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I'm just giving a shout out 4 a small little group called anti-bigotry.
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Beware of stupid DA moderators
,They love cum-bucket trolls apparently.
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We need to talk about DeviantArt
A few months ago I discovered some disturbing voraphilia/giant fetish content involving kids, which, to someone who isn't acquainted with the wild world of internet kinks, may seem innocuous at first glance. I reported the content and moved on, but I've come back to see that it still remains. There's no way DA isn't aware of this. I tried to report one post from a vore account featuring photos of children that were probably taken from Facebook or something only to see that it had already been screened. A staff member actively looked at a picture of a child eating another on account that was full of these disturbing images and said it's okay. The trouble is, I doubt I'm even the first person to notice such a thing, but there's gotta be some pressure put on Deviantart for them to actually tackle these fucking pedophiles. For now, I'm not gonna be uploading to the site (not like I was doing that much anyway). You guys know any other places to put my TF stories in the meantime?And then, well, what can we do? Streamers or anyone we can DM to make aware of this? Big artists on the site?Here's two links to some of the content that I saved. There were more, and there's a whole rabbit hole to go down, but I don't wanna go searching for that shit right now. Thanks you guys, if you wanna reach out to me you can message transformingguy#3485 on Discord, but even then, Discord had a bit of similar controversy in the past so who knows if I'll stick around there.
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Deviant art supports and enables pedophilia
Hello , as some of you who's been around longer remember , our friend gawrila ghul got banned from deviant art for 18 years , few years ago , for making inapproriate joke about pedofhilia few years ago ( if i scratch my head and try to remember it maybe about same time when whole world went down the drain with pandemics , correct me if i'm wrong ) Now ghul has been working relentlessly to both expose the corruption and hypocricy behind d.a. maintenance , and to get his ban lifted from d.a. There's possibly some contradictions here , as it's same corrupt and hypocritical d.a. admins , maintenance persons ( or bots ) and management , who get exposed for their mismanagement , and who also are only people who have in their power to lift the ban . In latest episode of his campaign Ghoul Army exposed the accounts of real pedophiles in d.a. How ever , maintenance removed the account , and all it's content , while leaving the accounts with pedophile content in place . At least that's what situation is now .Within everything i see in this chain of events , there's much more than fate of single deviant wrongfully banned for so long time ... as everyone knows , pedophilia is severe crime , and people behind accounts of such content should be reported to police , and deviant art itself , as a company who allows such content should be reported as well . Here's few links where you can see some of the evidence , which was later removed by d.a. maintenance ,A List too Sad to Read and a plea for a friendFebruary 2, 2022Please share this list in whatever form you feel,,...
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A List too Sad to Read and a plea for a friend
Please share this list in whatever form you feel comfortable, by chat, journal, status report..the more of us that share this, the safer we will be. We can't bury our heads in the sand and pretend it's not there any longer. At least I can't.Please be forewarned that the content in these pages is very disturbing.,The big TrashlistJanuary 28, 2022that's All trash that shouldn't be here on DA andWell, the list has disappeared. Banned. Someone doesn't want us to know the extend of pedophilia on DA.Almost two years has passed since GawrilaGhul, our beloved DA friend, was banned from DA. I've been in touch with him and he has been very unhappy not to be here with us. He is doing all that he can, building a case for himself, sending it to CVs and submitting to the help desk, all to no avail thus far. He made an sick joke in a DA chat room, which he regrets and has apologized for.Because of one bad joke in a DA chat room, GawrilaGhul was banned for 18 years. The journal list revealed "pedophilic deviants" portraying the torture and bondage of nameless children. The worst kind of pornography there is. And there is plenty of it on DA.Their punishment for posting obscenity? They are allowed to continue practicing their evil craft. So Das Ghul would like to know if YOU had to pick who to banish forever, who would you chose? -- purveyors of ponography and pedophilia? -- or an endeared artist who made one sick joke, who is missed by many of us every day?GawrilaGhul's apology and defense statement; what he wants us to know. Click on the + sign after opening the link to see it in a readable size.'s welcome back GawrilaGhul. Please?...
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Who Is GawrilaGhul And Why Is He Banned? These are works of GawrilaGhul. I think he was DasGhul when I favoured them. This is the kind of art that inspired and encouraged me in some of my own work. I am informed that GawrilaGhul has been banned for complaining about and persistently reporting the kind of images which I don't wan't to link to here. To be frank, the work complained of looked as if it belonged in the basement of James Alefantis' dodgy brother; you know, he one who collected what looks like sadistic paedophile 'art'.So, who is or was James Alefantis? [an anagram of J'aime les enfants?] He's a 'pizza chef' who owns a restaurant in Washington DC so popular with the political 'elite' that he was once considered the 49th most influential figure in Washington, seemingly just because he owned a 'family friendly' [i.e. specifically child friendly] pizza place called Comet Pingpong which many genuinely influential people apparently frequented., This 'post pedo or #Pizzagate hysteria' piece appeared after the failure to find any 'smoking gun' on the premises that had not been fired by a protestor. The suspicion that many movers and shakers in Washington DC were part of an elite paedophile ring was never proven, despite all Trump's promises that the guilty would wind up in Jail, but for some people they never went away. The UK had its own 'pedogate' narrowly averted when a dossier of two dozen prominent names of suspects in high places was handed to the then Home Secretary, Leon Britain, considered by some to be one of the suspects at the time, and promptly vanished behind the radiator and the wall in a back office of the civil service's 'Forget About It' department, apparently, because it's never been seen since! OK, I've no idea what the truth of all this really is because the powers that be deliberately concealed it from us, but the lingering suspicion remains that prominent and powerful people have been involved in the disgusting vice of paedophilia and successfully covered this up for decades.GawrilGhul appears to have been an active [and unsuccessful] campaigner against manifestations of this vice being allowed to appear on deviantART and who was apparently banned for being a nuisance, allegedly at the instigation of one 'offended' individual on the dA staff! If true, and I am one of those who believes that it might be, this is a scandal that can only be amended or mitigated by reinstating GawrilaGhul as soon as possible. It's clear that the kind of people we call paedophiles DO exist and that some of them appear to have posted their 'art' here on dA. If they have the freedom here to do that then GawrilaGhul should have equal freedom to object even if nothing will ever be done.I don't often campaign for anything on deviantART except the acknowledgment of good, original art work here. Obliterate-the-pedos has prevailed upon me to add my voice to that of those who believe Gawrilaghul's suspension to be unfair. He produced good, original art of the kind I like and did not deserved this treatment. I make this 'humble address' to the dA moderators, whoever they may be, to reverse this manifest injustice for their sakes, our sakes and the sake of dA's reputation as an 'art' website, otherwise dA is in danger of losing it's aesthetic soul and becoming a purveyor of mere kitsch cartooning, chibis, hentai, sub-manga 'illustration' and morally debased imagery. Is that what you REALLY want, fellow artistic deviants? IS IT? Please stand up for real art against the immoral machine art of the aesthetically destitute. Ask dA WHY the Ghul is no longer allowed on here when so much rubbish is cheerfully tolerated. Keep on asking till we get an answer, because I'd really like to know.
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1776 Americans Erase history by 1hope 1776 Americans Erase history :icon1hope:1hope 0 0 All Buildings Matter by 1hope All Buildings Matter :icon1hope:1hope 5 0 Trump and Cops have this in common by 1hope Trump and Cops have this in common :icon1hope:1hope 3 0 US Troops Erasing History in Iraq by 1hope US Troops Erasing History in Iraq :icon1hope:1hope 1 2 Government workers Erasing history by 1hope Government workers Erasing history :icon1hope:1hope 0 2 Saddam History Erased by U.S. troops and others by 1hope Saddam History Erased by U.S. troops and others :icon1hope:1hope 1 0 Rod Serling shocked by gender culture by 1hope Rod Serling shocked by gender culture :icon1hope:1hope 4 2 Blue demon monk from the keyhole by BradyRain Blue demon monk from the keyhole :iconbradyrain:BradyRain 75 7
Do Not Get a Microchip Implanted in You
Here's why:
and this film theory video even mentions the dangerous risk of metal objects inside the body:
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this is a group based on general world wide politics and conspiracies. I thin this is pretty straight forward. so plz don't message me about what the group is about.
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