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X23 by uwedewitt
Mystique by uwedewitt
The DARK JUDGEs by uwedewitt
JUDGeFIRE by uwedewitt
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ZS's Justice League (Earth 5) by LoganWaynee
Aya: Guardian of the Universe by Leck-Zilla
About to be brood to bits by ThePrincessRobotRoom
raven and starfire by Shadowofjustice123
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[MMD] Whiny Spidey Gamejolt Banner by Glitch--Gamer
The Hand strikes! by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Shades of Grey by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Enjoy your breakfast J.J. by ThePrincessRobotRoom
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Are you kidding?! He looks nothing like me! by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Clara Kara Meets Kent Family Home2 RustedPeace by kclcmdr
Hotpants meet CW Supergirls Inspector97 by kclcmdr
teen Mileena - Mortal Kombat #3 by KisagiSensei
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Kaiyodo Baragon Finished by Legrandzilla
Baragon Beatdown by Legrandzilla
Frankenstein vs Baragon Diorama Finished 2 by Legrandzilla
Frankenstein VS Baragon Diorama Video is Up! by Legrandzilla
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Monkey vs Lizard  by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Honestly? He was recklessly throwing his life away by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Dude, like one of us needs to change... by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Maximize! by ThePrincessRobotRoom
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VRoid Hinata 1 by Zee-qow
VRoid Hinata 3 by Zee-qow
VRoid Hinata 4 by Zee-qow
VRoid Hinata 5 by Zee-qow
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Scorpion's Mask Concept | Mortal Kombat Movie 2021 by Emanpris
Mad Jack! by splaty

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FALL by MadBedlam
The Scotsman: Krieg and Maya! by splaty
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Supergirl (Cir-El) aka Caitlin Seeger by Leck-Zilla
You've come far enough! by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Stay back, I got this! by ThePrincessRobotRoom
DWOAH: Jacket vs James Earl CashDeadliest warriors of all historyJacket vs James Earl CashWhen I get the call people dieJacket info:Height: 5 foot 11Weight: 200lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Sledgehammer, Hammer, Brick, Double Barrel ShotgunStrengths: Is the arguably the most popular character of the Hotline Miami series, Above peak human strength (Can easily break bones and crush skulls with his Bare Hands, Can rip out a mans throat with one hand and rip off a mans jaw, Can throw Melee Weapons with enough force to cause concussions or even outright death, Can hit someone so hard with a Blunt Weapon that it decapitates them), Above peak human durability (Survived a bullet to the head although this hospitalized him, Upon waking up from the several day coma and having not regained his full sight yet and still critically injured killed an entire Police force and finished off the Russian Mafia he was hunting), Peak human speed/Extreme reflexes (Can clear several metres and kill an enemy before they can react, Can dodge gunfire if aware of the shooter), Was a highly trained US Army Operative before his descent into madness (Took out several Soviet Outposts near single handedly), Is a master escape artist, Has a confirmed kill count of 399.Weaknesses: His fractured psyche makes him fairly easily to manipulate as long as he is given a target, Is still mortal despite his great combat skill.James Earl Cash info:Height: 6 footWeight: 178bsWeapons: Bare Hands, Knife, Baseball Bat, Glass Shard, Revolver, Assault RifleStrengths: Is the main character of the original Manhunt and the most famous character of the series, Peak human strength (Can beat a man to death with a few punches, Can overpower men larger than himself during executions, Punched a TV set so hard it exploded), Peak human durability (Tanked brutal beatings from Gang Members to trained Soldiers, Can survive being shot several times including shots from point blank Shotguns), Peak human speed (Can easily both outrun and catch up to his enemies), Is skilled in turning near anything into a deadly Weapon, Killed dozens of Gangmembers/Police/Trained Soldiers in a single night.Weaknesses: Is far more suited to stealth killing than outright combat.Battle begin!(Carcer City)The sound of shattering bone and splattering brain matter filled the air as Cash caved in the skull of the Innocentz Gang Member, a single swing of his Baseball Bat cracking the man's head clean open sending the contents of it flying across the cold abandoned street.“Very good Cash, now move on, my boys should be just around the corner to pick you up” Lionel Starkweather spoke through his earpiece making Cash grimace and grunt, every time his watcher spoke to him made him sick to his stomach but he was his only way out of Carcer City.Begrudgingly obeying Cash headed towards the street corner where he expected the black van he was normally bundled into would be the Killer was shocked to suddenly see arterial blood splatter suddenly stain the street from around the corner, followed shortly by one of the Cerberus Soldiers hired by Starkweather staggering out from around the corner, the man falling to his knees and turning towards Cash, slowly raising a hand as if to beg for help only for his head to suddenly explode as a Sledgehammer came down from around the corner to finish him off.“The hell? Who the fuck is this guy?! I didn’t hire him!” Starkweather exclaimed “how did he take out my men?! Cash, kill this bastard!” he then snapped, making Cash grunt in annoyance and rip out his ear piece, tossing it aside as he had long grown tired of the Directors prattle.Readying his Bat was the ear piece clattered across the concrete Cash waited for the Assailant to reveal himself, moments later a man in a varsity jacket walked out from around the corner shocking Cash as he was revealed to also be wearing a chicken mask.Shaking the brain matter off of his Sledgehammer Jacket then looked up as he noticed Cash, both men silently staring at each other for a few seconds before Jacket pulled out a small tape player from his pocket, fast forwarding it a little bit before hitting play causing a robotic female voice to play “wrong time, wrong place”.With that Jacket hurled his Sledgehammer with such force that when Cash just barely dodged the Weapon it smashed through the brick wall behind him, bringing the ruined wall down as Jacket then barrelled towards Cash and tackled him before he could defend himself, bringing the Killer to the concrete before starting to brutally punch at his face, grabbing his head as well to start smashing it against the ground aiming for a quick execution.Luckily for Cash he was more than used to such savage beatings allowing him to remain conscious as he started to punch Jacket in the stomach and sides in an attempt to force him off, finally managing to do so when he delivered a crushing knee between the masked man’s legs forcing him to pause long enough for Cash to headbutt him and roll him off of him.As Jacket rolled onto his back nursing his groin Cash stood back up and readied his Bat, bringing it down hard only for it to meet the concrete as Jacket rolled away, the masked man throwing a harsh punch to the side of Cash’s head sending him reeling before he reached around to grab Cash’s Bat, pulling harshly on it to bring it to the Killers throat to start throttling him with it with enough force to lift Cash off of his feet.Trashing and struggling as the Bat was used to close his windpipe Cash reached down to pull out the Knife he had strapped to his waist, gripping the handle and stabbing it backwards to drive it into Jacket’s stomach forcing him to let go of the Bat.Dropping back to the ground Cash spun around to swing the Bat as hard as he could only for Jacket to expertly dodge it by hopping back, the masked man seemingly ignoring the Knife in his stomach as he lunged forward to land several more punches on Cash before delivering a kick so hard to the Killers chest it send him flying off of his feet and making him from the Baseball Bat which rolled completely out of reach.Groaning as he landed hard momentarily blackening his vision Cash could only just make out Jacket pulling the Knife out of his stomach and throwing it aside before advancing on him cracking his knuckles.As Jacket marched towards him Cash rolled over and spied a Revolver that had fallen from the hands of another Innocentz member he had killed earlier, the Killer forcing himself up and rushing out of the way as Jacket lunged for him, Cash grabbing the Revolver and quickly ducking behind a ruined car, checking the Guns ammo to thankfully find all six bullets still in the chamber before ducking out to take aim.As he did so however he was met with a thrown Brick to the face causing him to miss his first shot, Cash staggering back clutching at his head to try to stem his now bleeding brow whilst Jacket pulled out a Hammer from his varsity jacket and rushed at him, vaulting the car and slamming his Hammer to Cash’s wrist, forcing him to waste another bullet before outright dropping the Revolver.With the stray bullet going through the car windows shattering the glass Cash grabbed a shard of it with his free hand and drove it into Jacket’s side, making the masked man pause for a second and allowing Cash to duck out of the way of another swing from Jacket’s Hammer.As the Hammer struck the car narrowly missing him Cash ran around the car and headed to where the Cerberus Guard had been, grunting as he forcibly relocated his wrist as Jacket’s Hammer had knocked it out of its socket.Diving around the corner Cash quickly grabbed one of the Assault Rifles that littered the bloody corpse ridden ground and checked its ammo, thankfully for him the Guard hadn’t had a chance to fire a single shot before he was murdered giving Cash a full magazine of thirty bullets to work with.Cocking the Rifle Cash then hugged the wall of the street corner as he heard Jacket making his way over, the Killer preparing to make a move when the sound of two Shotgun blasts and the slugs from it whizzing by the corner made him pause.That pause was all Jacket needed to rush in, reloading his Double Barrel Shotgun as he did so as he dove around the corner, ducking as he did so to avoid a barrage of bullets from Cash before shoulder barging him with enough force to knock him off of his feet and making him stagger as he landed.Sliding across the concrete a little as he landed Cash lifted his Assault Rifle and began to spray it from the hip, riddling the street with bullets whilst Jacket ran around him in a semicircle, just staying just out of range of Cash’s gunfire until his magazine ran empty.With that Jacket took his shot, rushing at Cash and slamming the barrel of his Shotgun to the Killers gut, barely giving him a chance to react before he pulled the trigger sending both slugs tearing through Cash's body, blasting a gory hole straight through his abdomen and back and sending him slamming against the wall behind him before he slid down it.Coughing and wheezing as his vision started to go dark Cash placed a hand on the open hole in his stomach, immediately coating his hand with his own blood as he also coughed some up “shit…” he hissed as he then looked up at Jacket, the masked man simply reloading his Shotgun before aiming it one handed at the Killers head, both men then saying nothing as Jacket pulled the trigger reducing Cash’s head to a bloody paste on the wall.Watching his enemies body slump to the ground leaving a bloody smear on the wall where it had once been Jacket pulled out his tape recorder again, rewinding it before pressing play making the female voice sound again “I really enjoyed that”.Winner: JacketSo apparently this is one of the fights my readers have been looking forward to for a long time so I’d like to say thank you for your patience and sorry for how long it took me to write it.So why does Jacket beat Cash?Well since near all of their categories and attributes are incredibly similar and equal it’s simply a matter of experience that gives Jacket the edge, yes Cash is no stranger to extreme violence and murder but he was never a trained Soldier and his kill count of several dozen does not match Jacket’s confirmed kill count of 399 which does not include all the Soviet Soldiers he slaughtered during the Cold War before the events of Hotline Miami.The fact that Cash is far more suited to killing from the shadows than in outright combat also didn’t help him either handing Jacket the victory.
Less Known Characters All Media
TLoS - Red (Alternate Universe) by AnaPaulaDBZ
The Forgotten - pt1 by LexiKimble
The Forgotten pt2 by LexiKimble

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Leela by Magnus-Greel
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Abduction by GhostFreak-Artz
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Ichigo and Rukia the Babysitters Part OneSummary: After Aizen and Jade had both their kids Chihiro and Haku. They decided to take a break while Rukia and Ichigo takes care of the babies. Find out what happens?Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, One piece, and Bleach I only own is my ocs.Warnings: This story is rated PGIn the Mahoukage palace in Mahō village Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki are now married and they decided to visit both Jade and Aizen after they had two beautiful twin babies named Haku and Chihiro. As the two standed at the palace doors."Okay Rukia so why are we visiting them?" Ichigo asked."Well Aizen wants to talk us about something that we wanted us to do." Rukia answered as she knocked on the palace doors. Which the palace opens widely for them. They headed to the living room where told them to meet at."So where is Aizen at exactly?" Ichigo asked."Jade said that he's having tea right now after what he had last night." Rukia answered as a long haired brunette wearing a white kimono named Aizen. He had dark circles underneath his eyes, his hair was messy and was a cup of tea in his hand."Aizen what happened to you?" Ichigo asked."I couldn't get much sleep last night." Aizen answered."Did you woke up on the wrong side side of the bed?" Rukia asked as Aizen took a sip from his tea."No. The reason why I had to messaged you two because the babies woke me last night." Aizen answered.Shows flashback storyAround midnight In Aizen and Jade's bedroom. The two were sleeping in their bed.Suddenly Aizen heard a huge scream coming from the nursery room. He woke up and heads over to the nursery.The nursery room was a Butterfly and phoenix themed room. There was baby toys such as stuffed animals, wooden blocks, rocking horse and others that the babies got from Jade's friends when both Jade and Aizen had a baby shower.The two cribs had mobile on there which Nel and Grimmjow got during their wedding. One was a phoenix crib with a mobile of butterfiles and the other was a butterfly crib with a mobile of phoenixes on it.Aizen picks up the two crying babies in his arms."Did you two sweeties had a nightmare or just hungry?" Aizen asked as the two calmed down.The boy named Haku. He looks like his father but has the black hair and hazel brown eyes from his mother. The girl named Chihiro looks like her mother but has the dark brown hair and dark brown eyes from her father.Jade wakes up when Aizen wasn't on the bed. She gets off the bed, while wearing her white Yukata with dark butterflies on it that Rukia got her.Jade heads over to the nursery room and sees Aizen taking care of the babies."Are they hungry again, Aizen?" Jade asked."Yes actually. Jade. Could you please some formula for the little ones?" Aizen replied."I guess so. I'll be right back." Jade replied as she heads downstairs to the kitchen and put formula in their bottles by using her magic. After that Jade heads upstairs and enters in the nursery to see Aizen and the babies."Aizen. Hand me Chihiro. While you take Haku in your arms." Jade replied as Aizen puts Chihiro in her arms while Aizen holds his baby son in his arms.Jade and Aizen began feeding their babies with the bottles filled with formula.When both Haku and Chihiro had finished eating. They both fell asleep. Jade and Aizen puts them back on the cribs."I'm glad that is over." Aizen replied."Aizen. I think you should probably talk to both Ichigo and Rukia tomorrow about both Haku and Chihiro." Jade replied."I guess I can talk to them about it tomorrow." Aizen replied as he sees his son and daughter sleeping peacefully. The flashback story ended"So is that why you actually called us Aizen?" Rukia asked."Yes. And Jade getting us some tea and food as well. We probably sit at the living room." Aizen replied as he, Rukia and Ichigo went to the living room and sat on the couch. Jade came over to them with a food serving cart.She was wearing her Mahoukage outfit which is a beautiful black kimono like Hanfu that her mother Fukai wore. She wore boots, fingerless gloves, cloak, a ice blue crystal necklace and a dark blue circlet. On the cart was a porcelain tea set with Earl grey tea in the tea pot, on a huge plate vanilla bean cream cake and on a small plates was a couple of macaroons and steamed pork buns."Hi Jade." Rukia replied as Jade sat down next to next Aizen which she pours each cup of tea."So Jade what is it you want to talk us about Chihiro and Haku?" Ichigo asked."Well Ichigo, me and Aizen having been taking care of the babies all the time that we can't stop." Jade answered."Geez you two did you guys have someone to babysit the little ones?" Rukia answered."Actually yes. We have Dagger and Fukai but their busy today. Dagger is taking care of Sora who is sick and Fukai I don't know what she's does exactly." Jade answered."So do you two don't mind if we can babysit Chihiro and Haku while you two can take a break for today." Rukia replied as Aizen drinking his tea and stops at the moment."Yes please. Me and Jade never got to have a break from the kids. We only got a break when the two are asleep." Aizen replied as he began to cry that he was completely stressed out. Rukia and Ichigo were surprised and looked at each other. "Jade you should probably hug him." Ichigo replied as Jade sets down her cream cake slice and hugs her husband. "There. There. Aizen. We can actually have a break today. So don't cry please." Jade replied as Aizen stops crying."Okay. Jade. I'll stop." Aizen replied.Suddenly there was crying coming from the nursery room."It's Chihiro and Haku. I'll get them." Jade replied as she heads to the nursery room and picks up the twin babies in her arms. The Mahoukage heads over to the living room with the babies in her arms.Chihiro wore a purple butterfly hairclip on her hair that she wore when she was born. With a purple onesie with a butterfly on it. While Haku was wearing a black onesie with a dragon on it."Chihiro and Haku woke up from their naps." Jade answered."Jade. Can I hold Chihiro?" Rukia asked."Yeah sure." Jade answered as she hands Chihiro to Rukia. Chihiro began cooing and began playing Rukia's long hair."Jade. Aizen. You guys can take a break while me and Rukia take care of the twins for you." Ichigo replied as Haku tries grabbing a steamed pork bun from the plate which Jade was eating earlier."No Haku. You can't eat that yet. Not until you have teeth." Jade replied."Okay. Let me get dressed and me and Jade will leave in a few minutes." Aizen replied as he finishes drinking up his tea and heads upstairs to Jade and his bedroom to get dressed. When Aizen was finished getting dressed. He wears the arrancar outfit in the past except it was black all over and has a dark red sash around his stomach. "Okay Jade. I'm ready to go. I already put out a list for Rukia and Ichigo have to do when me and you went somewhere." Aizen replied."That is great then." Jade replied as she hands Haku to Ichigo which he held onto him. Jade kisses both Haku and Chihiro on the foreheads."Chihiro. Haku. Be good towards Rukia and Ichigo while me and Daddy had to go somewhere. Okay." Jade replied."Don't worry. We'll take care of them while you two are gone." Ichigo replied."Okay we'll return here around 7 pm. Remember read the list that Aizen wrote on." Jade replied as she and Aizen exits out of the Mahoukage palace leaving the twins with Ichigo and Rukia.Haku and Chihiro looks at the both Rukia and Ichigo."Well. You two are going to be taken care of by us while your parents are on a break. Me and Rukia are going to take care of you." Ichigo replied as the babies began to cry that their parents left them."Oh boy." Rukia replied.To be continued
Fan Made
Grumble Bee by dead82


Die Hardy by kalapkaki
Blue demon monk from the keyhole by BradyRain
Millenium soldier by BradyRain
I hope they remember you by Dee-Pathirana
Spawn (Medieval Spawn) by Doarted
Thor, the Mighty by ogi-g
Iron Man, the Invincible by ogi-g
green,green,angst of hulk by nefar007
Deadpool by PrototypeArceus
Deadpool 05 by ReillyBrown
Deadpool by UMINGA
Mech Siege by TomEdwardsConcepts
Death Guardian Colossus by Anderius
Emma Frost, the White Queen by ogi-g
venom by nicktheartisticfreak


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