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Jewelry Professional Icon Set

This is a complementary set of icons purposed to be used in Jewelry related businesses, applications or websites. Add this creative icon set to first package ( [link] here ) to enjoy a rich collection of Jewelry related issues like Accounting, Treasury Tasks, Currency Calendar, FInancial Balance and so on. These super-technical and aesthetical artworks suit your needs, with live visual effects and unique identity inspired from both modern Techniques and thought oriented aesthhetics.
This set consists of a LayeredPSD and 22 Highest-Quality PNG -24 Transparent icons; 19(128128) + 3(9696) BONUS icons and a free Layered Dock Bar :
Ingot Gold Coins Stone Ring Agate Ring Melted Gold Paper Money Documents File Treasure Treasure (Vol.2) Treasure Settings Treasury Statistics Cashed Jewelry Currency Calendar Jewelry Gifts Jewlery Orders Unknown State Sell Percentage Refresh Treasury
BONUS Icons are: Purchased Goods Add to Treasury Treasury Balance

:star: Featured At: : 20 of the best icon packs [link]

Purchase the PSD + PNG + 3 BONUSIcons for only $12:

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Awesome...with BLING! :)
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Outstanding work..:clap::clap::clap:
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that is fantastic
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where can i get the racks (docks)?
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sry, u have to purchase the set here [link] , then u can use the Dock single icon or even edit it, color it or anything .. ;) ..
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awesome set. looks like candy :excited:
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thanx .. ye, feels like that ! ;)
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awesome and amazing! lovee these kind of sparkling icons
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thanx yihtang .. ;) ..
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Awesome icons my friend :)
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thanx mate .. appreaciate it .. ;) ..
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Perfectly executed. I have seen bright colours often ruining the quality of an icon. But execution like this amplifies the quality if bright colours are used. This is an awesome set I must admit; congratulations!
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Thanx hydrattz, I always use lighing effects in my bitmaps, i think PS's most powerful and unique ability is lighting capacities and tools.
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