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You've made a nice deviation you wish to share with us? Any medium is accepted! :la:

However, make sure it follows the following criteria, then you're good to go! :thumbsup:

1: You may submit a maximum of 3 deviations per day.

Explanation: This group intends to showcase the best of everyone. Since you can only post a limited number of pieces at a time, make them count!

2: The piece must depict at least one anthropomorphic or feral animal.

3: The piece must be your own or properly credited.

Ideally, link the deviation from their gallery. If this is not possible, link a profile of theirs in the description and put their name in the title of the submission. Of course, if the artwork isn't your own creation, you are required to obtain permission from its maker(s) first!

4: The piece must NOT be of an overly violent, offensive or pornographic nature.

No blood, gore, or discrimination. We may accept -at our own decision- pieces featuring nudity if we feel that they are in the best interests of the artist and their viewers, for example; a piece that features uncovered nipples or partially covered genitalia that was drawn with the intention of being a 'nudist' piece.
Please do not be offended if we do not accept what you see as 'nudist' as we choose very carefully with a multi-vote system.

5: Try to post it to the correct folder (They're based on taxonomy, you can find a description of each within the folders!) Featured is reserved for admins' picks.

If the piece fails to abide by these rules, it will be automatically declined. We're a small team at the moment so please understand it might take a little while before we get to approve it! If you have any questions or concerns, ask us anything through comments or notes, we'll be glad to help! ;)

Start sharing your best! :D
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Art Creation

1,180 Members
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Shedding by HunterBeingHunted
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Kobold Adventurer 7 - Special Abilities by saikyoryuuougi
TG TF: Bonnie Mouse,Lucas liked the Elysian Tail games. He even got to know Dust: An Elysian Tail. Dust came upon a sentient sword, the Blade of Ahrah, and its guardian Fidget. Without memories of his past, Dust followed Fidget's advice and aided the population of the world against forces led by General Gaius. The game was an action-adventure game with Metroidvania-style exploration, requiring the player to gain power-ups to allow Dust to reach new areas. Combat was based on brawler-like mechanics, where Dust could use a combination of swordplay and magic from Fidget to defeat enemies. Dodrill compiled nearly all of the game's programming and assets himself, relying only on external help for voice acting, narrative, and the game's soundtrack. Luke had heard about a movie of Elysian Tail. What he liked about the movie was Bonnie the mouse. A problem was that the movie didn't actually air. Luke wanted to know what Bonnie was like and he wanted to know her voice. It was said that she was voiced by Elizabeth Dodrill but that didn't help with an idea of her voice.One day Luke came across a site saying that it wanted ideas for the Elysian Tail movie. So he checked it out. There was a page where anyone on the site could choose a character for ideas of what that character could do. So Luke clicked on Bonnie. Then the strangest things happened. The world around him disappeared and soon he was left in darkness.Then his shoes and socks disappeared and his feet began to get longer, thicker, rounder at the tops, and flatter at the bottoms. They changed from 5 toes to 3 toes and the middle toe was bigger than the other 2. Where the toes connected with the rest of the feet seemed to fill in more so that the toes were more like the rest of his feet. His feet started to grow tan fur. The fur started growing up his legs as they thinned out and lost muscle. As the fur got to his waist his hips widened and his pennies and tests shrank inside of him and a tight vagina replaced them. His backside grew bigger and he also grew a long thin tail. His trousers and underpants turned into a pale-light turquoise-blue warrior ensemble bikini bottom. As the fur grew up his tummy he seemed to lose some fat and his stomach thinned into a sexy core so he had an hourglass figure. He grew 2 breasts and his nipples grew longer and harder. His shoulders cracked inwards and his arms thinned out as they grew fur. As his hands shrank and grew fur they went from 4 fingers and a thumb to 3 fingers and a thumb. His jumper and shirt turned into a warrior ensemble crop top the same colour as the bikini bottom. His neck thinned out as it grew fur and his Adam's Apple disappeared. The sides of his face stretched out as he felt a little more fur and more skin widen the width of his head. His mouth, which was now covered in fur, became wider as well as it moulded itself into a slight muzzle. He lost his canine teeth, went down to 12 molars, and the only incisors he had left were his four front teeth. He could tell from the aching of his front teeth that they were becoming sharper. His nose shrank and turned the darker tan of his fur. His ears grew, went up his head and got round, enhancing his hearing and they were the darker tan on the outside and the lighter inside. His eyes turned orangey brown and they got bigger and his lashes grew to. His eyebrows got thinner. Finally the hair on his head turned ultramarine blue and grew approximately down to his waist.Luke had been completely transformed into the physical form of Bonnie the mouse. Then he heard a voice. "Well done for choosing Bonnie" said the voice. "In a moment you'll enter the world of Elysian Tail and begin your training. You'll have to learn to use the mystic blade and hover cycle if you're gonna give us good ideas as to what the movie is gonna be like. Are you ready?" Luke was a little scared but he was willing to go. "I'm ready" he said. Although he did feel good with the voice he had. "Then lets begin" said the voice.Lights turned up and Luke was in a village with some trees. He guessed the building in front of him was where he was gonna live for the time being. So he went inside and found his room, weapons, and transportation. So he got started on learning what it was like to be Bonnie.
Anthro Fanart
Krystal - Assault by LiquidFrogStudios
Character References
Custom Design GSD by Kombat300
Hoverboard time by ShaneTheWolf
Craft work and Sculptures
Figurine de Paulina en Fimo 2 by LePtitSuisse1912
Harvest Moon by Andromeva
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#SixFanarts by TiamatART by TiamatART
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YCH - Japanese garden by Golday41
[COMMISSION] Fairlend - Half-Kitsune Sorcerer by s0ulafein




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Friends-- We appreciate your great artwork. But PLEASE don't submit to the Feature Folder. We reserve the privilege of selecting featured material. It's much more likely to be accepted if it's in the correct folder. We have folders for every critter under the sun. Find the right folder. If you're not sure, ask. Unlike canines, we don't bite. Thanks for your co-operation. If you submitted a piece to Featured and it expired, that's why. ;)
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Hey everybody!! :D
I'm a digital furry/anthro artist and also a programer... and right now I'm working on a game project called "Katforce"! :D
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Katforce: Lauren ''Bullet'' Cat ref. sheet by Katforce Katforce: Kate Cat ref.sheet by Katforce Katforce: Tech Hare ref.sheet by Katforce

I'll share more details, behind-the-scenes and video tests while I develop my project here in DA and in:

If any questions for more info, please don't hesitate to note me. :)
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