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Uh... Anyone doing DA points Commissions, I'm trying to get rid of these points. I don't need em, I use cashapp and PayPal now. I fully set them up. I have 4006 points availability (and 400 fragments ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ whatever they are for) Assuming that's worth $40.06 USD. Please message me if you are doing Commissions. I will give these points up. I don't need em at all. ;-; I don't know why I bought them 3 months ago when I could have not been lazy to set up cashapp and PayPal. Anyways thanks for reading
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Q: How do I join?

    A: All you have to do is click the "Join our Group" button at the top of our page! And you'll be automatically accepted c:

Q: How do I submit art?

    A: 1. Please check out FAQ #1 first to see if your picture qualifies as Anthro! 2. Visit FAQ #3 on how to submit your art to this group!

Q: How often can I submit?

    A: Only 1 deviation per day. Please note that we are not keeping track of how many submissions you are submitting. If something you have submitted gets denied that would have been undoubtedly accepted, please know that it might have not been us, but the auto deviation limit system. So please, if it's in the wrong folder, Withdraw and submit again!

Are there any rules that I should follow?

  • All art submitted to this club must be anthropomorphic
    • Feral art will be accepted in the Feral Folder. Sonic art is to be kept within the Sonic Folder.
  • You are only allowed to post 1 deviation per day
    • Submission limit is on auto, though we do take the time to manually approve every one of our member's submissions.
  • All art that exposes the genitalia of either gender or female tits MUST have a mature content warning on it.
    • If any nudity is found uncensored, it will be removed from this group.
    • We are not responsible for any young audience that uncovers mature content images with warnings on them.
  • Any sort of pornographic images are NOT allowed in this group or even deviantART itself. All inappropriate images will be removed from this group and reported.
    • Pornographic images include: Images with nudity that involves sexual activity or are intended to arouse the viewer.
  • Respect all other members in this group.
  • Respect all other groups.

Submission Guide lines (PLEASE READ SPECIALLY RULE 1)

I see people keep making the same mistakes over and over again, and also confusion about sending Commission Journals into the literature folder. The rules are set on the Welcome section of the group, so I updated the existing rules to be clear on what is and is NOT acceptable.

1. Above everything else, this is a Anthropomorphic theme group, and such, all artwork must feature ONLY Anthros/Furries - Humans or human like characters (anthros having human faces), Anthros with humans, and HUMANIZE Anthro Characters (making them human) are NOT ACCEPTED and will be decline. Normal animals are still accepted. Taurs (That's like Centaur like Anthros, Anthros with torso with 2 arms, mounted on the 4 legged body of the animal is based of, goes to their own Taurs folder. In short, the character must have a beak and/or snout.

2. The group doesn't accept unfinished Sketches of any kind or Line art that are still in a Work in Progress state (WIP), but if a Traditional art piece is done with pencil and filled with grey its allowed.

3. Comic and Literature Works go into the Comics and Literature Folders respectively.

4. Art that includes more than one Anthro Character goes into Couples and Groups folder. Solo characters in Digital or Traditional style go to those respective Folders.

5. About Patreons, Adopts, Commission and YCH: we welcome that people promote their art and services as means to promote yourself in the group, specially if this is a source of income. Patreons links, Adopts, Commissions and YCH are okay, but post them on the Adoptables/Commission/YCHs folder, and Patreon or any crowdfunding Donations links must have an add accompanying them. These Adopts and adds must be fully colored and active - closed auctions won't be accepted. More over, again, in accordance to rule 1, these must be Anthropomorphic theme ONLY, any such adds showing humans in it, will be rejected.

6. Adult content is accepted but must be age restricted and send to the NSFW Folder, and any artwork that features characters who are minors (-18) WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. All Characters in nude or sexual posses must be of 18 years of age or above.

7. Sonic and MLP Style Art (be Fan Art or OCs), Pokemon and Digimon Art goes to their Respected Folders (Sonic Art Style, MLP, Pokemon and Digimon). If you have an artwork in where crosses these Characters ( examples: Sonic Racing Rainbow Dash, or Pokemon vs Digimon) then send them to the Fan Art Folder.

8. Post Animations and Pixel Art to the Animations and/or Pixel Art Folders respectively.

9. Please, do NOT post political or religious artwork to the group, it will be rejected.

10. DO NOT POST COPYRIGHTED IMAGES, they will be rejected: No Gifs or Screenshots of clips from Movies, Shows, or images Comic, Manga, or any existing copyrighted material.

11. Do NOT double submit, and certainly to multiple folders at once.
We will accept notifications or complaints from members/groups if anyone is found harassing other members/groups. Action will be taken and they will be removed and blocked from this group.

Any members reported to have stolen art will also be removed and blocked.

Group avatar made by killerlepord


Our Team!
Feel free to ask questions to any of us c:








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