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Flag Icons - Europe

All the flags of europe's countries in a shiny 256px PNG look. Use them as you like. Wo-hoo!

Hope you like them. :)
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This is GREAT. I'll use them to create some buttons for my blog ("read it also in spanish/english/italian").

Thanks for sharing your art!
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thanks a lot mate
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thank you ... a great set!
Flags are very nice! About the licence. As far as I understood flags are free of charge but there has to be  legal notice that flags are from you. I think this is fair.
Do you know how to say it shortly or to what link to refer?
please africa, north & south america and flags of wels , england, northern ireland & scotland :D
Great job man! Thanks !!
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very nice work
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Very Nice !

Thanks ! =)
Very very very useful!!! Thanks!!!
Thanks. Looking good!
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how do i download them for free???
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Very useful for my blog, thanks!
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Very nive, thanks!
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Damn amazing man! I've been looking for a set of icons to decorate my desktop for the upcoming World cup :dance:
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A ha ha, thanks a bunch bro :typerhappy: :w00t:
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