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Rules of the group.

A warm welcome to All!
As this group is primarily focused on anthromorphic girls. the majority of the piece submitted must contain an antrhomorphic girl or have the girl as it's main focus.

+Were-type anthros are OK, too, just make sure to show their anthro form.
+Muscular furries are good too.
+Fanarts are OK

+Sonic fanart is a bit iffy, since there are already some groups devoted to that.
+Mature content, if labeled, is OK.We accept general nudity but over exposure (i.e. pink bits) will not be allowed.
+Please, no Humans with animal ears or tails.
When appropriate with a species,
we expect snouts, teeth/fangs, wings, scales etc and markings.
+Vore, Baby, Cub or any other fetish/extreme sexual content is not allowed. Violation of this rule will most possibly result in a ban from the group.
+We will not accept work on lined paper.
Plain paper is widely available so there is no excuse for not using it.
+PLEASE put some sort of indicator that the main character of the pic or story is, in fact, female, especially in the description. I can't tell from the thumbnail at times.

When joining, you must put at least ONE example of your anthro female art in the join request form.

The 'Featured' folder can ONLY be submitted by the Admin staff.
Please do not submit your whole gallery; it will be removed
and you will be banned.

When suggesting a favorite, make sure the art does not belong to a member of the group. If the art belongs to you, then contribute it to the main gallery.

DeviantIDs belong in the Misc Folder.

Gallery Folders

.:This was a mistake:. by MATicDesignS
{Commission} - Fiji by LeoKatana
Crimson Mage Xaniras Phantom 2015 CGHQ by Kyanbu
Mixed Media
Commission for Bobehk by Smirkyfangz

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Silverstream by PBdrewthat
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blue eyes by Andromeda-James
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Big fine bat booty! by AnthroTopia91
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blue tulips bloom only at sunset by DarKIRIa12
Dawn ablution by DarKIRIa12
You are finally here... by DarKIRIa12
Pull it! (SFW version) by DarKIRIa12
Mature Content 2

Mature Content

Hisuian Zoroark by Jose497
Filled to the brim - OC Commission by NerDroid

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Day 11: Beer by Dank-Artistic-Fox

Mature Content

Day 5: Bikini by Dank-Artistic-Fox
Mature Content FULL

Mature Content

Flutter by Space-between-spaces

Mature Content

Inked Tawny by KSapphire8989

Mature Content

Clara's pig plushie by CyanCapsule

Mature Content

Ectoplasmoo In the Sewers by GekkoBytes
Fan Art
Planet of the Apes Maria by Space-between-spaces
The Eye of Ramalach 285: Fish and Plankton and Sea by avencri
TUFF Agents Season 9 Episode 3Title: Kristina the Bowling BallOne day at TUFF, Kristina and Zachary were working on something. Then, Kitty came in.Kitty: Hi, guys. What are you doing?Kristina: We're working on a new inflation device.Kitty: Sounds very good.Kristina: Oh it is. Renae had said she'd like to know what it's like to be inflated.Zachary: That's right.Kitty: Well, I'm not sure Eli will like that. He told me one time that Renae was eating nearly everything in the house and that he didn't want her to get too fat.Zachary: Don't worry, Kitty. Everything will be fine.Kitty: I have a bad feeling about this. ^^;And Kitty left. Later, as Kristina and Zach finished working on the new inflation device. Renae had come in.Renae: So, how is this device coming along?Zachary: It's finished.Renae: Oh boy! That's great!Kristina: I know.Renae: Can I try it out?Zachary: Sure thing, Renae.Renae: Oh boy! :DZachary: (To Kristina) That girl loves that device. :)Kristina: Yeah. I know.Renae: Hmm. How does it work?Kristina: You just need to put your mouth at the end of this hose, then push this button.Renae: Sweet!Renae put her mouth at the end of the hose and then pushes the button. She then began to inflate.Then, I walked in and saw what was going on!Eli: RENAE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?Kristina: We're only testing the inflation device.Eli: On Renae?Kristina: She asked to be!Eli: Renae, deflate yourself right now!Renae: Aww! (Deflates herself)Eli: That's a good girl.Renae: I'm so sorry, Daddy.Eli: What do you plan to use that inflating machine for?Renae: Who? Me?Eli: No, Kristina and Zachary.Zachary: Well, we were going to inflate Kristina, but we got carried away with Renae.Eli: Um, alright! But Renae, you should have asked me first!Renae: But you would have said "no."Eli: Exactly!Zachary: Boy, Eli sure is overprotected.Eli: I heard that. Do you know how hard it is from a non-dragon parent to raise a dragon child?Zachary: Sorry, Eli.Later on...Zachary: Kristina, do you think we could have you be inflated instead?Kristina: I don't see why not.Zachary: That's good to hear, because you've been inflated so many times, right?Kristina: Right!Zachary: You ready?Kristina: Ready!Kristina soon had herself be inflated.Kristina: There we go.Zachary: Very impressive, Kristina.Kristina: And the best part is (walks around) I am actually mobile like this. Before, I wasn't able to move, but now I can. What do you think I should do like this?Zachary: Maybe you should roll around like a bowling ball.Kristina: Hey, maybe I could go bowling and use myself at the ball.Zachary: Fair enough.Later on, Kristina and Zachary did go to the bowling alley. Everyone there was surprised to see Kristina inflated.Zachary: Why is everyone surprised to see you inflated?Male Dog: Why are you inflated like that?Zachary: We used the inflation device to make her inflated.Kristina: It's true.Fox Lady: Inflation device?Kristina: Yep. We built it.Everyone still was surprised.Zachary: So, can Kristina go bowling and use herself as the ball?Fox Man Clerk: Are you sure you want to roll yourself down the lanes?Kristina: Yes.Male Fox Clerk: Suit yourselves.Zachary: Thanks.Zachary and Kristina went up to the bowling lane. Zachary had gotten himself a bowling ball so he could also bowl with Kristina.Zachary: You go first, Kristina, since you're a lady.Kristina: Thank you, Zachary.Zachary: Anytime.Kristina went up to the bowling lane, and rolled herself down the lane. Zachary watched Kristina rolled herself down the lane. She then managed to knock down all the pins.Zachary: Wow!Kristina soon returned back at the start of the lane. She needed to walk down the lane again as she was too big to come back through the bowling ball return device.Kristina: Now it's your turn.Zachary: Okay.Zachary then rolled his ball down the lane. He and Kristina watched as the ball went down and knocked over all the pins.Kristina: Woohoo! You got them all.Zachary: Yeah. That was pretty good.After playing a while, Kristina and Zachary ended up getting more pins knocked over than anyone at the bowling alley ever had.Zachary: Wow.Rooster: You were amazing!Kristina: Thanks.Dog Lady: Are you thinking of signing up for the championship?Kristina: I'd love to.Dog Lady: The events will be tonight at 6:00.Zachary: We'll be there.Later on at TUFF, Kristina and Zachary had told Kitty, Dudley, Andy, Evelyn, Renae, and I all about it.Kitty: Really? Are you signing up for the championship tonight at 6:00?Kristina: We are, Kitty. Isn't that great?Evelyn: Congratulations, Mom.Kitty: I'm sure you'll do great out there.Eli: But, wasn't it against the rules to use your bodies as a bowling ball?Kristina: They didn't have a problem with it.Dudley: Kitty and I at one time were bowling pins there.Kitty: Oh yeah. That time you pretended to cry to get what you wanted.Dudley: Yeah. You're never going to let me forget that, are you?Kitty: :giggle:Andy: Yeah. I sometimes bring my own bowling ball there anytime Mom takes me.Eli: I always just use a ball they have there.Renae: Same here.Zachary: I'm sure Kristina will do great out there, you guys.Dudley: We'll be there to watch you play if you want.Eli: I'm up for watching a game with them.Renae: Same here.Zachary: Okay.Kitty: We'll be sure to tell everyone about it, too.Kristina: That's great, Kitty. Thank you.Later on, Kristina and Zachary were getting ready for the bowling tournament. Some of the other TUFF Agents, including Dudley, Kitty, and I, along with Evelyn, Renae, Andy, Delilah, and Karl, were there to watch.Kitty: Well, here we are. The bowling tournament.Eli: Good luck, guys.Renae: Hey Dad, I know you said...but can I...Eli: No!Renae: Right!Zachary: Well, Kristy. This is it.Kristina: Yep.Dorthy Camel: I'm Dorthy Camel here where we are going to see the bowling championship with Kristina Kittensworth and Zachary Cat.Zachary: I love my new last name.Dorothy Camel: In this event, Kristina has herself inflated and will be bowling her whole body down the lane like a bowling ball. Some of you had seen her do this earlier this afternoon. But for those of you who hadn't seen that, now is your chance. So without further ado, let the game begin!Kristina: Cool!Kristina and Zachary went up to the bowling lane.Kristina: This is it.Kitty: Good luck, Kristina!Kristina: I will, Kitty!Kristina went up first and rolled down the lane while we all watched.Zachary: Go for it, Kristy!Kristina rolled down and knocked down all the pins!Kitty: She got a strike!Renae: A strike? Oh dear! That means with two more, she'll be terminated!Eli: Not that kind of strike, Renae! That just means she got all 10 pins down in one go.Renae: Oh. That's a relief.Zachary: Wow.Dudley: Now let's see how well Zachary does.Zachary: Okay, my turn!Zachary rolled his ball down the lane, and he got a strike, too.Kristina: Wow.Evelyn: Mom and Zachary are both tied right now.Kitty: I know, Evelyn.Renae: Zachary did pretty well for just his plan bowling ball.Dudley: I wonder who will win in the end?Eli: We'll have to watch and find out.Later, in the final events of the championship.Dorothy Camel: Now we're here in the final stretch. Kristina and Zachary are both neck and neck. Zachary's normal ball is doing as well as Kristina's inflated body despite being much much smaller. They had been getting perfect strikes for the whole game. But the tie breaker has to break sometime. Who will win the championship?Kristina: I hope we win, Zachary.Zachary: Me, too.Kristina: Alright, it's my turn again now.Kitty: Go for it, Kristina!Kristina: (To herself) Okay, you can do this, Kristina.Kristina then rolled down the lane. Zachary watched as Kristina made another strike.Andy: She got it! She got another strike!Kitty: I know, Andy.Then Zachary made his roll. When everyone watched, Zachary also made another strike.Renae: He did it! Zachary got another strike!Eli: That means the game ended in a draw.Renae: A draw? What do you mean?Eli: I mean a tie. We have more than one winner.Kitty: That's right, Eli.Dudley: Wait, so does that mean the prize has to be split?Kitty: Let's find out, Dudley.Dorothy Camel: Well, it looks as though we have a tie between Zachary and Kristina.Kitty felt excited.Eli: So...what did they win?Kitty: Let's find out.Dorthy Camel: Since we have two winners, we'll need to give off two trophies. It's a good thing we made a second trophy for this.Kitty: They made two trophies.Renae: Wow. How convenient.Eli: I know that.Dudley: So how does it feel to both win the championship, guys?Kitty: I'm proud of them.Kristina: Well, I think I've had enough of being inflated for one day. What do you think, Zachary?Zachary: I'm with you, Kristina.Kristina: So let's head back to TUFF so I can get deflated.Kitty: We don't need to do that, I figured you'd get tired, Kristina, so I brought it here for you.Kristina: Wow! Thanks, Kitty!Kitty: Anytime.Kristina soon deflated herself back to normal.Zachary: Looks like you're back to normal, Kristina.Kristina: And I'm happy to be that way. It was fun while it lasted.Zachary: Yeah. You did look so cuddly in your inflated body.Kitty: But it is good to see you back to normal.Zachary: I know, Kitty.Renae: I just wish I could have also played in this sort of game.Andy: Why couldn't you?Renae: Because my dad won't let me inflate myself like Kristina did.Andy: I thought you meant with an actual bowling ball.Eli: We'll discuss it later, Andy.Kristina and really enjoyed her inflated game of bowling, but she is glad to be back to normal again, too.The End
Fanart 3
Rivet by Smirkyfangz
Fanart 2
Miss New Year English Fandub Thumbnail by Eli-J-Brony
Digital 3
ATHP Ab Girls by ChaloDillo


Janie--metal detector joke by moshomania1
Mature content
Janie--metal detector joke :iconmoshomania1:moshomania1 3 0
Janie--HUGE tits3 by moshomania1 Janie--HUGE tits3 :iconmoshomania1:moshomania1 19 10 Janie1 by moshomania1 Janie1 :iconmoshomania1:moshomania1 7 0 Curly girl by vsevse Curly girl :iconvsevse:vsevse 35 6
Anthro bear transformation - Miniature Video :iconcyberalbi:Cyberalbi 30 0
TF - COM: That's So Bovine by BeingObscene
Mature content
TF - COM: That's So Bovine :iconbeingobscene:BeingObscene 831 26
Want some? - Lineart (Adopted) by FoxRaver Want some? - Lineart (Adopted) :iconfoxraver:FoxRaver 59 5 Red Mariah by ZhoraTheWolverbabe
Mature content
Red Mariah :iconzhorathewolverbabe:ZhoraTheWolverbabe 11 0
Naher by askdirty Naher :iconaskdirty:askdirty 29 4 Wings of Love by ZhoraTheWolverbabe Wings of Love :iconzhorathewolverbabe:ZhoraTheWolverbabe 13 2 Nude catgirl TF 2 by Cyberalbi
Mature content
Nude catgirl TF 2 :iconcyberalbi:Cyberalbi 14 0
Apegirl and rabbitgirl by Cyberalbi Apegirl and rabbitgirl :iconcyberalbi:Cyberalbi 13 0 Chiba reference sheet by HEARTZMD Chiba reference sheet :iconheartzmd:HEARTZMD 330 45 Nude pig girl or piggirl by Cyberalbi
Mature content
Nude pig girl or piggirl :iconcyberalbi:Cyberalbi 29 1
~Nyhra~ by waru-geli ~Nyhra~ :iconwaru-geli:waru-geli 89 7 Kind of waiting by grenias Kind of waiting :icongrenias:grenias 25 2


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Hello and Good Evening,
Thank you for joining our Anthro Group, and to those who have stuck with us in the face of an ever-changing DA (not for the best either).
Due to the nature of our group, we would appreciate it if you could please read our rules and feel free to ask any questions you have either on the group page or to me directly, NOT our Founder as he is seldom on here now and you may not get an answer in time if at all.

Haters and Spammers will be reported and removed from the group, also constant disregard of the rules and generally pissing on my chips will also get you a ban but thankfully, we've experienced very little negativity here I'm glad to say!

All the best and hope to see your work here soon!
Eddy (admin)
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