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New back tattoo

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This is the new tattoo i got on my back it was roughly based on [link] by Differentspin but clearly theres no way in hell that would transfer to ink as smoothly this picture was taken a few hours after i had it done, so its still sore and shading isn't pronouced, overally its slightly small then what i originally expected it to be but i am still very pleased with it and i think it will be very unique. I'll upload a picture now its all healed up shortly when i get the oppertunity.
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Apr 9, 2009, 6:22:53 PM
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This looks completely amazing... How much did getting this hurt? People are trying to keep me from getting a back tattoo by saying how much it hurts compared to any other place. This is just.... wow. I love it.
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Show's how much I come on as that was posted in may, probably got one already haha. It wasn't to bad, It hurt less then my chest but more then my arm it was mostly just really sore then it was pain(If that make's sense) as a lot of it was shading as opposed to a solid line. Glad you like it :D
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I completely forgot I posted that comment until you replied to it. XD I haven't gotten one yet, but that makes sense... I think.
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Yeah that was a bit of a fail explaination, Well they use a different tip to the gun when doing shading, its kind of looks like a erm this thing - [link] . So it just sort of scratch's the surface to give it a more faded look. The Liner is a singular needle, personally I found the basic needle more painful then the shader, but you know everyone's pain threshold is different, I might just be a big girl lol.
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Lol. Neat. I haven't had my first tattoo yet so I wouldn't have an opinion over the pain. I fear pain unless it's something I really want ^.^;;; (example my lip piercings) I know that an almost full back tattoo is defiantly NOT going to be my first though.
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Since it isn't healed it has a red hue... Which, oddly enough, looks lovely.
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wickedly weird, I had the same art pulled up for a potential back piece! nice!
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Thanks, I think whats especially good about it, because i think its unlikely any 2 tattoo artist's are able to recreate the exact thing(unless they are that shit hot lol) its a pretty unique design as it'll always come out slightly different dependant on whose doing it ! :D
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Dude, pretty freaking awesome! When I first saw the picture that you have on the link I was saying it would be a cool tattoo... Didnt think any one would actually get it though
Anti-Talented's avatar
Tyvm! yeah i was having a toss-up between that (providing my tattoist reckoned her could do a good replica) or sound-only's Degradation, which are two completely different styles. but differentspins just had a certain lure to it i couldn't resist :D
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i like this a lot, especially how it trails down your spine.
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Apprently my spine curves to the left slightly - my tattoist is a chiropractor aswell it seems, i think he had to realign for that, so i think depending on my stature it could look out of place lol ^^
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thats awesome!
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