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Just to avoid confusion for those unaware:

A new group was just made last week by a previous group member, it's called :iconanthro-not-furry: and we are in no way associated with it.

I don't want anybody publicly or personally bashing this person, I've already reported the group the day it was founded, the ticket for which is awaiting review. There is no reason to make this personal.

The group is apparently a copy of ours with looser rules to allow a wider variety of anthropomorphic creatures. The only reason I feel that this group is inappropriate is that it takes our name, banner style (which they are working to change), and is generally an off-white version of our group, which falls under impersonation in my own judgement.

If you agree or disagree with the actions taken, please feel free to discuss below, but I implore you not to go bashing or abusing this group, or this person. Again, that's not us, and that is not our intent. The reason for this journal is just to avoid any confusion with current or future members of our group.
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These are our affiliates! They may or may not reflect the same goals or art styles our group does, but they display some very nice anthro art in general!

If you want to affiliate with us, please note us. No furry groups please, only anthro groups.

Gallery Folders

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Contest 2012
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We are a group dedicated to artists who simply love to draw anthropomorphic creatures rather than furry-style ones.

What is "Furry" you may ask, or what is "Anthro"?

There are a few definitions floating around the fandom, and essentially they both fall under the umbrella of non-humans that display human characteristics, however for the purpose of this group, the definition is thus;

Anthros - More animal than human.

Furries - More human than animal.

We are NOT a hate group!
We totally respect furries and their style/artwork, we simply believe there's a difference between that style and the classic 'anthro' style.

As well as an art style, "Furry" can also be a term used to describe a person who draws said creatures or even dresses up as one. Often people are unfairly labeled because of their art, but we believe your gallery is not necessarily a reflection of your lifestyle and you should be free to dictate your own identity. If you feel this way too, then this is the place for you.



:bulletblue:Click "Join our Group" Above!:bulletblue:

While this group encourages membership by those who wish to distinguish themselves from the furry fandom, ANYONE is allowed to join! We've found that even furries wish to support this group and its artistic purpose, so just as long as the submission guidelines are followed, everyone is welcome! If you do want to be considered a furry, there isn't anything wrong with that! There are plenty of furry groups here on dA you can join too!

You don't even have to contribute art to be in the group. You can just join and be apart of our small, but proud community of anthro artists! :heart:







Please read everything you see below before submitting any art into the gallery, or your artwork will be declined!

This is simply our definition of anthro, there's no way to be right or wrong when creating such definitions, so your opinion may differ, but please respect ours as we will respect yours.

:bulletgreen:We Will Accept::bulletgreen:

Original artworks by the artist who drew them
Anatomically correct anthros (no cartoon/anime styles)
This also means animal skulled creatures, no human heads here
Walks upright on two legs (Bipedal)
Digitigrade legs (if applicable to the animals natural anatomy)
Anthro taurs (again, correct anatomy)
Can be wearing SOME clothing (The more primitive, the better)
Anthros should only have access to materials found in nature and basic crafting skills.
Is more like the natural animal, and lives more in the wild, and less in society.
Locks or long fur/hair from the Mane.
Shape shifters (i.e. werewolves)
Creatures with opposable thumbs
Mild blood and gore
any submissions with this content MUST have a mature tag

PLEASE look through our current gallery and compare your works to see whether or not it fits the theme.

:bulletred:We Do Not Allow::bulletred:

Cartoonistic type art
Sparkledogs (unnatural patterns and colors)
body paint is fine, just make sure it's defined as such
Human dressed and clothed
Modern/futuristic Environments (Depending on the context)
Neko's (a human with animal ears, tail, and paws)
Head hair (on the top of the head): bangs, human hairstyles, etc. (Unless the animal's natural anatomy can have some sort of hair (i.e. horses)
Anatomically incorrect
Non-animal type stuff (robots, objects, plants, etc.)
Sexual content
Genitalia (Naughty bits must be furred over)
NOTE: We understand not all furries are hardcore and perverted.
We also don't allow natural animals from the wild.

And at this time, no literature. Its very hard to determine if its anthro/furry, so we're sticking with visual art for now. Sorry. :(

No, we are not ignorant. We realize that furries are a TYPE of anthro, but we are a group that focuses on every type other than that. ;) We also realize that AnthroCommunity has their own definition (UPDATE: This is a more updated and accurate one:… ) of what anthro is, but many of their styles are more collective with furry styles as well, which is fine. Once again, furry is just a small part of anthro, and our group represents the anthro side.


:star:This is a very accurate list of definitions of anthro, furry, therian, etc. from AlphaGodith :…

:star:View this image chart from Goldenwolf also!… Style 1 and 2 are allowed, but not Style 3.



We realize that there is a lot of debate over a topic such as this. We don't want to cause drama or come across as an elitist or anti-furry group. We are simply distinguishing ourselves as "anthro/fantasy" artists.

If you have a problem with our group, don't come to cause trouble. Just look away. If you have a question regarding our rules, note the group.

Hateful/flaming comments will be removed and the violators possibly banned.

Random from Featured

Crimsonwulfe Badge by KatieHofgard Crimsonwulfe Badge :iconkatiehofgard:KatieHofgard 1,086 8 Oryx Warrior  -  rev by teiirka Oryx Warrior - rev :iconteiirka:teiirka 1,258 89 .Catahecassa Colour. by Asyd-Rayn .Catahecassa Colour. :iconasyd-rayn:Asyd-Rayn 767 82 Tiny Lights by Nimrais Tiny Lights :iconnimrais:Nimrais 1,711 59 'Choclate' Coyote by Grion 'Choclate' Coyote :icongrion:Grion 59 18 Tabra commission by RhandiDandy Tabra commission :iconrhandidandy:RhandiDandy 423 25 Dark Places by Kyndir Dark Places :iconkyndir:Kyndir 2,930 114 Dhotos by whispered-dream Dhotos :iconwhispered-dream:whispered-dream 67 14 To Kyoht - again by thassy To Kyoht - again :iconthassy:thassy 317 39 Anthro Sleipnir by DrunkenUnicorn Anthro Sleipnir :icondrunkenunicorn:DrunkenUnicorn 893 86 Winter Overcast by SpottedNymph Winter Overcast :iconspottednymph:SpottedNymph 549 63 Lynx by MoaWallin Lynx :iconmoawallin:MoaWallin 1,550 165 River Song by darknatasha River Song :icondarknatasha:darknatasha 1,654 121 Orca by darknatasha Orca :icondarknatasha:darknatasha 773 86 Flight Lessons by BloodhoundOmega Flight Lessons :iconbloodhoundomega:BloodhoundOmega 1,215 69
The featured folder is for artwork that doesn't get accepted into the gallery mainly for this reason: the artist doesn't want their artwork featured in groups in general. In other words, if the artist declines gallery submission, but the artwork coincides with the submission guidelines, it can be submitted here in our favorites.

This also applies to artists who are inactive on dA and no longer check their messages to accept our gallery submission requests.


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(Before you respond with anything hostile, please know I am defending this group. Read the entirety of the comment.)

The Group is dead because the furrs are dominated by yiffers now, & most people associate any form of Anthro-Art with the furry fandom because of stereotypes, ignorance, and fiascos caused by the many undesirables who sadly ARE of the majority of furries nowadays.

It also because most people prefer the cutesy, vibrantly-colored art style nowadays. Regardless if whether they are artists or not. Why? The “toon” style pops out. It’s why modern-gaming, modern cartoons, & even modern OS’s look so simplistic and unoriginal.
Simplicity isn’t a bad thing, but it’s out of control and there’s tons of copy-catting going around.
The gaming industry keeps cloning eachother, trying to become more child-friendly & push out their adult audience gradually or boost sales from moronic children.
This is also prevalent in Cartoons, with shows like:
Steven Universe, Star vs the Forces of Evil, The Loud House,
The Amazing World of Gumball, ThunderCats Roar, Gravity Falls, ect.
If you anylyze it, they almost all look exactly the same in terms of character designs and art styles. While yes, some of those I listed have good writing, the rest aren’t, & there’s no denying they ripped off from somewhere.

All in all, Anthro-Art like this is a dying breed thanks to various factors that all root to instant gratification and ignorance-bliss.
I would elaborate further but i’d be wasting my time.
Juliusrabbito Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2019
cool group though but

this is wrong

Anthros - More animal than human. "actually more human than animal it walks on to legs, speaks etc more with human features

this is right

Furries - More human than animal. As the furries are the members of the fandom...unless you want to call pinkie poie a brony because of the brony fandom

sensu-realis Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2019   Digital Artist
Group seems dead...
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