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Submission Rules:

Please read everything you see below before submitting any art into the gallery, or your artwork will be declined!

NO submitting the following:

🐾 Humans with ears and tails (ex: Nekos and Kemonomimi)

🐾 Humanesque anthros (ex: anime style where the face look more human than animal)

🐾 Feral/Non-anthro art

🐾 Non-animal type stuff (ex: Machines, Robots, Androids, Cyborgs, Plants, Pool Toys, Plush characters, Ect)

🐾 Overly Sexual and/or extreme fetish content - anatomically correct anthro art is however completely acceptable.

🐾 Cub/Baby fur/ Diapered furs (if they have an adult and its not deemed "sexual" then it is acceptable)

🐾 Literature

🐾 Headshots

🐾 Fan art or fan-based OCs (ex: Disney, Pokemon, MLP, Sonic, Digimon, Warriors, GoT, Harry Potter, Skyrim etc.)

🐾 Dark or blurry photos, unfinished or incomplete images, messy sketches or WIPs

🐾 Human and anthro pairings

🐾 Adoptables, YCH auctions, P2U bases, Commission IDs, Request /Art-Trade IDs, ect

🐾 If you didn't draw it please don't submit it (i.e Colored bases, art other artists did for your such as a commission, etc - the only acceptation is reference sheets).

🐾 Fursuit parts (ie. Tails, Feet paws, Hand paws, etc).

🐾 Photomanipulations

Submission Limit:
Members are allowed to submit 1 deviation per week in all folders expect the reference sheet and mature art folder where members are only allowed 1 deviations per month.

Quality control:

Yes, we are a submission strict group and we do look for a certain level of quality when it comes to the submissions we allow within this group, so please remember your art may not be accepted. If your art does happen to be declined, please don’t feel bad - This is just a way to keep the gallery enjoyable for everyone.

If your submission is declined, and you would like to understand why then feel free to look over this journal anthroartistsunite.deviantart.… it goes over all the basic information on what is not permitted within this group (which can also be found in the rules by the way). If you still are unsure or feel it was a mistake (which does happen) then please feel free to comment on the submission itself, or drop the group a note! Please make sure when sending a note regarding a submission that you include the link!

Standard Group Rules:

Theft is by no means tolerated in this group and will result in an instant removal and be banned from the group.

Please do not spam the front page with advertisement regarding commissions, contest, raffles, etc- These comments will be hidden.

Please submit your art in correct folders; If you are unsure which folder your submission belongs in, please feel free to ask.

Please direct all questions, problems or concerns you may have through notes.

We here at AnthroArtistsUnite do not tolerate the disrespect of any group admin or group members. If we receive multiple notifications/complaints from other group members and if you are identified as a member of this group then you will be removed and blocked from this group permanently. So please be respectful.

-Thank you for reading!


Gallery Folders

Sionnach Sidhe by Goldenwolf
Needle Felted Coyote by YuliaLeonovich
Needle Felted Anthro Coyote by YuliaLeonovich

Mature Content

Sedcution by Goldenwolf
The King of Loxes by OokamiNoTsubasa
Hewwo by Oha
Perfect isn't easy by Oha
Crowfly (wiggle icon) by Maevaii
Anthro crafts
Portrait Badge (OPEN) by animal53315

Mature Content

Doberwoman by LaVolpeGuy
Chibies pendants (the first part) - for sale by JarviTiralin
Anubis totem by Anthrasmagoria
HoneyMoon Cruise - COVER ART by ThaisMotosuwa
Never give up by multyashka-sweet
The Fate! #32 by AirisKiahin
The Fate! #27 by AirisKiahin
Female Anthros
.: Dark Queen :. by JuliaTheDragonCat
Little Miss Mice by LouiseKunoichi666
Chibi Gryphon by Alarimaa
Battle With Ghosts in the City of Stars by Aererio
Female Anthros
Ribbon Dancer by GoldenDruid
[AF] Amber by Jackalloops
Dance, Dance, Dance! by NicnakO44
Adventure Starts. by Stalhammer
Mini Partial [Unknown] by HandsterButtonz
Kayli vixen by Grion
German Shepherd Dog by LilleahWest
TheKareliaFursuits Family EF24 2018 by TheKareliaFursuits
Genderless Anthros
It's our turn. by Juleteon
Suspect by Socepath
no one is isane by wyum
M-Moominloops... by Jackalloops
Male Anthros
[Raffle Gift] Physikinetic Wolf by LunarBitz
Badge: Rithuras by GrimmuzA
Face squish[C] by Yukitashi
Raven [comm] by Tora-Tikel
Male Anthros
Loner by Louis-Robinson
Wanna be Cool by XTIJI
doberman by rz250
5346234235345364 by Mo-n
Mature Art

Mature Content

Morning for the Nocturnal by Bannjax
What ARE you?? by NicnakO44
Reference Sheets

Mature Content

Suyeon Refsheet by KentaroFlamepaw
Chilled Night by DolphyDolphiana

Mature Content

Pose Set # 2 - Furr Ver. by Kei-Ivory
Werewolf's Humanity by Sidonie

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When The Last Ember Burns by KovoWolf When The Last Ember Burns :iconkovowolf:KovoWolf 171 18 Summer Shake by rajewel Summer Shake :iconrajewel:rajewel 4,914 186 Takeflight by darknatasha Takeflight :icondarknatasha:darknatasha 1,322 42 Guiding Light - Furries Furever Art Book by KatieHofgard Guiding Light - Furries Furever Art Book :iconkatiehofgard:KatieHofgard 1,988 45 Not the right way, but it is my way - Timelapse by Grypwolf Not the right way, but it is my way - Timelapse :icongrypwolf:Grypwolf 6,405 378 Amur Ranger by Goldenwolf Amur Ranger :icongoldenwolf:Goldenwolf 1,448 0 Siberian Voodoo by Bluari Siberian Voodoo :iconbluari:Bluari 195 16 Sakura sakura, yayoi no sora wa by Bluari Sakura sakura, yayoi no sora wa :iconbluari:Bluari 127 14 Lonesong by DeyVarah Lonesong :icondeyvarah:DeyVarah 888 102 Among the Blue by KatieHofgard Among the Blue :iconkatiehofgard:KatieHofgard 1,051 35 Relaxing in the Cherry Blossom Gardens by Ifus Relaxing in the Cherry Blossom Gardens :iconifus:Ifus 898 83 Mini Bust- Lushiko by rajewel Mini Bust- Lushiko :iconrajewel:rajewel 1,463 27 Murder of One by kenket Murder of One :iconkenket:kenket 269 9 Everything by Anuwolf Everything :iconanuwolf:Anuwolf 34 0 Oh hello.... by DolphyDolphiana Oh hello.... :icondolphydolphiana:DolphyDolphiana 529 0
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First I want to welcome you all to AnthroArtistsUnite your one-stop group for anything and everything anthro/furry, related!!

Now for the not so fun stuff, the whole "what's allowed" "what isn't" type deal - So IF your submission has been declined, its possibly the list below is why so please make sure you take time to review over the rules and even the list below so you have a heads up before submitting! Plus it helps me a ton. Haha.

1. Did not follow the group theme:

The theme of this group is anthropomorphic art, crafts, fursuits, etc.

:bulletgreen: Examples of what is Acceptable: :bulletgreen:
- Realistic anthro or were animals
- Realistic anthro animals with some odd colorations/unnatural colors
- Taurs
- Fursuits such as  fullsuits, partials, and fursuit heads
- Anthro based crafts such has kigus, plushies/dolls, sculptures, etc
- Fantasy creatures or animals

:bulletred: Examples of what is NOT Acceptable::bulletred:
-Feral/Non-anthro art
-Non-animal type stuff (ex: Machines, Robots, Androids, Cyborgs, Plants, Ect)
- Nekos or Kemonomimi
-Humanesque anthros (ex: anime style where the faced look more human than animal)

2. Fan Art or Fan based characters:

Please keep in mind we do not accept fanart or ocs taken from video games, shows, movies, books, etc.
Zootopia or Zootpia OCs
Robin Hood
The Lion King or TLK OCs
Any other Disney animal character or ocs based off any Disney characters
Pokemon or Pokemon OCs
Digimon or Digimon OCs
My Little Pony or Pony OCs
Sonic or Sonic OCs
Steven Universe or SU Ocs
Undertale or Undertale Ocs
Night in the Woods or NITW Ocs
Overwatch or Overwatch Ocs

This also includes drawing people/human characters from video games, shows, movies, books, etc.

Example: Drawing Jon Snow from Game of Thrones as a white wolf with red-eyed anthro.

3. Submission was submitted to the incorrect folder:

This is pretty self-explanatory, and a reason is usually given when you do submit to the incorrect folder.

4.Did not meet groups standards:

While we are a submission strict group, we encourage everyone to submit their art, and if your art does happen to get decline please don't feel discouraged it just means that particular submission may not have passed the quality control. Nothing to be ashamed of, just keep on trying!

Hope that this helps you all to understand a little better as to why your submission may have been declined. If you are still unsure why your submission has been declined you are more welcome to comment on the declined submission itself or send the group a note! When sending a note to the group please make sure to include a link to the declined submission to make it easier!  I do ask when sending a note asking why your submission has been declined that you remain calm, cool, and most importantly respectful. Lastly, all comments left on the front page and/or this journal will be hidden since it is just basic journal regarding the rules and a slightly more in-depth reasoning to clear up some things hopefully! Thank you!

On another note, I want to give a shout out to MoonPhanter for the awesome group icon! Go give them a watch now. ^^
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RollSushi Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :3 for accepting me
danee313 Featured By Owner May 26, 2019   General Artist
Hello! I had submitted Chai-ti Laohu - Character studies to the "Reference Sheets" section and I may have deleted the notification or hit withdraw submission accidentally. I tried to resubmit it but it saying that I'm exceeding the limit of 1 deviation per 7 days. Sorry for the trouble! 
TheMuscleFire Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello there, I was wondering why I was receiving so may declines.
im not being told ‘were after a higher quality’ or ‘this is against our rules’ ect.
it drives me nuts not knowing, and makes it look like you don’t care about your contributions within the group.
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dwaters220 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2019   General Artist
Is there any reason why my submission was declined? I really want to know. :|
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