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My Bio

This account involves fetish related stuff and I have 3 which are anthros and other non-humans, coiling and hypnotizing along with feet and tickling.

My name is Nathan. In Hebrew, it means "Gift from God".

I'm a writer and an art commissioner. I'm just someone who enjoys browsing through the internet checking out some sexy artwork of those fetishes of mine.

Just to let you all know, I'm an introvert so I'm not exactly a social person at a regular level so I don't talk to people a whole lot.

I also have Asperger's Syndrome.

My birthday is on March 9th.

---[]--- put this

---[]--- on your

---[]--- page

[][][][] if you're

---[]--- not embarrassed

---[]--- to tell

---[]--- others that

---[]--- you are a

---[]--- Christian

If you wish to talk to me, don’t just say “Hi.” and then nothing else, I don’t like that at all. I also hate small talk, I want to talk about big and deep stuff.

I want to talk about sexy looking anthros only in their undergarments , constricting predators, hypnosis, feet play, certain canon characters, OCs, Retro Arcade Games, Undertale/Deltarune, the three Kaa's (links to them are farther below), what it’s like to be wrapped up by snake coils, tentacles, vines, spiderwebs.

I don’t want to hear “what’s up?”

If you want to know what pics i requested, commissioned etc. click this link below.…

Favorite deviants:

:iconbenj24: :iconBuddytheSketcher: :iconCaroos-Dungeon: :iconCoolfruits: :icondlpeattie: :iconFoot-paws: :iconGahoWolf: :iconGlyGly303: :iconIAMANEAGLE: :iconInkiCrow: :iconKinipharian: :iconKnightRayjack: :iconLunaHazACookie: :iconMarquis2007: :iconNudeknightart: :iconPaladinGalahad: :iconRaidenTheDeoxys: :iconzp92:

I also RP, copy and paste this to your ID if you love RPing






RP Status: Closed

Reason why: Lent

Notice: If we're doing a RP and I end up cancelling it, don't let it get to you, I'm not saying you're a lousy RPer. It'll mean that I'm not finding this RP interesting.

I submit RPs to my gallery and maintain the the one I partnered with in the description if they get finished. If you wish to remain anonymous, please tell me.

I have some likes, okays and dislikes when it come RPing with me, please read the rest of my ID before asking or deciding.

I'm totally into anthros. To me they’re the perfect victim to the fetish stuff that I am really into which are hypnosis, coiling and certain foot fetish stuff.

If you wish to write, draw, commission, etc. Me and/or my other OCs, you're welcome to do so.

Before you do though, read the dos, okays and don'ts along with the info links that'll show you the rules about using them. You'll also find out their personalities in the bio along with the stories and RPs submitted.

Nathan (me)



Categories I like:

Anthros only in undergarments

Anthros in shirt and pants (their feet are more noticeable that way)

Feet: clean, teasing, tickling, massaging, footsies, smothering, hugging, nuzzling, sticking out of bath water, sand, blanket, etc.

Shoes/sneakers/boots (and socks if there worn too) getting taken off

Snakes, Octopi, tentacles itself, vines and spider webbing

Canon characters I like:

These 3 Kaas: 1967 Russian, 2016 and 2018

Asgore, Toriel and Asriel from Undertale/Deltarune

Machoke, Lucario and Anthro Charizard from Pokémon

Leomon and Renamon from Digimon

Beerus from Dragon Ball Super

Sajin Komamura from Bleach

Carrot from One Piece

Categories I'm okay with:

Foot growth

1967 Disney Kaa

Human to animal, anthro or other non-human transformations

Nagas/Lamias as long as the top half of them is an anthro

Kissing (opposite and same sex) (me and my OCs have to be hypnotized first or the kisser grabs one of us and does it.)

Maw play from any type of snake species (as then the snake gently clamps their mouth over their prey's head, doesn't swallow at all)

The victims feet sticking out of the snakes maw (As long as it's explicitly informed that the victim doesn't really get swallowed and that they'll be okay)

Boner Bulges

Vore (Read this journal first before you do anything involving this category)

Categories I don't like:

Non-clean feet of all types

Foot worship of all types

Feet exposing footwear

Webbed fingers and toes

Death (even if the victim gets brought back to life)


Drool or saliva

Having the victim pass out from the tickling

Humans (except if he/she/they transform(s) before the main event or drama begins.)



Pregnancy (as a fetish)

Baby fur


Fat charactors


Slave or Brainwashing

Blindfolding and gagging the victim

Having the victim wet himself/herself

(If there's other content I haven't listed that you have in mind, ask me about it in notes.)

Favourite Visual Artist
:iconAlphaws: :iconBenJ24: :iconBuddytheSketcher: :iconCaroos-Dungeons: :iconCoolfruits: :iconD4CtD1G1TYL: :icondlpeattie: :iconKnightRayJack: :iconKinipharian: :iconMarquis2007: :iconzp92:
Favourite Games
Undertale and MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator)
Tools of the Trade
I’ve officially made it up to 500 watchers.
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Chapter 2 of Deltarune has finally been released.
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I am now officially 25. To celebrate my birthday to you watchers, I thought I’d introduce you to a furry comic series that you’ve almost entirely likely never heard of. The comic series is called Don’t Hate which takes place decades after World War IV when humans used animals as weapons combined with science causing them to evolve into anthropomorphic figures. That war took the lives of many. A 17 year old boy named Bucky is the last human on Earth and the many animals at his school bully him all because of what his kind did in the past (+the fact that he is a human). All that pain has driven him into having nothing more then to have the desire to watch the world burn. But one day, he saves an orca named Bob who decides to stick around with him much to his disagreement. Multiple crazy things start to happen ever since then. As you can see, unlike Beastars. The sea animals in Don’t Hate are also anthropomorphic (and get this, the snakes in Don't Hate are also anthropomorphic
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heyyyy, you down to try an RP?

*continues in notes*

Heya. It's me, Supershogun, from FA

Do you take requests for literature?

I’m afraid I don’t, nor commissions either, mainly because it’s too much for me to handle.

Out of curiosity, what did you have in mind?

I was thinking of a story where underswap papyrus gets hypnotized by milotic, it's just a random idea I got.

Nah, the I don’t find the skeleton brothers sexy at all who also happen to be my least favorite characters.

After hearing you mention that, I should write a story of Jungle Asriel encountering a Milotic sometime in the future.

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