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You may be wondering why I hate Wikipedia. Well, I have a personal history with it through which I've experienced its gradual descent into the boring mess it is today, which it seems few other people have recognized. This group was created to see how many other people out there really agree with me, and to see if we can do something to improve the site. I do not want to destroy Wikipedia, nor do I think its concept is flawed to the point of being hopeless. I merely hate what the site has now come to stand for, and want to move it away from this state back into a better one one article at a time.

When I first discovered Wikipedia, around, I don't know, 2006, it was a fun place that covered everything, namely my favorite shows such as those on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, in–depth, with articles on all the major characters that gave full biographies and exhaustive trivia. It covered (almost) ALL topics mostly fairly. Though the site was far from perfect, errors and stupid statements could easily be corrected. I could spend hours reading and gushing about my favorite works, and learning new things about them and their histories.

But around 2008–ish, things started changing for the worse. Wikipedia got the brilliant idea to start acting like an old, archaic encyclopedia, and only covering in–depth things that were "sourced" by any one of a handful of sources they considered "reliable". In other words, if something wasn't covered by mainstream sources, Wikipedia would refuse to cover it, no matter how popular it was! Case in point: Youtube Poop. I tried to talk about it on the Zelda CD–i article, and they wouldn't let me. I then tried to give it its own article, and it was deleted, with one user flat–out telling me that it couldn't be mentioned on the site whatsoever unless it was talked about by a source Wikipedia considered notable.

Next came the merging of virtually all character articles. Take, for instance, The Fairly OddParents. Prior to the ruining of Wikipedia, there were DOZENS of character articles with a nice template for the series. They all had pictures and gave in–depth information. Now, I would have been fine with some of those articles being merged, as a lot of them were fairly minor. But what did Wikipedia do? They merged ALL of them, up to and including Timmy Turner, into one list. And "Merge" isn't really the right word, because they didn't even transplant anywhere close to all of the content from the pages. They just got rid of most of it and left only very basic information that would be of no use to someone who wanted to learn about the show. The pictures were all gotten rid of as well. The reason given for this? The characters had no popularity, they said. Or as they put it, no "Real–world notability". But Wikipedia is supposed to cover everything equally, isn't it? Apparently not. Because now, most of the articles about fictional characters that remain on the site are more about their "Reception" than their character info. And the reception doesn't even reflect the general opinions of the millions of fans the characters have, either. Instead, it consists of quotes from places like magazines and IGN, which don't reflect the opinions of fans, who are more important than critics. It doesn't matter to them how much stuff a character has been in, no "Reception", no article. Also, there are plenty of non–notable characters, such as over half of the Marvel and DC articles, that do not deserve their own pages yet still have them. Ever heard of Egg–Fu? Or the Weather Wizard? Or the Advisor? How about Whirlwind? No? Well, they're all obscure comic villains who have their own Wikipedia articles while hundreds of more deserving characters do not. The reason they are not deleted is because their articles have "references". Hypocrisy at its very worst. There's another thing: any statement that isn't "cited" is deleted, even if it's obviously true.

And characters who actually DO have a lot of good fan reception to write about, such as Sally Acorn (and all the other Sonic comic characters as well) were also merged, because Wikipedia refuses to acknowledge normal fan reactions. So in short, Wikipedia demands that information about fan reactions be incorporated into articles about fictional characters in order for them to stay, yet it refuses to accept actual info about fan reactions unless it has been mentioned by a mainstream media source, which fan stuff almost never is!

This group's goal will be to show the leaders of Wikipedia that they are wrong, and get them to change the way things are run on their site! Our first project will be to write articles for the following characters, and make sure they stay. Each of them is more than deserving, both for the amount of appearances they've made and their popularity.

• Princess Sally Acorn
• Rainbow Dash
• Arthas Menethil
• Timmy Turner
• Slender Man
• Any others you want to suggest
ilTassista Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
>if something wasn't covered by mainstream sources, Wikipedia would refuse to cover it

true! they deleted the entry about me (that had been inserted by some American friends) :D
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