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Welcome to Anti-Stamps, where controversial opinions or statements are slapped onto the standardized stamp template.

:bulletblue: Play Nice with Others.
- No punching, no kicking, no rock-throwing, no sandcastle-stomping, no bomb-making. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and disagreement of said opinion is also an opinion.

:bulletblue: This is Not a Troll Zone.
- Members/watchers: Do no troll people 'cause of their opinion; however, at the same time, stampmakers, it's not trolling if someone disagrees/calls you on your shit.

:bulletblue: Bullshit-calling ≠ Trolling.
- If you're being an obnoxious twat, making your opinion out to be fact or that it's worth more weight in gold than anyone else's, and people start calling you on it . . . then BAWWW.

:bulletblue: Asspats Will Not Be Guaranteed.
- The point in submitting your opinionated stamp here is to show everyone else where you stand on certain topics, and to bring your logic and reasoning as to the table. If you're going to bitch and moan in your A/C edit with "ITS JUS A STAMP!11! GAWD Y U TAEK INTERNET SO SRSLY??" and how you're getting so much "hate" because of it, then you should GTFO because you are clearly not cut out to make controversial stamps.

:bulletblue: Group Whoring/Dumping
- If your stamp is already in 10+ damn groups when you submit your stamp, then I'm most likely going to deny it. Trying to get yourself acknowledged is not limited to just you when you submit stuff to groups - you're also advertising the groups that your art is in. However, if you're already in a dozen groups, it's suddenly stopped being a two-way advertisement deal, so you have no reason to be in this one.

:bulletblue: Issues with Other Members/Stamps
- If you've a problem with another member or a stamp, don't hesitate to contact the group admin/co-founders about it.

:bulletblue: Stamps Only
- There are hundreds of other groups where you can submit your art/literature/screencaps/ect. This one is strictly for stamps.

:bulletblue: Use Standardized Stamp Size
- No 200x300 sized templates or whatever. If you can't fit your message on a 99x56 pixel template, then make it an animation. If it's because the font you're using is too blurry, get a different font, preferably a pixel font or a font that does well with Alias on.

:bulletblue: Border
- Your stamp must have border transparency.

:bulletblue: Stamps Must Follow dA Rules
- No porn/hate messages/theft/ect.

:bulletblue: Copyrights
- Don't use screencaps from a show/book/anime/poster, either from Google Images or something you 'capped yourself, in your stamps. Giving a disclaimer doesn't mean you're exempt from dA's Copyright Infringement rules. You don't need to take a chunk out of a promo ad to get your opinion across because more often than not, we will already know what you're talking about without needing any sort of visual aid.

:bulletblue: Comments Must Be Enabled
- The point in expressing your opinion here .. is to also to allow others to express their opinions on your opinion. Don't submit a stamp with comments disabled, or disable them later on, 'cause I will remove them and maybe you. Protip: There will always be someone who will disagree on anything you say or believe. If you want your stamp removed from the group, then then remove it. Don't just disable comments and call it day.

If you keep disregarding this rule, I will kick your ass right out of the group.

:bulletblue: Being a Fan/Non-Fan of Something is Not Being Controversial
- If you've a stamp that says you're for/against [insert band/book/author/anime/movie/actor/ect.] .. please, don't submit it to this group. When I say "controversial", I mean things like religion, politics, crimes, laws, rights, news stories, the planet, concerns, ect. Claiming you're a fan/non-fan of something isn't going to spark a debate - it's just going to attract either people who will agree with you or people who will troll you into the ground.

:bulletblue: Group is Open to Everyone
- Members and non-members alike can submit their stamps to the group. All stamps will first go into the "Featured" folder, where they will later be sorted appropriately into the others.

:bulletblue: What is Accepted
- I won't accept stamps that are not controversial. Having an opinion on something doesn't not automatically mean it's controversial; however, don't rely on the current categories as a way to tell you what gets accepted here as I will most likely create a new category for your stamp if it doesn't fit in any of the others.  If we deny your submission and you're confused as to why, don't hesitate to note me or comment to ask why.

If your submission is denied, try submitting it to our sister album, Elitism-Stamps.

:bulletblue: Artist Descriptions/Comments
- Please, do not submit stamps that have little to no feedback in the Artist Description. The "'Nuff said" (and similar) business is unacceptable and unfair to those of us who put effort into our explanations.

:bulletblue: Deviation in Storage
- If you're going to put your stamp in storage, then the least you can do is remove it from the group first. It's an absolute eye-sore, seeing that damn DiS icon, and there's no reason for it to be in the group at this point 'cause you won't be receiving any feedback until you decide take it back out of storage.

:bulletblue: My Image Editing Program Sucks; Help Me?
- If your editing program makes it difficult to meet the quality requirements of this group, I will be more than happy to make the stamp for you and will either link it or e-mail it to you afterward. No crediting is required as long as the stamp is for this group.

:bulletblue: What is "The Admin-Permitted" Folder?
- It's a folder for stamps the admin, personally, finds beautifully controversial but are against certain rules that would otherwise disallow them entrance into the group. Please note that these are stamps that the admin has handpicked to give some leeway to in order to have their work in the group and that that said leeway is a rarity.

And with that said, just because you disagree with someone's opinion, doesn't mean they're wrong for having it, nor does it mean that they have to accept yours. Please respect everyone's right to think and believe what they want so that the same respect can be shown to you.
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Nakkurussu Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
Anti-stamps are everything that's wrong with this site. The only ones that are acceptable are anti-stamps against pedophilia or zoophilia. 
(1 Reply)
SweetDreamsMonkey Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2016  Student Filmographer
All these stamps on abortion...then there's me, whose mom is Pro-Life, huddled in a corner saying "I don't want to argue with anybody" to myself repeatedly.
QueenGrim Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have a question about this group
is this for people who don't support some things?
like panasexuals?
(2 Replies)
TouchMyLexicon66 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  Student General Artist
love this group but there's too many stamps disabling comments
even though it's in the submission rules
MonocerosArts Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I just submitted a bunch of stamps about bullying, abortion, animal abuse, etc., and I wasn't able to put them in separate folders (the folders never appeared), but I was just wondering, are we supposed to put only negative, or "anti" stamps here, or just stamps with messages?
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