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August 3, 2011
Viking Glory Icon by *antialiasfactory. Stunning detail and design, this free icon really caught my eye with the flowing strokes, texture and original style.
Featured by BurgerBunny
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Viking Glory Icon

it's 07:00 in the morning and I m still up after 15 hrs of work ! Not much to say; Only that I liked to design a decorative Icon from a month ago .. last week I decided to try one for Vikings.. so this is that .. fucking use it and enjoy ..

Quite Happy : Second DD :)

O.. It's great! thanks to big ^BurgerBunny I received a sweet DD for this piece..

Available Types: PNG

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changeling1's avatar
what a lushes beard
Destined2Rock's avatar
My boyfriend, an Icelandic native, and I went to visit his family and we picked up a nice handmade stein there... the design on the front is almost IDENTICAL to this, except the viking on the stein has braids. Like, even the flow of the beard is identical.
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work. Congratulations on the DD. :iconflowerheartplz:
artsac's avatar
your work is very impressive...
Keep working my friend...! You are very talented.
ReygarFaust's avatar
Nice design. Diamond helmet is original.
Shineless's avatar
Yeah, but that design is not yours.
Miragician's avatar
the-Mad-Hatress's avatar
I like the stained glass look that it has.
blue98's avatar
ODSTD56's avatar
Anyone think of Skyrim when looking at this the first time?
LadyBeelze's avatar
Gappo gappo, viva ore-guna!

very nice image :D
parsnip39's avatar
i love it thanks for sharing!
xShadow-Designsx's avatar
Lovely work! Congratz on your DD! :heart:
vikingjon's avatar
I like my own Viking face, but if I should change my mind, this rocks! Thanks! :)
Krilce's avatar
fantastic piece! +fav
GryFlyger's avatar
Oh, just what I was looking for!
This is going to be a great icon to place in my dock, for my database of runes :D

Thanks for charing :heart:
juannoguerol's avatar
Amazing job man, great stuff!
antialiasfactory's avatar
dyb's avatar
the thing l was gonna say was already said so l cannot say it since than its repeating and that is not much fun in.
So l´ll just say " heia vikinger heia vikinger!" and lm not gonna use this but to stare at it maybe you never know what this one can be used for/as
kAtz93's avatar
i always love your icons because their light effects are awesome
great job ! :peace:
antialiasfactory's avatar
Thanx Katz . i m eally glad u like the way i light my stuff ;) ..
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