the edge of insanity. 
Hello! Great work! Can we please use this (or part of it) as a backdrop for a small non-ticketed show?
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Lovely dreamscape!
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absolutely mesmorizing scenery....
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God, this is beautiful. One of my desktop backgrounds, for sure.
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thank you so much! :)
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You´re welcome! :D
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I think this is beautiful, very mystical and has a unique style :)
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Hm, oddly seductive.
kkkkkkkk i'm here looking for "alice inspiration" for the same motive
the game kkkkkk it's awesome, isn't it?!!! The art is just surreal mindblowing

Man, you rock!! I love it ^^
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I'm crazy about it. I started to download it since the very moment it was on the net and I haven't finished yet (too bad, slow band on cibercafes) but I just love the twisted story turn on. And of course your pic is great, I really like it, you've got my fav. right now.
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I like the Atmosphere ! Great masterpiece.
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I want to play this game so badly....I dunno if I should....

But great work great work.
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Oh woah
Nicely done dude, very nice ^^
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that's very beautiful!
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What platform is this game for?? It seems interesting...

If you've ever seen the SyFy miniseries 'Alice', she also has brown hair there... methinks brunettes are taking over blondes again!! (It's a shame then, if that's the case, that I went red not long ago...)
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uhm...I have it for ps3, but I think you can get it for PC and Xbox as well. pretty good game. She's like Mario with a butcher knife :)
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Mario with a knife?? This game automatically reached the top of my 'MUST BUY' list ;P
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