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TUFF Puppy Season 9 Episode 3Title: Kristina the Bowling BallOne day at TUFF, Kristina and Zachary were working on something. Then, Kitty came in.Kitty: Hi, guys. What are you doing?Kristina: We're working on a new inflation device.Kitty: Sounds very good.Kristina: Oh it is. Renae had said she'd like to know what it's like to be inflated.Zachary: That's right.Kitty: Well, I'm not sure Eli will like that. He told me one time that Renae was eating nearly everything in the house and that he didn't want her to get too fat.Zachary: Don't worry, Kitty. Everything will be fine.Kitty: I have a bad feeling about this. ^^;And Kitty left. Later, as Kristina and Zach finished working on the new inflation device. Renae had come in.Renae: So, how is this device coming along?Zachary: It's finished.Renae: Oh boy! That's great!Kristina: I know.Renae: Can I try it out?Zachary: Sure thing, Renae.Renae: Oh boy! :DZachary: (To Kristina) That girl loves that device. :)Kristina: Yeah. I know.Renae: Hmm. How does it work?Kristina: You just need to put your mouth at the end of this hose, then push this button.Renae: Sweet!Renae put her mouth at the end of the hose and then pushes the button. She then began to inflate.Then, I walked in and saw what was going on!Eli: RENAE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?Kristina: We're only testing the inflation device.Eli: On Renae?Kristina: She asked to be!Eli: Renae, deflate yourself right now!Renae: Aww! (Deflates herself)Eli: That's a good girl.Renae: I'm so sorry, Daddy.Eli: What do you plan to use that inflating machine for?Renae: Who? Me?Eli: No, Kristina and Zachary.Zachary: Well, we were going to inflate Kristina, but we got carried away with Renae.Eli: Um, alright! But Renae, you should have asked me first!Renae: But you would have said "no."Eli: Exactly!Zachary: Boy, Eli sure is overprotected.Eli: I heard that. Do you know how hard it is from a non-dragon parent to raise a dragon child?Zachary: Sorry, Eli.Later on...Zachary: Kristina, do you think we could have you be inflated instead?Kristina: I don't see why not.Zachary: That's good to hear, because you've been inflated so many times, right?Kristina: Right!Zachary: You ready?Kristina: Ready!Kristina soon had herself be inflated.Kristina: There we go.Zachary: Very impressive, Kristina.Kristina: And the best part is (walks around) I am actually mobile like this. Before, I wasn't able to move, but now I can. What do you think I should do like this?Zachary: Maybe you should roll around like a bowling ball.Kristina: Hey, maybe I could go bowling and use myself at the ball.Zachary: Fair enough.Later on, Kristina and Zachary did go to the bowling alley. Everyone there was surprised to see Kristina inflated.Zachary: Why is everyone surprised to see you inflated?Male Dog: Why are you inflated like that?Zachary: We used the inflation device to make her inflated.Kristina: It's true.Fox Lady: Inflation device?Kristina: Yep. We built it.Everyone still was surprised.Zachary: So, can Kristina go bowling and use herself as the ball?Fox Man Clerk: Are you sure you want to roll yourself down the lanes?Kristina: Yes.Male Fox Clerk: Suit yourselves.Zachary: Thanks.Zachary and Kristina went up to the bowling lane. Zachary had gotten himself a bowling ball so he could also bowl with Kristina.Zachary: You go first, Kristina, since you're a lady.Kristina: Thank you, Zachary.Zachary: Anytime.Kristina went up to the bowling lane, and rolled herself down the lane. Zachary watched Kristina rolled herself down the lane. She then managed to knock down all the pins.Zachary: Wow!Kristina soon returned back at the start of the lane. She needed to walk down the lane again as she was too big to come back through the bowling ball return device.Kristina: Now it's your turn.Zachary: Okay.Zachary then rolled his ball down the lane. He and Kristina watched as the ball went down and knocked over all the pins.Kristina: Woohoo! You got them all.Zachary: Yeah. That was pretty good.After playing a while, Kristina and Zachary ended up getting more pins knocked over than anyone at the bowling alley ever had.Zachary: Wow.Rooster: You were amazing!Kristina: Thanks.Dog Lady: Are you thinking of signing up for the championship?Kristina: I'd love to.Dog Lady: The events will be tonight at 6:00.Zachary: We'll be there.Later on at TUFF, Kristina and Zachary had told Kitty, Dudley, Andy, Evelyn, Renae, and I all about it.Kitty: Really? Are you signing up for the championship tonight at 6:00?Kristina: We are, Kitty. Isn't that great?Evelyn: Congratulations, Mom.Kitty: I'm sure you'll do great out there.Eli: But, wasn't it against the rules to use your bodies as a bowling ball?Kristina: They didn't have a problem with it.Dudley: Kitty and I at one time were bowling pins there.Kitty: Oh yeah. That time you pretended to cry to get what you wanted.Dudley: Yeah. You're never going to let me forget that, are you?Kitty: :giggle:Andy: Yeah. I sometimes bring my own bowling ball there anytime Mom takes me.Eli: I always just use a ball they have there.Renae: Same here.Zachary: I'm sure Kristina will do great out there, you guys.Dudley: We'll be there to watch you play if you want.Eli: I'm up for watching a game with them.Renae: Same here.Zachary: Okay.Kitty: We'll be sure to tell everyone about it, too.Kristina: That's great, Kitty. Thank you.Later on, Kristina and Zachary were getting ready for the bowling tournament. Some of the other TUFF Agents, including Dudley, Kitty, and I, along with Evelyn, Renae, Andy, Delilah, and Karl, were there to watch.Kitty: Well, here we are. The bowling tournament.Eli: Good luck, guys.Renae: Hey Dad, I know you said...but can I...Eli: No!Renae: Right!Zachary: Well, Kristy. This is it.Kristina: Yep.Dorthy Camel: I'm Dorthy Camel here where we are going to see the bowling championship with Kristina Kittensworth and Zachary Cat.Zachary: I love my new last name.Dorothy Camel: In this event, Kristina has herself inflated and will be bowling her whole body down the lane like a bowling ball. Some of you had seen her do this earlier this afternoon. But for those of you who hadn't seen that, now is your chance. So without further ado, let the game begin!Kristina: Cool!Kristina and Zachary went up to the bowling lane.Kristina: This is it.Kitty: Good luck, Kristina!Kristina: I will, Kitty!Kristina went up first and rolled down the lane while we all watched.Zachary: Go for it, Kristy!Kristina rolled down and knocked down all the pins!Kitty: She got a strike!Renae: A strike? Oh dear! That means with two more, she'll be terminated!Eli: Not that kind of strike, Renae! That just means she got all 10 pins down in one go.Renae: Oh. That's a relief.Zachary: Wow.Dudley: Now let's see how well Zachary does.Zachary: Okay, my turn!Zachary rolled his ball down the lane, and he got a strike, too.Kristina: Wow.Evelyn: Mom and Zachary are both tied right now.Kitty: I know, Evelyn.Renae: Zachary did pretty well for just his plan bowling ball.Dudley: I wonder who will win in the end?Eli: We'll have to watch and find out.Later, in the final events of the championship.Dorothy Camel: Now we're here in the final stretch. Kristina and Zachary are both neck and neck. Zachary's normal ball is doing as well as Kristina's inflated body despite being much much smaller. They had been getting perfect strikes for the whole game. But the tie breaker has to break sometime. Who will win the championship?Kristina: I hope we win, Zachary.Zachary: Me, too.Kristina: Alright, it's my turn again now.Kitty: Go for it, Kristina!Kristina: (To herself) Okay, you can do this, Kristina.Kristina then rolled down the lane. Zachary watched as Kristina made another strike.Andy: She got it! She got another strike!Kitty: I know, Andy.Then Zachary made his roll. When everyone watched, Zachary also made another strike.Renae: He did it! Zachary got another strike!Eli: That means the game ended in a draw.Renae: A draw? What do you mean?Eli: I mean a tie. We have more than one winner.Kitty: That's right, Eli.Dudley: Wait, so does that mean the prize has to be split?Kitty: Let's find out, Dudley.Dorothy Camel: Well, it looks as though we have a tie between Zachary and Kristina.Kitty felt excited.Eli: So...what did they win?Kitty: Let's find out.Dorthy Camel: Since we have two winners, we'll need to give off two trophies. It's a good thing we made a second trophy for this.Kitty: They made two trophies.Renae: Wow. How convenient.Eli: I know that.Dudley: So how does it feel to both win the championship, guys?Kitty: I'm proud of them.Kristina: Well, I think I've had enough of being inflated for one day. What do you think, Zachary?Zachary: I'm with you, Kristina.Kristina: So let's head back to TUFF so I can get deflated.Kitty: We don't need to do that, I figured you'd get tired, Kristina, so I brought it here for you.Kristina: Wow! Thanks, Kitty!Kitty: Anytime.Kristina soon deflated herself back to normal.Zachary: Looks like you're back to normal, Kristina.Kristina: And I'm happy to be that way. It was fun while it lasted.Zachary: Yeah. You did look so cuddly in your inflated body.Kitty: But it is good to see you back to normal.Zachary: I know, Kitty.Renae: I just wish I could have also played in this sort of game.Andy: Why couldn't you?Renae: Because my dad won't let me inflate myself like Kristina did.Andy: I thought you meant with an actual bowling ball.Eli: We'll discuss it later, Andy.Kristina and really enjoyed her inflated game of bowling, but she is glad to be back to normal again, too.The End
Sneaky Squadron: Stealthranger Chapter 8Title: Harem BrainsThe Kitingers have arrived in Orlando, Florida, heading for the New Nickelodeon Studios to appear in the studio audience of the Qittaswell Sisters' Harem Dare 'Em. Lewis: Here we are, everyone! Orlando, Florida! (Takes a deep breath) I can almost smell the freshly squeezed orange juice right now!Lucy: The orange juice? Is that what you think about when we come here?Gamma: Well, the state of Florida is well-known for its farming of citrus fruits like oranges and its production of orange-related products, Miss Lucy. Lucy: I know, Gamma. But, it feels odd for my husband to act like this.Judd: Why is that, Mom? I like oranges, too.Lucy: He's not normally this enthusiastic about citrus fruits, Judd. ^^;Judd: Oh.Stan: But, that's not important. What IS important, however, is that we get to be in the studio audience for the Qittaswell Sisters' Harem Dare 'Em! Oh, man! This is REALLY exciting! :excited:Marvin: Oh yeah. I remember when Bobby appeared on that show with her cheer squad.Judd: I wonder how she will react when she sees us on TV?Lucy: Maybe when we go visit her this summer, we could ask her.Stan: That sounds good to me.Lewis: (Sees the sign for the Universal Orlando Resort) We're getting close to the Universal Orlando Resort, everybody!Marvin: That's where the show is filmed, right?Stan: Yup. Kiara always says it is taped in front of a live studio audience at the New Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios, Florida at the end of each episode. Ergo the studio it's filmed at is in located in the resort.Marvin: Alright!Lewis: Okay, let's not get TOO excited. We still need to check into the hotel, first!They pulled up into the resort, not knowing that a Ladybug Cam has been tracking them. Meanwhile, in Yokai Mansion, Misfortune and Luanna were coming up with a plan to lure the male Kitingers into a false sense of security.Misfortune: You got your veils, Luanna?Luanna: Yup. And, do you have your finger cymbals, Misfortune?Misfortune: Right here!Luanna: This plan is completely foolproof! Let's hope the Ladybug Cam we sent out found where the Stealthrangers are. Meanwhile, in the throne room, the Yokai Leader had summoned a new Yokai for him to use against the Stealthrangers. She was a monster that was a cross between a vulture and a harpy, and she was flying around throwing sharp feathers at some Yokai Troopers along with exploding eggs, and when she landed, she let out a loud scream that knocked a few Yokai Troopers back.S.A.R.A: (Feeling her computer screen crack a bit) Ugh! She broke my screen!Yokai Leader: Nevertheless, I think that Yokai Orabisoke is ready to take on the Stealthrangers. Vultress Veronica: Please, my lord, I prefer to be called Vultress Veronica. Yokai Leader: Hmph. My apologies.Then, Luanna and Misfortune came in.Luanna: Master, we're all set.Yokai Leader: Excellent!Misfortune: Luanna and I plan to distract the male Stealthrangers, and Black Horn will strike them while they have their guard down.Yokai Leader: Great! And, while you're doing that, Vultress Veronica will terrorize the city they're currently in, and turn it into Yokai territory. Black Horn: Speaking of which, where are they now?Then, a Ladybug Cam returns to S.A.R.A so she can pinpoint their location.Luanna: Maybe that Ladybug Cam can tell us. Right, S.A.R.A?S.A.R.A.: Right! Ladybug Cam, show us where the Stealthrangers are going!The Ladybug Cam inserts cables in S.A.R.A's head, and the recording plays on her screen.S.A.R.A: There they are!Misfortune: Hmmmmm. Orlando, Florida, huh? This could be interesting. Yokai Leader: Orlando, Florida? Wait, I know what's there!Slugbora: You do, my lord?Yokai Leader: Yes! There is a resort there called Universal Orlando, where there is a movie-themed amusement park called Universal Studios Florida, which also doubles as a working studio for TV shows. They shoot various game shows there, including the Qittaswell Sisters' Harem Dare 'Em, which is hosted by a troupe of belly dancers. Luanna: Interesting, my lord. It fits well with the plan Misfortune and I have.Black Horn: (Perplexed) How do you know this, my liege?Yokai Leader: That was where I was born! I know of everyone who has ever gone to my birthplace!Black Horn: (Not believing what he was hearing) You were born in Orlando, sir?Yokai Master: Yes I was!Black Horn: (Wrapping his head around it) Intriguing.Yokai Leader: Now, get going! The sooner we claim Orlando as Yokai territory, the better! Minions: Yes, sir!Vultress Veronica: We won't let you down, my lord! (Flies off to Orlando)Misfortune, Luanna, and Black Horn all disappeared to Orlando. Back at the Universal Orlando Resort, the Kitingers have pulled up to the Qittaswell Sisters Hotel, and they got out of the camper with Gamma carrying their luggage.Gamma 4: Are you certain this is all you need for a couple of days?Lewis: Positive, Gamma. Just a few necessities. ^^Lucy: Oh, it would be nice to take a nice shower after being in the camper for so long.Stan: So what are we going to be doing first, Dad? Well, once we've settled into the hotel?Lewis: I wanna check out Universal Studios. I heard it's a critically acclaimed amusement park. ^^Marvin: Sounds good to me. :DJudd: Yeah. I've wanted to go to that amusement park for quite a long time.Lewis: Well, there's no time like the present to do so. ^^Stan: Yeah!Marvin: Alright!Lucy: Great! It would give us time before we head to the New Nickelodeon Studios for that taping of Harem Dare 'Em.Stan: Yeah! So, let's get settled in. ^^When they got into the room, Stan got onto the bed at the end of the room and grabbed the remote.Stan: While Mom and Dad unpack, why don't we see what's on TV, brothers?Marvin: Yeah! (Sits down next to Stan)Judd: I'm in! (Sits down on the other side of Stan)They turned on the TV, and it showed a show about the Comicgers.Stan: So, Stanley Chippendale's comic heroes finally got their own TV show, huh?Judd: And, about time, too. I've been wanting to see one for quite some time now.Marvin: Even if the one that's the same color as you is a girl?Judd: Absolutely.Marvin: Alright. I am just hoping that series from Japan with the nine heroes gets a show in the US one day, but things have not gone so well with the US adaptations.Judd: But at least that stop-motion movie about those heroes was pretty good, even if it was six hours long. Pretty neat to combine that with a video game.The brothers then began to watch the show.Stan: This is gonna be great. ^^Later on, the Kitingers left the hotel, and started making their way over to the park. The brothers were all in amazement.Stan: Just look at this place. I don't think I've had this good amusement park feeling in a long time.Judd: Me neither! I feel like... a movie star right now!Lucy: It really does give off that feeling, doesn't it, Judd?Judd: It certainly does. I can just imagine myself getting an award and signing autographs. (He images himself doing just that)Lewis: Oh, boy.They then made their way into the park, and looked around to see all the movie-based attractions within it.Stan: Oh, boy! So many attractions! Which one shall we go on first?Lucy: (Checking a kiosk with the ride times on it) Let's go on the Mummy roller coaster first, as there's a very small wait time on it.Marvin: Sounds good to me. ^^Lewis: And, remember, everyone. The taping for the Qittaswell Sisters' Harem Dare 'Em starts in two hours. So, we'd better get to the New Nickelodeon Studios once we knocked off a few attractions, okay?Stan: We got it, Dad.They then made their way to the Revenge of the Mummy ride, and managed to get in line. Over by the ride's lockers, Luanna, Misfortune, and Black Horn were hiding, waiting for the right moment to put their plan in motion.Luanna: When can Misfortune and I put our plan into motion, Black Horn?Black Horn: As soon as they head over to the New Nickelodeon Studios for that Harem Dare 'Em show, Luanna. Now, is Vultress Veronica standing by, like I ordered?Luanna: She is all set, Black Horn.Black Horn: That is good.Misfortune: Now, we just need to wait until they finish up these rides, and we'll be ready for them.Luanna: Yes. And, while, we're waiting, let's put our disguises on.Misfortune: Yeah!The female villains then proceeded to put their disguises on. After they got off the Mummy ride, the Kitingers then made their way throughout the rest of the park to check out the other attractions. Some included the Simpsons ride, Men In Black, E.T., Transformers, Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem, Team Katswell, and the Hollywood Rip-Ride Rocket. They even got a chance to check out the new Bourne Stuntacular show that had just opened up. After a while, Lewis decided it was close enough to get queued up for the taping of Harem Dare 'Em. Lewis: Okay, I guess it's time to make our way to the New Nickelodeon Studios. Stan: Lead the way, Dad. ^^Lewis: Alright then.So they headed off to the New Nickelodeon Studios.Judd: I can't wait to see this awesome show! Unbeknownst to them, Luanna and Misfortune were sneaking backstage hoping to get the boys' attention. Then, Stan noticed something.Stan: Uh, what was that?Lewis: What was what, Stan?Stan: I thought I saw something go by the studio backstage.Marvin: Must've been some stagehands. A lot goes on behind the scenes.Stan: Yeah, that must've been it.They then made their way into the studio, and over to the Harem Dare 'Em set. Meanwhile, Misfortune and Luanna made their way inside, but were stopped by studio security. Security Guard: Hold it! Where do you think you two are going?Misfortune: We're going out on the stage.Luanna: Where else would we be going?Security Guard: Huh. The studio didn't call for any additional belly dancers. :?Misfortune: We're uh...brought in on short notice.Security Guard: Okay. Then, may I see your passes?Luanna: Uh....Misfortune quickly creates some from midair, and shows them to the guard.Misfortune: Here they are.Security Guard: (Going over them) Okay, you can go. But, I've got my eye on you two.The two villains went on ahead. By that time, the Kitinger family had found their sets.Stan: Oh, this is gonna be so exciting!Marvin: (Seeing the Qittaswell Sisters themselves arriving on set) Hey! There are the Qittaswells right now!Unit Director: Quiet on set, everyone!Lucy: Shush, boys! Taping's about to start!The boys remained silent.Stan: (Whispers to Marvin and Judd) I hope we get to go up on the stage.Marvin: (Whispers) Me, too.Judd: (Whispers) Me, three.Unit Director: And, action!Qittaswell Sisters: Hi, we're the Qittaswell Sisters! Kiara: And, welcome to the Qittaswell Sisters' Harem Dare 'Em! The brothers all smiled, seeing the Qittaswell Sisters in person for the first time.Alilah: Okay, for our first stunt for the show, we'd like to share a little something that we've recently tried out this year.Kiara: That's right, Alilah. It's a special folkloric dance from the Persian Gulf called "khaleegy." It's a dance where hair is the main element of it all. In it, women let their hair "dance" along with their movements.Shinicia: So, for it, we're having Malshiam, Whitniam, Cassam, and Caromina perform it, along with a volunteer from the audience. A young woman is what we need for it. Kiara: Yeah. So, if there are any ladies willing to do this dance with the sisters, please raise your hand. Arianna will be glad to fetch you for us. ^^Lucy then raised her hand up high.Lucy: How about me? I'd like to volunteer!Arianna: Okay, that'll do it. Follow me, Miss.Arianna then leads Lucy down to the set, where she meets the Qittaswell Sisters.Kiara: Hello there, Miss. And, what's your name?Lucy: Lucy Kitinger. Kiara: And, where are visiting us from?Lucy: We're traveling across the country. But we just started our journey from Oklahoma.Kiara: That's very interesting. So, you're traveling to see the country, huh?Lucy: Yeah, and we decided to stop by here.Alilah: That's pretty cool to hear. Now, Lucy, what we're gonna have you do is perform the khaleegy dance with four members of the troupe. Here's your robe right now.Amira and Fatima came in with a pink and black robe for Lucy to wear along with a pink veil mask to go with the robe.Kiara: This is called a thobe nashaal. It's the traditional dress used in the khaleegy dance. We added the veil mask to give more emphasis on the hair. I hope it's to your liking. Lucy: (Observing the outfit) It looks very nice.Kiara: And, don't worry. You'll be practicing the dance with the Qittaswell Sisters you'll be performing with. You'll have it down hopefully by the end of the show. ^^Lucy: Sounds great.Kiara: Okay. Now, if you'll follow Fatima and Amira backstage. Lucy then follows Fatima and Amira backstage to get ready, while Misfortune and Luanna were watching. They saw it as the perfect opportunity to get on the set, and distract the male Kitingers.Misfortune: Now's our chance, Luanna!Luanna: Let's go!They head onto the set, much to the surprise of the other Qittaswell Sisters.Kiara: Hey! Where'd you two come from?Jessmine: (Checking the show's schedule on her phone) I'm not seeing anything in the schedule about two guest belly dancers.Misfortune: Maybe you forgot to sign that off on your checklist!Luanna: Because we are here for today's show!Kiara: (Getting a feeling that something wasn't right) There's something weird going on. I know it. (Turns to Misfortune and Luanna) Well, okay. Why don't you show the audience and the viewers at home what you can do. Misfortune: Very well, then.Then, Misfortune and Luanna started dancing.Lewis and the boys were a bit suspicious, too.Stan: (Whispers) Do you guys think...Marvin: (Whispers) That they could actually be Misfortune and Luanna in disguise?Judd: (Whispers) I was thinking the same thing.Lewis: (Whispers) Well, we shouldn't make it too obvious. Pretend you aren't suspicious for right now.Stan: (Whispers) Uh...OK.The boys tried keeping a smiling face, but it wasn't easy to not show how suspicious they felt.Kiara: (Giving the microphone to Shinicia) Shinicia, cover for me, will you? I'm taking Alilah, and we're gonna get to the bottom of this.Shinicia: Okay, Kiara.Kiara then takes Alilah off the set, and into the dressing room, where they changed out of their belly dancer outfits and back into their regular clothes. After taking a secret passageway that the Qittaswell Sisters normally take out of the New Nickelodeon Studios, and back into Universal Studios, they began to do some investigating.Allison: Do you think we should call the rest of T.U.F.F., Kitty? Kitty: I'm not sure, Allison. Let's find out more about our surprise guests, and see if the rest of the team can lend us a hand. They then went around the park to uncover some clues. Back in the studio, Misfortune and Luanna continued dancing when Lewis and the boys got up from their seats, and moved closer to them, pretending to be mesmerized by them.Shinicia: Well, it seems that our surprise guests have gotten a few fans out here, huh folks? Misfortune: (Thinking to herself) That's it. Come closer, Stealthrangers.Then, Lewis and the boys were right where Misfortune and Luanna wanted them.Luanna: Gotcha!Just then, Black Horn leapt down from the ceiling, and started attacking at the boys with his spear.Black Horn: You've had it, Stealthrangers!The audience then ran out of the studio in fear.Black Horn: Now that we have the Stealthrangers under control, and with Stealth Pink preoccupied at the moment, Vultress Veronica will be unleashed, and she'll begin wreaking havoc!Outside in the park, Vultress Veronica came out of hiding, and started flying around it to terrorize the parkgoers. At first, they didn't think anything of it, as they thought it was part of the park, until she started throwing her feather darts at them, causing them to run away. She then arrived at the Fast and Furious ride, and threw one of her exploding eggs at it,destroying it in the process. However, instead of being scared, the park-goers cheered for it. Vultress Veronica: (Confused) Huh? Why are you cheering? I just destroyed one of the rides here!Zebra Man: The ride was horrible, miss! You practically did everybody a favor here!Vultress Veronica: Well, maybe THIS will change your mind about me! (Screeches at the park-goers, sending them flying)As Vultresss Veronica was terrorizing everyone in the park, Kitty and Allison arrived to see what was going on. Kitty: Holy smokes! Somehow, I don't think that big vulture thing is part of the park!Allison: You think this has any connections to those two strange belly dancers that appeared on the show?Kitty: You know, Allison, I think it just might!Allison: So, now what?Kitty: Well, we might as well deal with the situation. (Pulls a blaster out of her jacket)As Vultress Veronica continues to terrorize the parkgoers, she gets hit in the back of the head by one of Kitty's blasts, and she turns around to see the two T.U.F.F. Agents.Kitty: Hey, you overgrown turkey! Why don't you pick on somebody your own size? Vultress Veronica: T.U.F.F. Agents Kitty Katswell and Allison Retriever? Well, you're no Stealthrangers, but you'll have to do. (Flies at them, and slices her talons at them)They both jumped out of the way before she could catch them.Vultress Veronia: Darn! I missed! No matter, I'll just try again!Allison: (Dodging the attack again, and shooting at her with her blaster)Vultress Veronica: (Dodging the blasts, and throwing her feather darts at her)Allison was able to avoid all of the darts that Vultress Veronica fired at her.Allison: You can't get me! You can't get me!Vultress Veronica: Wanna bet? (Lunges at her)Kitty: (Fires a yarn ball snare at her, tying her up) That oughta hold her! Vultress Veronica: (Breaking free from the yarn) Kitty: Or, perhaps not. :OThen, Vultress Veronica charged for Kitty.Kitty: Alright, bring it on! They started to fight with each other. Back in the studio, Lucy was practicing her dance number with Malshiam, Whitniam, Cassam, and Caromina, when her communicator started beeping. Caromina: (Hearing the beeping) Huh? What was that?Lucy: Oh, uh... it was my phone. I guess I forgot to put it on vibrate. If you girls don't mind, I'd like to take this call.Malshiam: Oh, no. Go right ahead. Lucy: Thanks. (Heads out into the hallway, and answers her communicator) What's up, Gamma?Gamma 4: Miss Lucy, I've detected some Yokai activity right in the park. I've tried contacting the boys as well, but for some reason they're not responding. Lucy: Hmmmm. That's strange.Gamma 4: And there's more. Apparently, two T.U.F.F. Agents have engaged the Yokai that's attacking as we speak. So, you'd better go out there and help them while I try and contact the boys again.Lucy: TUFF Agents? In the park? This was unexpected. I'll hurry right out. (Shuts off the communicator) Sorry, ladies. I gotta get going. It's an emergency!Whitniam: That's quite alright, Mrs. Kitinger. We understand.Lucy: Thanks. (Runs out of the studio)Caromina: Do you think that she's one of the Stealthrangers?Malshiam: Oh, yeah. I can tell from the look in her eye.Whitniam: What color do you think she is?Cassam: Well, the Stealthrangers only have one woman on the team, and that's the Pink one. And she's a woman, so.... Lucy was able to make it outside, and looked around to see if anyone was coming.Lucy: Is there anyone out here?Everyone was far enough away so they wouldn't see her transform. Lucy: I guess the coast is clear! Certainly don't want people to freak out over seeing me transform! (Holds up her Stealth Changer) Super Change Stealth Change! (Transforms into her Ranger form, and runs off to the battle) Now to help a couple of TUFF Agents.And she hurried to the TUFF Agents. Meanwhile, Kitty and Allison were still fighting with Vultress Veronica along with a couple of Yokai Troopers. It looked like they were having trouble.Kitty: This is beyond anything we've after faced.Allison: Yeah! She's kicking our butts here!Kitty: Also, don't these troopers look familiar?Allison: Yeah they do. I can't quite pin on where I've seen them before.Kitty: Me neither.Vultress Veronica: Okay, agents! Time to get scrambled! (Holds up an exploding egg)Just then, Lucy throws one of her shurikens at the egg, and it exploded in Vultress Veronica's hand. Lucy then jumps down in front of Kitty and Allison ready to help them.Lucy: You two look like you could use some help. Kitty: (Surprised to see Lucy) A Stealthranger? How'd you know we were in trouble?Lucy: I was in the Qittaswell Sister theater. But my team is still in there and they're in trouble!Allison: Oh, I hope they're okay.Back on the Harem Dare 'Em set, Lewis and the boys were still pretending to be mesmerized by Misfortune and Luanna, and Black Horn was ready to strike at them.Black Horn: Just a little closer.The other Qittaswell Sisters watched the whole thing. Calina: Do you think we should help them?Stan: (Whispering to Lewis) Now, Dad?Lewis: Now!They then attacked the three villains while the Qittaswell Sisters looked on with amazement.Fatima: Wow! That was amazing! Misfortune: How did you...?Stan: We knew that something was amiss, so we played along with it. Marvin: (Turning to the Qittaswells) You girls better get somewhere safe!Shinicia: Right! C'mon, ladies! Let's get outta here!The Qittaswell Sisters ran out of the studio to get somewhere safe.All: Super Change Stealth Changer! (They transformed into their Stealthranger forms)Black Horn: Alright! Let's dance!Lewis: Gladly! Follow by lead, boys.Sons: Yes, Dad!Then, they all fought each with graceful and majestic movements. After a while, they kicked the villains into the Pie Caravan, and they were strapped in.Stan: It's time we gave you your just desserts. (Yanks on the cord) Then, four cream pies flew into the villains' faces. Luanna: (Tasting the cream) Mmmmmmm. Not bad. ^^Judd: We probably should have asked the audience how many pies we should throw in their face first, just like Kiara always asks them.Marvin: Uh, Judd.Judd: What?Marvin: (Points to the empty chairs in the audience row)Judd: Oh. Right.Then, Lewis was able to answer his communicator, and talk to Gamma 4. Lewis: Go ahead, Gamma.Gamma 4: Thank goodness I was able to reach you guys! Why haven't you been answering your communicators?Lewis: Misfortune and Luanna were trying to distract us with a belly dance. They interrupted the show's taping, and we figured they were up to something. So, we just played along with it. Gamma 4: Oh, what a relief. 'Cause Miss Lucy is fighting Yokai Orabisoke and some Yokai Troopers alongside two T.U.F.F. agents. And, I've found out a good way to weaken that Yokai.Lewis: Really? How?Gamma 4: Simply put, you gotta pluck all her feathers. That way, she won't use 'em as darts against you.Lewis: It's worth a shot. Thanks, Gamma. (Cuts communication) C'mon, boys! Your mother needs help grounding a giant bird.Stan: Alright, Dad. Let's go shake a tail feather. They then left the New Nickelodeon Studios, and made their way to help Lucy, Kitty, and Allison fight with Vultress Veronica.Kitty: (Feeling like they have the upper hand) I'm starting to feel good about our odds here, now that a Stealthranger is helping us. ^^Allison: I think you mean five, Kitty. (Points to the others coming in)Kitty: Oh! All five of you are here!Lewis: We sure are, ma'am.Lucy: It's great that you're here, everyone! We need to ground this crazy bird, and fast!Stan: And, I think I know how to do it! We'll need to pluck all of the feathers off of her. Vultress Veronica: (Getting scared) Say what?Marvin: If we did that, it'll weaken her a bit.Kitty: Alright, then. Let's pluck this buzzard! They then charged at Vultress Veronica, and started using their weapons to pluck the feathers off of her. Once they started doing that, she started to get weak, and was unable to use her feather darts. After struggling for a bit, they were able to remove all of Vultress Veronica's feathers, reducing her to bare-skinned bird monster.Allison: (Dusting the feathers off her hands) Well, that's all of them.Lewis: Now, she'll be much easier to defeat.Vultress Veronica: Wha? No! You made me look so silly!Marvin: Yeah. So?Vultress Veronica: So....I'm so embarrassed! You'll pay for that!Lewis: Boy, if I had a nickel for every time I heard that...Vultress Veronica: Now, let's see how YOU like it!Then, lightning strikes Vultress Veronica, and she grew giant.Vultress Veronica: Catch me if you can! (Flies off to the Orlando Freeway)Stan: We'll take it from here, T.U.F.F. Agents. You assure everyone in the park that everything's okay. Kitty: Alright, Stealth Red. You do what you gotta do. C'mon, Allison. (Takes Allison, and goes off to assure everyone in the park that the danger has passed)Stealthranger: Stealth Shoguns! (They transform into the Stealth Shoguns, and then the Great Stealth Shogun)Lewis: Follow that vulture! They followed Vultress Veronica across the Orlando Freeway, and they eventually stop near the Orlando International Airport.Vulture Veronica: I may not have my feather darts anymore, but I can still do this! Vulture Veronica then released her sonic screech at the Great Stealth Shogun, causing it to fly back a bit and crash into the runway.Stealthrangers: OOF! Grand Stealth Shogun: (Gets up)Stan: How will we be able to keep ourselves from getting pushed back like that?Marvin: What if we stabilize the legs somehow?Lucy: But, what can we use to pull it off?Judd: We could try bolting down the legs.Stan: Where are we gonna find some bolts?Judd: (Sees some straps the airport staff use to hold down some luggage) Maybe we can use those luggage straps to keep the feet planted on the ground. Lewis: It's worth a shot. Go get 'em.They went over to the luggage straps, then held their feet down with the straps!Lewis: Good work boys!Stan: Thanks, Dad.Vultress Veronica tried shrieking at them again, but this time, the straps held them in place.Judd: Works like a charm!Stan: Now, how are we gonna defeat her since we can't move?Lewis: We'll have to use a long-range attack.Stan: Will do! Long-Range Final Strike!Grand Stealth Shogun: (Lights up its sword and fires a strike at Vultress Veronia)Vultress Veronica: (Gets struck by it) AAAH! (Falls and explodes)Stan: Well, that vulture's been flame-broiled.Lucy: Yeah! Now, let's head back to the show! I gotta finish practicing my dance!Lewis: Say no more!They then de-combined, and returned to the Universal Orlando Resort. Back at the New Nickelodeon Studios, the Kitingers returned to Harem Dare 'Em. Lucy returned to practicing with the Qittaswell Sisters, and the boys continued to watch the rest of the show. Kitty and Allison changed back into Kiara and Alilah, and Kiara resumed hosting duties.Kiara: Welcome back, everybody. Now, before we get to our final stunt for the taping, we would like to apologize for the sudden attack earlier today. It turned out to be another Yokai attack, and thankfully the Stealthrangers were able to take care of it, along with assistance from T.U.F.F.Stan: Do you think she'll want to invite us up onto the stage?Lewis: Who knows?Kiara: And, now, we wanna wrap the show up with the dance that we've promised you from the beginning. So, here to perform the khaleegy dance is Whitniam, Caromina, Cassam, and Malshiam, along with our volunteer, Mrs. Lucy Kitinger. Then, Whitniam, Cassam, Caromina, and Malshiam return to the stage in their traditional dresses and veil masks, along with Lucy, who almost looks unrecognizable to her family.Marvin: (trying to find Lucy) So, uh, which one's Mom?Judd: I think she's the pink one in the front.Marvin: You sure?Judd: Positive.Lewis: Oh wow!Stan: I think Dad likes this!Then, they started dancing, twirling around while flinging their hair around. Lewis: _ Judd: Yeah, he certainly does. ^^Later, after the show...Lucy: (Exiting the dressing room in her normal clothes and reunites with her family) Well, how was I?Stan: You were great, Mom! ^^Lewis: Very lovely, Dear.Lucy: Thank you, dear. And, after I got my prize from the Wall Bazaar... (Holds up the tote bag she got from the Wall Bazaar)... they said I can keep the khaleegy dress and veil mask since I did such a good job dancing. ^^Judd: That's great, MomLucy: Maybe I can wear it again for Halloween this year. ^^Lewis: That would be great!Marvin: It certainly would. ^^Stan: Well, we had a fun day here. Wouldn't you agree?Judd: Oh certainly.Marvin: Now, let's get something to eat. I'm starved. They all left the studio, and went out to get something for lunch.To Be Continued...
Sneaky Squadron: Stealthranger Chapter 7Title: When the Weather Breaks The RulesOne morning, the Kitinger family was getting ready to pack things up for a picnic. The boys were all excited because they hadn't gone on a picnic for a long long time.Marvin: I think that the last picnic we went on was about four years ago.Judd: Four? I could have sworn it was three?Stan: It feels like six to me. Maybe it just feels like three or four to you because you're older and time goes by faster for you.Judd: If that's the case, I bet that it was just yesterday to Mom and Dad since they are even older.Marvin: Yeah. Hehehehe.Lucy: Well, it does seem like it was just yesterday, but in fact, the last time we did go on a picnic was about five years ago.Lewis: So Stan was much closer to guessing how much time had passed.Stan: Regardless, it feels like it was a long time ago.Lucy: I sure am glad that the weather is nice today. After so many cold days during the winter, it feels good to go outside and have it be much warmer.Lewis: And we couldn't have picked a better day to go on this picnic than today. Do we have everything packed?Lucy: Well, what do you boys think?Stan: Did you pack the tuna sandwiches?Lucy: Yes, we got that.Marvin: What about the fish-flavored potato chips?Lucy: We got those, too.Judd: And how about the carp-tarts?Lucy: Yes! We packed those, too.Marvin: It's a good thing we decided to get those and not those cookies that make people fall asleep.Stan: Oh yeah. That's a real good thing.Judd: And what about the tuna fish smoothies?Lucy: The tuna fish smoothies?Judd: Yeah. Didn't we get that?Lucy: I didn't even know those were a thing.Judd: But I asked you about them the other week. Don't you remember?Lucy: I......don't. I'm sorry, but I don't recall you ever mentioning that.Judd: I could have sworn I told you. I remember it like it was....just the other week.(Cuts to a flashback of Judd going up to Lucy to ask her a question)Judd: Hey, Mom.Lucy: What is it, Judd?Judd: There are these new tuna fish smoothies at the supermarkets. Do you think we can get those for our picnic in a couple of weeks?Lucy: We'll see. If I remember to ask Dad about it.(Flashback ends)Judd: Yeah, and you said you'd ask Dad about it.Lucy: Well, I still don't recall that.Lewis: I do! You asked me about it at some point, and as it just so happens, I went to the market this morning at got some. They're in the freezer.Lucy: Oh, now I remember!Judd: Ah! Way to go, Dad. You certainly remember things better than Mom does.Lewis: I'll go and get them.Lewis went over to the freezer and got the tuna fish smoothies out and put them into the picnic basket.Lewis: That should do it. Shall we head on our way?Stan: Yeah!Marvin: Totally!Judd: I'm ready!They headed on out of the camper and headed up to the mountain train. Gamma 4 watched as they left.Gamma 4: Have a fun time on the mountain!Lewis: We will. Thank you, Gamma.Gamma 4: Wow. Going on a picnic. I wish I could go on a picnic, but robots don't eat. Oh well.And Gamma went back inside. Meanwhile, at the Yokai Mansion, Black Horn had arrived to tell his fellow Yokai about what the Kitinger family was doing.Black Horn: Guys, there is something happening with the Stealthrangers today.Luanna Bunny: What is it, Black Horn?Black Horn: They are heading up to the top of a mountain to have a family picnic.S.A.R.A.: What's so special about that?Black Horn: Well today is supposed to be a very sunny day! The sunniest day of the year!Slugbora: It sounds like they'll have a grand time today.Yokai Leader: And I can't stand hearing that they'll have a good time!Madame Misfortune: Neither can I! Black Horn, do you know what we should do about this?Black Horn: I've already got a perfect plan! All I need is a Yokai who can bring thunder or lightning no matter how good the weather is supposed to be.Yokai Leader: Ah, then I think the Yokai you want for that is Raithunder.S.A.R.A.: Don't you mean Rainthunder?Yokai Leader: No, I mean Raithunder! Raithunder, with no N! Madame Misfortune: Uh, Raithunder would be Raithudder with no N.Yokai Leader: I meant no N in "rain".Madame Misfortune: You could have been a bit more specific when you....Luanna Bunny: Be careful about how you lecture the boss, Misfortune! You know he doesn't like that!Madame Misfortune: Oh! Right! I'm sorry, sir!Yokai Leader: Raithunder is Yokai Raijin. Raithunder, come forward! I have an assignment for you!Then, a monster with a lightning bolt-shaped body came in.Raithunder: What is it do you have for me to do, boss?Yokai Leader: The Stealthrangers are heading for a picnic in the mountains!Raithunder: And is it going to be thundering and lightning up there?Yokai Leader: Yes it will be!Raithunder: Oh! Then I guess you don't need me!Yokai Leader: Yes I do need you!Raithunder: But, you just said it was going to be thundering and lightning in the mountains today! So what's the point in hav-Black Horn: It will be thundering and lightning because YOU will make it thunder and lightning there!Raithunder: Oh! If it wasn't going to be, you could have said "No, unless you make it happen." When you said that it will, it sounded like you meant it would anyway.Madame Misfortune: Be careful about how you correct the boss in how he speaks, Raithunder!Yokai Leader: Just get going!Black Horn: Right, sir! Come on, Raithunder!Raithunder: Oh yeah! This will be a beautiful day! For me! Hehehehe!Meanwhile, on the mountain trail, the Kitinger family was walking and enjoying the view.Lucy: My. Look at this field. Full of many beautiful flowers.Stan: Yeah. So many of these flowers.Marvin then began feeling a few sniffles in his nose.Marvin: (A bit stuffed up) Uh, are there any dandelions in these flowers?Judd: (Looks around) Yeah! At the end of the field!Marvin: (Still stuffy sounding) Then let's hurry before....Ah-Ah-Ah-Judd: Whoa! Get clear!Everyone stood back as Marvin sneezed!Marvin: ACHOO! Before I begin sneezing....Achoo!Stan: It's a little late for that, Marv.Lucy: Oh dear, Marvin! I totally forgot about your dandelion allergy! We should have taken the trail that passes by the lake instead.Marvin: Yeah. You re-ah-ah-AH-CHOO! Should have!After walking a while, Marvin's sneezing stopped.Marvin: (Breathes) Ah! Much better! We must have gotten away from those dang dandelions.Judd: Uh, actually Marvin, we're still a few feet from them.And he was right.Lewis: That's odd! Usually, when your dandelion allergy clears up, we would have to be very very far from the dandelions for you to stop sneezing. Unless, uh oh....Lucy: What is it, dear?Lewis: I think that it's going to be raining!Stan: Raining?Judd: But what about our picnic?Lucy: (Sighs) We'll have to wait another day to have our picnic. I'm sorry, boys.Boys: Awww!Then, they heard thunder!Lewis: Oh dear! That sounds like thunder!Then, they saw lightning strike down a nearby tree!Lucy: Whoa!The tree then fell down right on the dandelion bed!Marvin: Oh my goodness!Judd: What is it, Marvin?Marvin: Those poor dandelions got crushed by that tree!Stan: But I thought you hated dandelions!Marvin: I'm allergic to dandelions, I don't hate them otherwise! It's not their fault I have the allergy!Lewis: We better head back to the camper before a tree falls down on us!Lucy: Or that lightning strikes at us!They then hurried back down the path, but then a lightning strike came in from the ground!All: WHOA!Lewis: That's odd! Lightning coming from the ground? That's not natural!Then, out from the ground came Raithunder!Raithunder: AHAHAHA! Hello, Stealthrangers!Stan: Ah! A Yokai!Lewis: It's Yokai Raijin!Judd: Oh no! Not him! And on such a perfect day, too!Lewis: I don't suppose you...Raithunder: Caused all this thunder and lightning? EGH! That's right!Marvin: Uh, EGH means wrong!Raithunder: Careful what you say about the b-Oh wait! You're not fellow Yokai!Lewis: You got that right! We are the Stealthrangers! And we will take you down!All: Super Change Stealth Changer! (They transformed into their suits)Lewis: Marvin, try your water trick!Marvin: Sure thing, Dad! Super Stealth Water Strike! (Has water be blasted from his hands towards Raithunder)Raithunder: You think that will stop me! (Gets blasted by the water) Hahahaha!Judd: Alright, Marvin! How come you gave him the tickle splash?Marvin: (Finishes the water splash) I didn't! (Pauses awkwardly for a moment) Wait a minute, there's no such thing! Since when could water tickle?Lewis: Uh oh! I just remembered something!Lucy: What is that, Dear?Lewis: If I remember correctly, there was this Yokai who had the ability to cause it to thunder and lightning, and when water hits him...And then, before Lewis could finish his sentence, Raithunder made the water that Marvin just splashed onto him into the air, causing it to rain!Raithunder: Need you say more, Greeny?Stan: Hey, nobody calls Dad Greeny! Super Fire Attack!But when Stan released his fireball, it went out!Stan: Huh? Uh...Super Fire Attack!But again, it just went out!Marvin: Uh, Stan, I don't think you can use that attack in the rain!Stan: Oh yeah! Because water causes fire to go out! I should have remembered! I feel so dumb. :(Raithunder: You should feel that way!Lucy: Stan, don't listen to him! You did try at least!Stan: He's right though, Mom! I didn't think!Raithunder: You don't need to think any further on that! (Tries striking lightning at Stan)Stan: AAH! (Jumps out of the way)Judd: I think that we should fight lightning WITH lightning! Stealth Lightning Strike! (Fires the strike, but Raithunder counters it and knocks it back at Judd) AAAH! (Gets knocked back) Ow!Lewis: Guys, we should head back to the camper at once! I think we'll need Gamma to help us figure out how to beat this Yokai!Stan and Lucy went over to Judd to help him up.Lucy: We got you, Judd!Judd: Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Stan.Stan: It's no problem, bro.Lewis: I know of a secret path back to the camper! Follow me!And Lewis lead the other Stealthrangers down the path away from Raithunder!Raithunder: It doesn't matter what path you take! I'll strike you down wherever you are!And with that, Raithunder caused lightning to strike all over the ground, trying to strike at the Stealthrangers. But little did he know that Lewis had lead his family into a cave, where they were safe.Lewis: In here!Everyone got in, just as lightning strikes the ground.Lucy: That was a close one.Marvin: I really don't like caves, but I'd rather be in a cave than be struck by lightning.But then, one of the lightning bolts struck a boulder at the top of the mountain. The boulder rolled down to the bottom. The Stealthrangers heard a rumbling sound coming from outside.Lewis: What is that noise?By the time they found out, it was too late. The boulder then landed right in front of the entrance of the cave, blocking the way out.Lucy: Oh no! The exit is blocked!Stan: Hurry! Let's get the boulder pushed out of the way!The brothers and Lucy all hurried over to the boulder and tried pushing it and pushing it. Lewis didn't help out, which left the rest of the Stealthrangers in confusion.Judd: Aren't you going to help us, Dad?Lewis: Guys, it won't do any good, but...Marvin: Not do any good? I'm sure that this boulder can be pushed by five people when four can't!Lewis: I don't think that would work, either. But there's....Stan: So you mean we're stuck in here forever?Lewis: Would you listen to me! No, Stan, we are not stuck in here forever, but we aren't getting out that way.Lucy: Then how will we get out?Lewis: We can get out through another exit. I went down this cave with my dad when I was a kid. We entered the cave from that entrance, but there was another exit we went down.Lucy: Do you remember the way, Lewis?Lewis: I think so. Follow me.And they went after Lewis deep into the cave. Over at the Yokai Mansion, the Yokai Leader had contacted Raithunder.Yokai Leader: Raithunder, how have you beaten the Stealthrangers?Raithunder: I've tried striking lightning to the ground to strike at the Stealthrangers as they were running away from me, but then I lost them. I cannot find them anywhere.Black Horn: We need to know for sure if the Stealthrangers are really done for. See if you can find them.Luanna Bunny: And don't come back until you have found them!Madame Misfortune: Dead or alive!Raithunder: Got it!And the communicator went off.Luanna Bunny: Dead or alive? Does anyone actually still say that anymore?Madame Misfortune: I don't know, but I don't care!Luanna Bunny: :rolleyes:Down in the cave, the Stealthrangers then heard a noise.Lucy: Do you hear that?Lewis stopped for a moment and listened.Lewis: Yes. Do you know what that is?Stan: Just the sound of flowing water, Dad?Lewis: Yes!The brothers were all a bit confused.Judd: What does that have anything to do with us finding our way out of the cave?Lewis: The river flows out of the cave. If we follow the path, then we'll find our way out.Marvin: Oh. I had the feeling you were testing us a bit.Lewis: Let's get going. I am wondering if Gamma 4 is able to detect where we are if we're in a cave.Judd: Didn't he detect you and Grandpa when you were here before?Lewis: Grandpa didn't build Gamma 4 yet.Judd: Oh. I had no idea.Lewis: It was during a time where the Yokai attacks didn't happen as frequently as they are now.Stan: It's been happening only for the past seven weeks.The Stealthrangers then began following the river in the cave. Meanwhile, Gamma 4 was trying to contact the Stealthrangers because he saw there was thunder and lightning happening in the area where the camper was.Gamma 4: Stealthrangers! Are you there? Answer me!But all Gamma 4 heard were static noises.Gamma 4: Am I not able to contact them or is there something wrong with my communication system? I hope they're OK.Back in the cave, the Stealthrangers continued down the water flow when Lewis then stopped.Lucy: Why have you stopped, Lewis?Lewis: Look!They all looked to see that the water lead up to a pile of rocks that had covered up an opening!Lucy: Oh no!Stan: Those rocks were not there before, where they, Dad?Lewis: No they were not!Judd: Well, it's official! We're stuck in these caves forever!Lewis: No! Not yet we are not! We can still go around by taking another path leading to the same place.Marvin; We can?Lewis: Yes!Stan: Then lead the way!Lewis lead them around and when they stopped, they saw what looked like a river, but with very little water in it.Lewis: I think we're on the right track.Marvin: You're telling me! At least we know that the other exit isn't completely blocked off yet!Judd: But, shouldn't we do something about those small rocks?Lucy: Why don't we see where this water is supposed to lead to?Lewis: That sounds like a good idea, Lucy!Judd: Is there anything at the end of this river besides just the exit to the cave?Lewis: Maybe there was! I don't quite remember, but let's take a look!They followed the dried-up river, and as they went down, they could see light.Marvin: Hey, I think I can see light.Judd: I can see the light, too.Lewis: We must be getting close!They soon made it all the way to the light and it was an opening of the cave.Lucy: We've found it! We've found the exit to the cave!Stan: Yes! Yes!Judd: That's a relief! I was sure that we would never be able to find our way out of the cave.They went out of the cave and soon they were out in the open again. And it was sunny.Lucy: At least it's sunny in this place.Stan noticed that they were right above a ledge.Stan: I wonder what could be down there?He went over to the ledge and what he saw at the bottom amazed him.Stan: Oh wow! Look!Everyone came to see the ledge and saw that at the bottom of the edge, there was an empty pond.Marvin: Oh boy! An empty pond?Judd: I think it isn't getting its water because of that blockage in the cave.Lucy: Is there any way we can get those rocks out of the way?Lewis: I am not sure, Lucy!Marvin: Maybe I could pour more water into the lake with my water technique. Super Stealth Water Strike! (Has water be blasted from his hands towards the dried pond)Everyone watched as Marvin proceeded to fill the water into the lake, but he wasn't going fast enough.Lewis: That's going to take too long, Marvin. I think it's hopeless.Marvin then stopped.Marvin: I think you are right, Dad.Judd: Wait, I've got an idea.Lucy: What is your idea, Judd?Judd whispered his idea to his family, and they agreed with the plan.Lewis: That is genius, Judd!Judd: I'll get to it!He then had some lightning strike up into the sky.Judd: Let's just hope he takes the bait.From a distance away, Raithunder saw the lightning strike!Raithunder: That lightning! That must be where the Stealthrangers are! I'll get over to them!And he hurried off towards where the lightning strike was. Raithunder wasn't the only one who saw the lightning strike, Gamma 4 saw it, too.Gamma 4: Those must be the Stealthrangers! I better hurry and get the camper over there! They may need help!Gamma 4 quickly got into the driver's seat and began driving towards the lightning bolt. Judd continued to strike lightning into the sky.Judd: Any sign of him yet?Everyone looked to see Raithunder running towards them.Raithunder: Hahaha! I have found you, Stealthrangers.Judd then stopped his lightning strike.Judd: Alright! It worked!Raithunder: Yeah. Worked in helping me to defeat you!Lewis: Now, Marvin!Marvin: Super Stealth Water Strike! (Has water be blasted from his hands towards Raithunder)Raithunder: Ahahahaha! You've done it again!Then, Raithunder made it rain again!Lucy: He fell for it! Quick! Out of sight, guys!They all hurried back to the cave without Raithunder noticing them. Once the Stealthrangers made their way back to the cave, they watched as the water filled up the lake!Stan: Alright! The lake is filled back up!Then, Judd noticed something.Judd: Hey, I see something coming in!Lewis: You do? What is it?Everyone looked and saw that it was the camper, driven by Gamma.Gamma 4: Stealthrangers! I'm here!Stan: Ah, Gamma! I'm glad that you're here! We're up in the cave! Can you come and tell us what we need to do to beat this Yokai?Gamma 4: On my way, Stealthrangers!Gamma drove the camper up the hill to the cave. Once he was there, the Stealthrangers hurried inside.Lewis: Gamma, can you tell us if there is anything we need to do to beat this Yokai?Gamma 4: I have seen that you tricked this Yokai into making it rain to fill the dried lake.Lucy: The lake is dried because there is this water stream in that cave with there being a blockage in the river.Gamma 4: Oh dear. That doesn't seem good. But you might be able to use that to your advantage?Marvin: What do you mean, Gamma?Gamma 4: Maybe the Grand Stealth Shogun can help to break the blockage!Judd: But it's IN the cave and the Grand Stealth Shogun is too big for the cave.Gamma 4: Ah, but I didn't say that it needed to break the seal there!Lucy: Then what are you saying?Gamma 4: There is actually a way to make the flow of water be stronger than the blockage. I'll show you.Gamma then printed an image that showed a map of the cave and showed that at the top of the mountain was a small hole where the water was going into!Stan: So if we can make that hole bigger, the water will flow very quickly and break the blockage in the cave.Lucy: And then the valley we found here will be flooded!Judd: But how will that help us beat Raithunder?Gamma 4: Raithunder cannot handle so much water given to him at one time!Marvin: But wouldn't my water blast be enough if I kept blasting water at him?Gamma 4: You would never be able to give him enough water to beat him, Marvin. This amount of water will do it for him!Lewis: Then let's do it! Out of the camper guys!Everyone except Gamma headed on out! They saw that Raithunder was still making it thunder and lightning.Lewis: Ah good. He still hasn't noticed we've moved away! Let's do it!All: Grand Stealth Shogun!They transformed into their Stealth Shogun Fighters, and then into Grand Stealth Shogun. The Grand Stealth Shogun grabbed the camper and placed it at the top of the mountain!Lewis: You'll be safe here, Gamma! Now to break open that hole to make it much bigger!All: Grand Stealth Sword! (The sword appears) Grand Stealth Shogung Strike! (Strikes at the hole, making it much bigger, and the water began flowing into it much quicker)Deep within the cave, the water flowed more rapidly, it then was strong enough to break the pile of rocks blocking the path, then the water continued flowing out to the pond.Raithunder: (Sees the water flowing in) OH NO! SO MUCH WATER COMING FOR ME!The water then splashed over Raithunder, covering him!Raithunder: TOO MUCH WATER! NOOO!From the top of the mountain, the Grand Stealth Shogun saw an explosion occur from under the water!Stan: We've done it!Marvin: Raithunder has been beaten!Later on, the Kitinger family was having their picnic at the top of the mountain where the camper was left at.Lewis: Well, this wasn't the picnic I had in mind, but it's pretty nice anyway.Lucy: Yeah. I quite like the view of the ground from up here.Stan: Although is anyone concerned that it's going to take us a while to drive the camper all the way down the mountain?Lewis: Don't worry about that, Stan. Gamma can drive the camper down all night while we are asleep.Lucy: That's right. Gamma doesn't need to sleep since he's a robot.Judd: But he does need his battery charged!Lewis: And during the day, Mom and I can drive the camper in his place.Marvin: I just hope that we can drive the camper down to the bottom of the mountain by next week so we can be on that game show.Lucy: We have plenty of time for that, Marvin. No worries.Stan: Yeah, chill. Besides, we can watch the sunset from up here tonight.Marvin: Well, alright.The Kitinger family may not have gotten the picnic they had in mind, but they did have an epic adventure beforehand. As for the pond, it was now bigger than it ever was before thanks to the Stealthrangers. Maybe one day, another family may come here to admire the lake as it is now. But what is this game show they are talking about? Find out next time.To be continued...
Sneaky Squadron: Stealthranger Chapter 6Title: The Invisible BarrierOne day, Judd was out for a walk in a neighborhood.Judd: This neighborhood looks quite nice. I wish we lived here all the time, in a real house. Not a camper. But then again, if we didn't have the camper, we couldn't move around the country.Judd had gotten to the end of the block when suddenly...Judd: (Hits something) Oof! What did I hit?He then saw that there was nothing in front of him.Judd: Huh? What is going on?He felt around. It felt as though there was a wall in front of him.Judd: This is odd. I can feel something, but I cannot see it. He then looked to his left and began feeling the wall going in that direction. He was just a few inches from the road when he saw an ice cream truck driving from the other side.Judd: Oh dear. This isn't going to end well.And it didn't. The ice cream truck had crashed into the invisible wall. Causing it's front to be dented.Male Dog Driver: (Gets out of the truck) What happened? The boss is going to kill me for this! (Looking at the truck's damaged front)Judd: This is not good. I think I better hurry back and tell everyone.And Judd hurried as quickly as he could back to the camper. When he got back, he saw everyone watching TV.Judd: Mom, Dad, Bros, something is happening.Marvin: Are there cars crashing into invisible walls?Judd: Yeah! There are cars crashing into Invis-What, how did you know that?Stan: It's on the news!Judd looked at the TV, and it was true.Female Fox Reporter: It would appear that downtown, there are a lot of crashes with cars crashing into an invisible wall. We cannot figure out what it is that the cars are crashing into. Some say that it could just be a tall glass wall! We are currently trying to figure out how to get around it.Lucy: Have you tried using a helicopter?Female Fox Reporter: We even tried having helicopters fly over the wall and land on the other side, but it would appear that the invisible wall has a ceiling, too.Lucy: Oh. So much for that.Lewis: Something weird is happening. Are you suspecting that, family?Stan: I suspect it, Dad. It must be the work of the Yokai again!Judd: I was thinking the same thing, Stan!Lewis: Let's see if we can get to the bottom of this!And they all headed on out. Meanwhile, at the Yokai mansion, Black Horn was seeing what was going on.Black Horn: This is quite fantastic! My Yokai agent has gotten this whole neighborhood trapped within his invisible barrier! Then there will be no way the Stealthrangers will be able to help them now! Yokai Leader: That is fantastic, Black Horn!Then, there was an unfamiliar voice heard in the room.???: You got that wrong!Black Horn: Wh-who said that?Slugbora: That was my new plant.Black Horn: Since when did plants talk?Slugbora: Since this plant was grown.Plant: The name's Leafy the Potted Plant.Black Horn: Whoa! That is creepy, Slugbora!Slugbora: But that is not all! Leafy is able to see through the eyes of plants.Yokai Leader: Plants don't have eyes!Slugbora: Metaphorically speaking, sir!Yokai Leader: Oh!Slugbora: So, Leafy, you say that there is an obstacle in our plan?Leafy: Yeah! The neighborhood you sent the Yokai into to place that invisible barrier over, the Stealthrangers are staying there! They're INSIDE the barrier!Black Horn: WHAT? But, that means they'll foil our plans! We better warn the Yokai we sent!Luanna Bunny: But how can we send a message out to him?Leafy: It's not a problem for me. I can just use my powers to communicate through the whistle grass! Thankfully, there are some close by to the Yokai.S.A.R.A.: Well that was mighty convenient.Luanna Bunny: I wonder if he'll get the job done.Over with the Kitinger family, they were searching all around for the Yokai, but couldn't see him anywhere.Lewis: Now be on the lookout, family. This Yokai could trap us into smaller walls.Marvin: Would there be any way of him knowing that we're onto him, Dad?Lewis: I will bet that he does!Then, Lucy hit a wall that was seemingly not there.Lucy: Oof! I think I walked to the end of the neighborhood. Let me walk back.So she turned around, but hit another wall. She was confused. So was everybody else.Stan: What is happening, Mom?Lucy: I think this Yokai got me caught in a small space. I'm sure that I can just break my way out! Super Change! Stealth Changer! (Transforms into Stealth Pink) Stealth Blaster! (Blasts at the wall, but they reflect back at her with the blasts blasting all around the inside of the invisible barrier) AAAH!Lewis: Lucy! Oh dear! Let me try to break you out! Super Change Stealth Changer! (Transforms into Stealth Green) Stealth Blast! (Blasts at the barrier, but it reflected off and hit a nearby lamppost) Oh no! (Begins to run) Boys, what should we d-(Bumps into an invisible wall)Boys: Dad!Stan: Bros, I think this Yokai is trying to trap us all one by one!Marvin: But how? We don't know what Mom and Dad did to get trapped.Judd: Do you think it ever mattered what they did or didn't do????: (French Accent) No it doesn't!Stan: Who is that????: (French Accent) I am the Yokai who has made the barrier surrounding this neighborhood and the barrier surrounding your parents!Judd: We're going to find you, wherever you are!???: (French Accent) You'll never do it! Hahahahaha!Stan: We gotta find a way to help Mom and Dad get out of these barriers!Lucy: Don't worry about us, boys!Lewis: You go find that Yokai! I am sure once he is defeated, we should be freed!Stan: Are you sure, Dad?Lewis: What more can we do?Marvin: I think that we should ask Gamma 4 if he knows any information about this Yokai.Lucy: That's a good idea, boys!Lewis: Now hurry! We're counting on you!Stan: Let's go, bros.And they hurried back to the camper. Meanwhile, Gamma 4 was watching the news.Female Fox Reporter: This just in, the Stealthrangers went to search for a mysterious Yokai who is the cause of the invisible barriers surrounding the neighborhood, and two of them had transformed and ended up getting trapped in their own little barriers! (Shows Lucy and Lewis standing where they were trapped at) While the rest of the Stealthrangers had gone away! What will they be doing?Gamma 4: How does she even know that the boys are Stealthrangers when they didn't even transform?Then, the boys came back in.Stan: Gamma, there is a problem!Gamma 4: Did Masters Lewis and Lucy get trapped in their own smaller barriers?Stan: Mom and Dad got trapped in their own- Wait! How did you know?Gamma 4: It was on the news! And for some reason, the news lady knew you are Stealthrangers even though you didn't transform like your parents had.Judd: I guess since the world knows there are five Stealthrangers, and how there were three of us after Mom and Dad transformed, it was pretty obvious.Marvin: Anyway! What we know about this Yokai is that he was able to create a huge barrier surrounding the entire neighborhood.Stan: And he's also able to trap one single being in one place.Judd: Well at least Mom and Dad do not have to worry about getting run over by a car. The barriers are too strong for vehicles!Marvin: Mom even tried blasting her barrier, but it didn't work. Judd: And Dad tried blasting it from the outside. That didn't work, either.Gamma 4: Hmmmm. That seems a bit familiar. I'll need to search for all this information. Anything else to add?Stan: Oh yeah. We haven't been able to see the monster, but he did have a French accent.Gamma 4: OK. Let's see. Invisible barrier covering the entire neighborhood, can also trap individuals in one spot, too hard for cars or blasters to break through, Yokai speaks with a French accent, alright. I think that's enough to go on. Now I'll just have to do a search.And Gamma 4 began his searching.Judd: Do you think we should bring food to Mom and Dad?Marvin: What's the point? They can't even get the food anyway!Judd: Oh yeah.Stan: Let's just hope that they don't starve to death by the time we defeat this Yokai.Judd: Yeah. That would be just awful. Oh man, I'm just now remembering when I first discovered the invisible barrier, something terrible happened.Marvin: What did happen?Judd: An ice cream truck crashed into the barrier, and the driver was worried his boss would kill him.Stan: I think we should put up warning barriers to let people know about the barriers.Judd: Uh, Stan, I think you should see the television!Stan turned to the TV and saw what was shown in the news.Female Fox Reporter: The city has put up barriers around this neighborhood to make sure we don't have any more car crashes like we had this morning with six different ones.Stan: Oh. Well, there's that taken care of.Over at the Yokai Mansion, the Yokai Leader asked Leafy how the progress was going.Yokai Leader: So what is the progress?Leafy: The Yokai has been notified, and he's gotten Stealth Green and Pink trapped.Yokai Leader: What about the other three?Leafy: The other three haven't been trapped yet.Yokai Leader: And why not?Leafy: Because they haven't stepped into any of his trapped unlike the elders! But Stealth Green and Pink are not the only ones who have been found in these sorts of traps.And he was right. All over the neighborhood, both in houses and in the outdoors, kids and adults kept getting trapped in random areas.(One shows a panda boy and a coyote girl playing catch, only for the panda boy to walk forward and then get stuck)Panda Boy: Oof!Coyote Girl: What are you doing?Panda Boy: (Feels around the barrier) I'm not doing this! I'm stuck in an invisible barrier!(Another shows a family of deer in the kitchen, but only a mother and two kids are there)Deer Mother: Now where is that father of yours? He should have gotten down here by now!Deer Father: I'm stuck on the stairs! I'm stuck in an invisible box!There was even a family of possums who had some relatives getting ready to head home after a visit, but one of the cousins was stuck in the middle of the driveway with the rest of the family wondering what to do. Over at the camper, the Kitinger brothers were still waiting for Gamma 4 to give his results. Then, he finally came to a conclusion.Gamma 4: Boys, I've found out who this Yokai is.All: What is it?Gamma 4: I think the Yokai you are fighting is Nurikabe.Stan: It is?Gamma 4: Yes, but there is one other ability you guys didn't tell me about this one?Marvin: What is that, Gamma?Gamma 4: He has the ability to mime any item and use it as a weapon!Judd: Really? I didn't know that!As they were talking, a vase on a high shelf began floating towards the Kitinger brothers. But Gamma saw it at the last minute.Gamma 4: Look out!The brothers turned around just in time as the vase flew down towards them and was then destroyed upon hitting the wall!Judd: That was Mom's good vase! She's not going to be happy about that!Marvin: At least we didn't break it!Stan: But a lot of other valuables in the trailer might! We better lure the Yokai outside! Come on! Let's transform!All: Super Change Stealth Changer! (They transform into Stealth Red, Blue, and Yellow)The brothers then hurried outside.Gamma 4: Wait, guys! There's something else you need to know about this monster. If you find a....But it was too late, as the boys had already left.Gamma 4: Hopefully they'll come back so I can explain it to them. Or that they figure it out on their own. But what are the chances of that happening?The boys had run into the park. They had wondered if the Yokai had chased after them in the park.Stan: Phew. At least now we don't have to worry about the Yokai destroying things in our trailer.Marvin: Yeah. But what about things in this park?Judd: What sort of things could be thrown towards us in the park?Marvin: Well the statues for one.As Marvin spoke, one of the statues in the park began to move towards them!Judd: Oh dear! That statue is very valuable!It then began going over Marvin.Marvin: Uh oh! Marvin began running from the statue. (Shows a small glass cube on the ground) But then there was trouble!Judd: Marvin! Look! On the ground!Marvin: What is it? (Steps on the glass cube, resulting in him getting stuck) Oof! (Hits the invisible wall) Oh no! Now I'm stuck!The statue then flew over Marvin and hit a wall, causing it to break!Marvin: Oh no! The statue! Well, at least I'm still here.Judd: Marvin, I saw you step on a glass cube before you got trapped.Stan: A glass......cube?Judd: Yeah! I think that Mom and Dad, as well as most people in this neighborhood stepped on one of those!Stan: ......So what are you saying?Judd: I'm saying that we need to find one of these cubes and see what happens when we destroy it!Stan: That is good thinking, Judd.Marvin: Hurry and find one of them without trapping yourselves!Stan: Will do, Marv.Judd: Let's hurry.Stan: And be on the lookout!Stan and Judd began looking all around on the ground for any glass cubes like the one Marvin stepped on to cause him to get trapped. They searched for a while, but they were not having all that much luck.Stan: Judd, we've been looking for hours! I'm getting tired.Judd: We cannot give up, Stan. This whole neighborhood, Marvin, Mom, and Dad, are depending on us. Besides, we can't even leave this neighborhood anyway unless we put a stop to this barrier curse.Stan: Oh yeah since there will be other Yokai attacks outside this neighborhood and if this barrier is still here, we can't stop them!Judd: Well, I guess we could take a little rest for a while. I see a park bench over there. Why don't we sit down?Stan: Well. Alright.Judd and Stan walked over to the park bench, Stan had sat down, but just as Judd was about to sit, Stan saw something on the bench.Stan: Judd, wait!Judd: What?Judd still proceeded to sit down, but Stan quickly grabbed something right from where Judd was going to sit. And just in time.Judd: Whoa, Stan! Swiping your hand underneath my seat right before I sat down!Stan: Well, I had to because if I didn't, you would have been trapped.Judd: Wait, I would have?Stan: Yeah. Because right where you're sitting was where (Shows the glass cube in his hand) this was!Judd: Oh! Good move, Stan!Stan: Now we gotta see if this thing can be destroyed!Judd: Let's get it back to the trailer and see if Gamma can analyze it.Stan: Yeah. I think that would help.They hurried back to the camper and showed Gamma the glass cube. Gamma was looking it over. (In this scene, Stan and Judd are both without their helmets on)Gamma 4: Hmmm. Alright. I have figured out what the weakness is.Stan: You do? What is it?Gamma 4 held the glass cube up and then pointed to a corner.Gamma 4: This cube has a red corner on it. You'll need to strike at that in order to break the curse on all the invisible barriers.Stan: Ha! That is easy!Stan placed the glass cube on the table, then went over to the closet to grab a hammer.Stan: One swing from this hammer should do the job.But then the hammer began hovering above Stan.Stan: Uh oh!Judd: Whoa! Stan, look out!The hammer tried hitting Stan, but Stan kept himself from getting hit. The hammer kept hammering and hammering at Stan. Then, Stan had an idea.Stan: I know! (Goes over to the table with the glass cube) Hey, hammerhead! Over here!The hammer hovered over to Stan, and just as it was about to hit him, Stan quickly moved out of the way. The hammer then hit the glass cube at the red mark! When this happened, the glass cube then shattered. When this happened, all the invisible barriers had broken, too. Everyone was noticing them shattering. (Cuts to Lewis and Lucy)Lewis: Lucy, we're free!Lucy: The boy must have broken the curse!(Cuts to Marvin)Marvin: Ah! The barrier is gone!Over in the trailer, Stan was feeling very pleased with himself.Stan: I did it! I tricked that hammer into shattering the glass cube.Judd: Way to go, Stan!???: (French Accent) ERGH! How dare you! (Then appears as a mime-themed Yokai)Judd: Ah! A Yokai!Gamma 4: Oh my goodness!Dread Mimer: You might have gotten my barriers destroyed, but you haven't beaten me, yet!Then, he disappeared again, then, the hammer, a lamp, a saw, a fork, and a sword lifted up into the air and flew out of the window.Judd: Quick! After him!Gamma 4: Hold on! Before you go, there is another weakness this Yokai has.Stan: What is it, Gamma?Gamma whispered it to the both of them.Stan: That is good to know. We should remember that.Both Judd and Stan put their helmets back on and hurried out. Then Lewis and Lucy arrived back at the outside of the camper.Lewis: Boys, thank goodness you're alright.Stan: Same for you.Lucy: Where is Marvin?Judd: He got trapped, too.Stan: But hopefully he'll be here soon because if you're free, he should be, too.Then, Marvin arrived.Marvin: I'm back! Now where is this Yokai?Stan: Follow those floating objects.Stan pointed over to the five floating objects that floated out of the camper before.Lewis: After those objects!And they all hurried over after the objects. They soon made it to the top of a hill to confront Dread Mimer.Lucy: By the looks of it, there must be two or three Yokai's for us to face!Judd: There's only one Yokai. Lewis: But how can he hold five things at once?Stan: He has five hands!Marvin: Well, there's five of us, so we'll each take out one weapon!Lewis: Good thinking, Marvin.Stan went to face off against the hammer, Judd battled the fork, Marvin fought the lamp, Lewis fought the saw, and Lucy fought the sword. Stan: This is not very easy to do. Trying to avoid this hammer.Judd: But you've done it before, Stan!Stan: Yes, and there was one other thing I could do before.Lucy: What's that, Stan?Stan: Watch this! Come after me, hammer!Stan ran towards Lucy while the hammer went off after him. Stan went close up towards the sword.Lucy: Stan, what are you doing, Stan?Stan: Trust me, Mom! I know what I'm doing!The hammer then came over towards Stan, and just as it was about to hit Stan, he moved out of the way, the hammer them hit something invisible by the sword.Dread Mimer: OWW!Then, the objects dropped and Dread Mimer was visible again!Dread Mimer: How dare you! Tricking me into hitting my hand!Marvin: So this monster's weakness is hitting himself?Stan: Actually, it was making him speak while he was invisible.Dread Mimer: ERGH! You've really done it, Stealthrangers! Now I'm really really mimed! I mean mad! ERGH! I'm so mimed-er mad that I can't even say rords wight! ERGH! Time for me to grow! (Lightning surrounded Dread Mimer, making him grow)Lewis: Oh boy! Time for us to form the Grand Stealth Shogun!They transformed into the Stealth Shogun Fighters and then became the Grand Stealth Shogun!Dread Mimer: You think that I can't still mime things! Think again!Dread Mimer then disappeared again! Then, a lamppost was pulled out of the ground and was being swung towards the Grand Stealth Shogun!Stan: Heads up!Grand Stealth Shogun: (Grabs the lamppost, then swings it up into the air and then back down as it hit something in midair)Dread Mimer: OW! (Reappears) ERGH! I should have worn my voice down so much that I can't say a single thing when I get hurt!Then, the Grand Stealth Shogun got its sword ready.Stealthrangers: Grand Stealth Shogun Strike! Then, the Grand Stealth Shogun struck at Dread Mimer.Dread Mimer: ARGH! And it was my dream of everyone watching my performances forever! (Falls and explodes)Later on, the barriers set up to warn cars about the invisible barriers that Dread Mimer had set up were taken down. The Kitinger family was watching the news as this was happening.Female Fox Reporter: All thanks to the Stealthrangers, the neighborhood is now free of these invisible barriers and everyone is able to move freely again! Many people are relieved that they can now come and go from the neighborhood once again.Stan: What a relief.Judd: You know, I think we should do something to celebrate.Lucy: Like what, Judd?Judd: Do you think we could go out for ice cream?Lewis: Maybe we can for dessert tonight after dinner.Judd: I guess that will do.Stan: Mom, we're sorry about that expensive vase that was smashed.Lucy: That's alright! I was only keeping that around because it was something that was really important to my grandmother. And because she asked me to take care of it after her passing. I just feel sad that I couldn't fulfill my promise of not letting anything bad happen to it.Lewis: (Pats Lucy)Lucy: :)Judd: It was pretty scary that this Yokai actually got into our camper. I don't think it has ever happened before. At least not for us.Lewis: Yeah. Not for you, but it did happen when I was little. That was what happened to your poor grandmother.Lucy: At least no lives were lost this time.What an adventure this was! That Dread Mimer was really something, but now the Kitinger family and everyone in this neighborhood doesn't have to worry about getting trapped in invisible barriers anymore.To be continued...
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This folder is for the Anthro work that you are most proud of and want to show off, but fully made with digital media.

Traditional Artwork Gallery:
This folder is for the Anthro work that you are most proud of and want to show off, but fully made with paper, pencils, pen, and other traditional tools.

Fanart Gallery:
This is for anything fan art related

Mature Work: (18+)
This folder is for work depicting adult related situations including nudity and suggestive behavior. If you're unsure if your art belongs here, ask an admin or just put it here to be safe.

Novice Folder:
This is the only folder that we wont reject your work for quality; it is here for work that is close but not quite there. Dont feel bad if we put you there though! We can be pretty strict and its a close call! it just means work a bit harder!

Literature Folder:
For all those anthro writers out there!

Sculptures and Miniatures
For the these sorts of things.
Hello fellow Anthro enthusiasts! I write here to tell you all that the folder "Digital 2" is at it's maximum capacity, and therefore any submissions in that folder will be ignored.
Please resubmit (if you haven't already) your submissions to "Digital 3"!

- Noicem
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RestrainedRaptor Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2021   Digital Artist
It's really sad to see many of the biggest art groups on DA dying because all the admins have left or given up. I wish they could have recruited more contributors to help out.
1Vestina Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Agreed :( I can say the same, a lot of the oldest Furry and similar related groups has become inactive during last 2 years, but this is understandable on the Admins' side as well - this is just so difficult to manage anything if you have no any kind of profit. Doing something just for fun in the internet was ok 15 years ago, but times has changed and each work shoud be paid, yours, mine, everybody's who is working hard (and I believe Group management is a hard work as well).

But I will agree, things are sad :(
RestrainedRaptor Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2021   Digital Artist
Not only that, but Eclipse hid away all the group messages so many users didn't even know where to find them (I know at least two contributors to my group and an admin of a friend's group had no idea until I showed them where it had moved to).
1Vestina Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes but I believe during time everyone will figure out everything with these site UI changes.
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TommySamash Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Romantic Furry Couple YCH [OPEN|Unlimited] by TommySamash   Furry Halloween YCH Commission [OPEN] by TommySamash   Furry Reference Price List [Commissions OPEN] by TommySamash   Autumn YCH [Open|Unlimited] by TommySamash   New Furry YCH [OPEN] by TommySamash  
KaiHiWolf Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Adoptable Spirit Wolf 1 [OPEN] by KaiHiWolf   Adoptable Spirit Wolf 2 [OPEN] by KaiHiWolf  
Hey, maybe you'll like these adopts :3
AlgorithmLogic Featured By Owner May 25, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Bored with nothing to do! Send me a message to get a free sketch of a character of your choice! Think of the character/pose/outfit/etc before messaging me. Will be taking 3. One per person. Will be flat colored only! Below is an example of my style and not necessarily what you'll be getting. Will hide comment when slots are taken up
Skylar by AlgorithmLogic  
Oliverthedragonlord Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2020
Can I join
Marco-Venom Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy New Year 2020 YCH (OPEN) by Marco-Venom  Christmas YCH. 5 slots for 5$ each
lady-cybercat Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2019  Professional Traditional Artist
Anubis T Shirt Design by lady-cybercat  
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