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Anthro-NOT-Furry - submission guide by VixenDra
Coffee Break by miles-df
Ulfhedinn - Gwent Card by akreon
Maid Marion (shaded) by miles-df
Search. by BaghDze
Smile for the camera by SanguinaryMarmalade
Werewolf new design concept #2 by WerewolfPoland
Walking By Your Side by VIBURED
Louis's Reference Sheet by Louis-Robinson

Mature Content

Sara cover by Darkjavi
Lala a little bit darker by Darkjavi

Mature Content

Sara cover sketch by Darkjavi
Ungulates - Equines, bovines etc.
Life of the party by Dead-Sugar
21 by Dead-Sugar
Sandcastles by Dead-Sugar
Purpose by Dead-Sugar
Birdcage by SpiceCat7
Lazy Jerk by dwaters220
God-King by Yacrical
MYO Flurb Event! by FarTooHuman
Draconic creatures
King Vollenth I by Hashiara
Solstias by MelvineKadmiss
Hi Slate! by DreagonArchives
Want that candy cane by Toxical-Toon
Mermay by Rebel-Rider
Pebble the kobold druid by AWolfInATopHat
Andre's Driver's License by dwaters220
Anthro Cobras by High-Bear
Let's fight the Zanchuli! by Horned-Lyzz
We Bare Bears (Pokemon Edition) by BrownbearEdurardo
Otto (Updated Ref) by DragonMage156
Kintsugi by Hashiara
Glires - rodents, lagomorphs
Pastel bun by Dotachin-san
Neonahuatl Juncy Bikini 2019 by cybertrevil
[ADOPTABLE OPEN] Bunny Anthro (5/6) by Rumay-Chian
Banjo rodent by DarkCatTheKhajjit
Fish and the fishalike
Enuma by LuckyLucario
Tiamat and Abzu by LuckyLucario
Abyssora Reference Sheet (New) by LuckyLucario
Fishy Fishy Fishy by Introverted-Square
Hybrids and original species
Dr Arthur Lugeon by FluffyWolfPaw
Other species
Neonahuatl Old Ohlti rider by cybertrevil
The group is STILL in an urgent need of new moderators.
The founder is not able to vote on submissions anymore.

The only duties moderators will have are:
* voting on submissions

*and probably moving incorrectly assigned images to the appropriate folders
- that's all!

Anthro-NOT-Furry - submission guide by VixenDra

* is not a furry and doesn't confuse anthro animals for furries but also is not a furry hater (this is actually expected from regular members but let's face the reality)
* is at least 18 years old
* knows and understands the group's idea/aim, rules & guidelines… and folder organization
* can vote at least once a week or two (most of the time)
* has no mental barrier against using the Decline vote on unacceptable submissions
* will be able to stay unbiased when it comes to judge a nude or sexualized image (in accordance to the group's rules)

* will be able to assort certain images/species to appropriate folders even if it requires a research (Wikipedia suffices)
* will be able to decline images promoting(/showing in good/positive light) morally controversial contents even if they support them themselves. (If it's illegal or immoral in most of the western countries, please don't accept anything related to it, e.g. polygamy unacceptable vs homosexuality acceptable) - the group should stay a possibly neutral place to as many users as possible.
* won't abuse their post e.g. to smuggle any of their rules-breaking art to gain views

*If a mod encounters any doubts, the founder will do her best to help if asked!

Also don't worry:
"Gallery mods are not responsible for verifying if the character is a Furry character or not but will reject a submission if they happen to recognize a Furry character (e.g. the FurAffinity mascots)."  - just judge the visuals, no need to verify anyone. (However, doing this as much as possible can really help the group)

The more the better!
Please apply if you consider yourself suitable enough (send a note to the group, co-founder, founder, or comment below).
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Group Info

Group dedicated to anyone who enjoys anthropomorphic art and characters but DO NOT identify themselves as furry nor their possible alter-egos as fursonas.

It's not an anti-group, but a group that will mark your art as non-furry if you're not a furry and your characters are not fursonas.

You should be free to dictate your own identity. If you feel this way too, then this is the place for you.
Founded 3 Years ago
Mar 16, 2016


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Groups dedicated to originally non-furry productions where you can find a few or more anthros:)
Such as Mythology of the Ancient Egypt, Disney movies, Dreamworks movies, The Elder Scrolls, and many, many more!


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Using this group is stating you/the characters are NOT FURRY!


As the name says, anthro but NOT furry.

Furry is a subculture, identity - not a type of anthro.
Anthropomorphic animals have been a part of human culture since before ancient Egyptians and their gods (e.g. Anubis), Furry was established as late as in 1990s (some believe it started in 1965 which is still thousads of years after ancient Egyptians).
Furries are PEOPLE who belong to the furry subculture. Their fursonas and OCs are commonly called furries too, which is in fact a kind of metonymy.
Anthro animals are NOT an exclusively furry phenomenon!
E.g. this anthro lion figurine is about 40.000 years old:… :)

For now this is the only group found to allow you distinguish your anthro art from furry art and you, anthro enthusiasts, from furries if you don't identify yourself as a furry.
Because (animal) anthro=/=furry:)

This is NOT a hate group!

This group was created for those who wish to distinguish themselves from the furry community while being interested in art featuring anthropomorphic animals and/or representing themselves with an anthropomorphic alter-ego.
If you do want to identify yourself as a furry, there isn't anything wrong with that but this group is NOT what you're looking for!

All artworks featured in this group is supposed to have been posted by artists/character owners who DO NOT consider chararacters used as furry/fursonas.

By joining this group, you state you're NOT A FURRY (while you may create for furries too).
By submitting to this group, you state the characters featured are NOT FURSONAS/FURRY OCs (while you may be a furry yourself).
If you're a furry artist and join just to submit art for your non-furry clients, please, rather don't deny your furry identity pride by joining, better suggest your non-furry clients to join the group and to request the art you did for them for you, and simply accept the group's request.

Please do not add art featuring characters that aren't yours unless they're already featured in the group or you're absolutely sure! (won't be verified though) And feel free to post random non-OC anthros.
The group is NOT responsible for any instances of furries mislabbeling themselves and/or their furry submissions as non-furry via using this group!
If a fanart of your furry character was added to the group, please request a removal, thx!

You don't even have to contribute art to be part of the group. Simply join this tiny but proud community of non-furry anthro artists and appreciators if you don't consider yourself a furry! :)

This group focuses on the type that is most frequently mistaken for furry - animal anthropomorphs, both realistic and cartoony.

black divider by ToxiceStea
Submission rules:

:bulletgreen:Acceptable and welcome::bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen:At least 1 character must be an anthropomorphic animal:
a) walks upright on two legs (Bipedal) or is a taur(humane torso placed instead of the 'neck' of the quadrupedal body)
b) has working, opposable thumbs (those are allowed to walk on fours)
c)More animal than human-like:
- Dominantly animal face(in case of borderline cases, the face sells it all)
:bulletgreen:Fairly mild blood and gore
:bulletgreen:Neutral (=non-sexual) nudity (like e.g. sheaths on males, nipples on females; in NOT provocative contexts, informative/educational included).
:bulletgreen:Mild erotically suggestive couple scenes (case-by-case basis)

:bulletred:Not allowed::bulletred:

:bulletred:FURSONAS! (if you call your alter-ego a fursona, don't post it here of you'll cause confusion as fursona was a word invented by furries for furries - won't be verified, it's your responsibility)
:bulletred:Non-animal anthros (plants, objects, robots etc.)
:bulletred:Humans and humane faces (unless accompanied by an animal anthro; don't affect the folder)
:bulletred:More like a zoomorphic human than an anthro animal, e.g. nekos etc.
:bulletred:Fursuits (sorry, those are FURRY stuff!)
:bulletred:Over-sexualised characters (very large and unnaturally round breasts, poses exposing genitalia/crotch in a teasing way, provocative, slutty etc.)
:bulletred:Too fetishy art (including SFW)
:bulletred:Censored pornography (by pixels, squares, emotes, etc.)
:bulletred:Natural animals from the wild/100% ferals that do not show any clear sign of anothropomorphism
:bulletred:Open YCHs
:bulletred:Reposts of sb else's work (if the artist is on DA, please request their submission to be included in the group!).
:bulletred: Posting to "Featured" (it WILL expire, please choose correct folders! or it'll be assumed you didn't check the rules at all)

No literature, only visual art, please.

The group focuses on styles and types of anthro that are frequently falsely assumed to be furry. It doesn't feature contents that are very unlikely to be mistaken for furry^^

Guide to folders + inside each folder

Anatomy-related requirements:
Anthro-NOT-Furry - submission guide by VixenDra

(since: Feb 2019)
Answer the following questions in your Join request message:
1. Are you a furry? [Y/N]
2. Why do you want to join this group and what you plan to use it for? [be as specific as you can]
And, most importantly, fill the quiz to show us if you understand the group's purpose, the meaning of certain terms, and basic rules.










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PaperCrownArts Featured By Owner May 29, 2019
idk about me..but looks like there's a lot of furry artwork here.
Spicy-cheetos Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Believe me, most of it isn’t furry related. Furries tend to have similar styles to one another (many look cartoony and Disney like). I see a lot of diversity here. It’s good to find a group like this to be honest.
PaperCrownArts Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2019
tbh I think 'furry' has become synonymous with any animal-based character with anthropomorphic features..or it just seems that way, and not particularly relating to the person - fan, 'furry'. 
Spicy-cheetos Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nah it’s totally different (believe me). Furries have their own thing going on and it’s not my thing. A furry is pretty much a person who is a HUGE fan of anthro animals and it consumes a lot of their time. Sonic the Hedgehog is not a furry. He’s an anthro. Bugs Bunny is not a furry. He’s also an anthro. A fursona? Totally a furry. 
WerewolfUlrich Featured By Owner Edited May 29, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
There might be some old Furry art in the gallery from a few years ago, but it would be a big hassle to go back and check it all by asking the artists. Back then, this group heavily relied on a sort of honor system. Anyone could join instantly and they were expected to have read the rules and understood what this group was about.

When I became a mod, I cracked down on "suspicious" submissions that may be from Furries trying to submit their art for exposure. Myself and the founder discovered that we did have a problem with Furries joining without reading our rules.

However, now we have a joining process to make sure that every new member is not a Furry and they are aware of the rules. I also try to check submissions of art trades, requests, and commissions by asking the artist if they know that the character they drew is not considered Furry by the creator. I tend to only ask an artist once, and expect them to remember the rule after the first time, or else it would get annoying for them, I would assume.
sc00pj0hn Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Does there exist a group where anthromorphic characters that aren't based off animals exist? I'm sorry if this might be the wrong place to ask, but I would be interested seeing a group which contains deviations of personified objects like televisions, objects, etc.
WerewolfUlrich Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm, as far as I can tell it looks like this one is active:


Another one for electronics only that is active:

NobodyHereMoveAlong Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2019
Out of some bit of curiosity, but is part of this group's unspoken raison d'être to further the belief that Furries are "non-human" for enioying what they call themselves, and for enjoying the company of anyone who may share their interest?

While I understand that you want to distinguish between people who want to just draw anthopomorphic animals because they enjoy it and those who consider themselves part of the Furry subculture, the way that the rules and guidelines are written, and reading through the comments, especially those of the higher-level folks, there's definitely some amount of malice, even if unintentional, what with the idea that pretty much all Furries being little more than cultists (rather than just not knowing that someone just like anthros), or that they're all trying to r*pe/grope people/animals 24/7 being a fairly prevalent idea, at least among the higher-level people, in here (granted, those openly hostile comments were from 2016).

I just feel like that there may be some (possibly untintentional) hostility, and a bit of a (again, possibly unintentional) "holier-than-thou" attitude directed towards Furries/being a Furry.
WerewolfUlrich Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Absolutely not. This is addressed often in the profile:

"This is NOT a hate group!"

"If you do want to identify yourself as a furry, there isn't anything wrong with that but this group is NOT what you're looking for!"

"If you're a furry artist and join just to submit art for your non-furry clients, please, rather don't deny your furry identity pride by joining, better suggest your non-furry clients to join the group and to request the art you did for them for you, and simply accept the group's request."

This was all written by the founder of this group. Also, a "non-human" would not be able to use the internet and be a part of a fandom; that would be ridiculous. lol
NobodyHereMoveAlong Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2019
Fair enough, I suppose.

And many of the more charged comments I mentioned appeared around 2016, such as comments regarding negative experiences with Furries and seeming to apply those negative experiences to how the fandom acts as a whole, including comparing the whole fandom to being little more than a cult.

Whether or not those sentiments have changed is unknown to me, but I'm always one to suspect that stated negative beliefs about entire people groups, especially when there's no one from those group to try and contest those beliefs, will then allow those beliefs to propgate further by attracting like-minded people... So I was kinda worried that this group's rationale may have shifted in that direction, even without an apparent change in stated motive.
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