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I pick a favourite whenever i feel like :)
It is my opinion that the artist deserves it, because of any reason i can come up with. :)



Group Info

We want the best,...
The best that you can give us
This means ALL Anthro's are welcome for contribution.
If you wish to submit, you need to get invited. ( You can always ask if you want)

Our opinion of what Anthro is :
An Anthro is a humanlike creature with more human proportions (arms, legs, bipedal, etc.),
but for example some animal traits (ears, a tail, some fur) would be called an "anthro".

Our opinion of what a Furry is :
A Furry or fur is a persone with a above-avarage interest in antropomorfic animals like those from a comic, game or cartoon, mascot in any way or figures from fantasybooks

ANYTHING that is not human morphed into human form (or possessing a human personality.)
It could be a chair, an animal, a banana, an M&M. Literally anything.

"Furry" just refers to animals being anthro.
However, the animal does not have to have fur. Its just a term. Snakes lizards, and dragons ect can also belong in the furry fandom because they are still anthro animals.

So Mature, Male, Female, Feline, Canine, Books, Pokemon, Duct tape, Lamps, Golfbals, Star Wars, Carpet, Denmark, Pencils, Haggis, Shoes etc
As long as it is Anthro you can submit.
(all of them in one drawing would be so awesome btw)

Follow the rules, they are nothing fansy, the're more like .. gidelines, but still rules.

Book of Rules:

- No unfinished work, Bottem line : Clear lines and shadowing, so no sketches 'n' Doodles.
- Be nice, if you don't have anything nice to say, than lock your piehole.
- No Cosplay or other photo's
- No Rasism, Nazism, Terrorism, ..just no -isms..
- If we seem something unfit, it wil not be accepted / it will be removed.
Founded 6 Years ago
Jan 17, 2015


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Common Interest

228 Members
176 Watchers
15,951 Pageviews

!!!!! 13000 + !!!!!

WOOHOO over 13000 Pagevieuws

Party at my place!! BYOB






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