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Like the title says, guys.
A new folder for your mature content is OPEN, labeled "Mature content 2"
Remember to post all of your NSFW art and everything that has a mature tag in it.

For any doubts or questions, comment below and we'll reply as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience and have a nice day! :D
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This group is for people who want to share their love for anthro MLP ponies. You do not need to be an art creator to join this group. You're also welcome to suggest favorites.

An animal with human-like characteristics.


Check you're submitting in the right folder.

ALL mature tagged artwork go into MATURE ANTHROS.

Make sure that your pony is anthropomorphised.

Submit only pictures with good quality. (For example no bad/faint scans or blurred pictures of
traditional art or badly compressed digital art or with white white pixels in the lineart.)

Be kind and respectful of other members.


Mature Content: EVERYTHING rated Mature, no matter what it is, goes here. (Note that we will not accept mature content of anything else, but mlp anthros.)
Featured: Submit your best art here once a week.
We will not compare you to others, only you to yourself. If we think you've created many pieces better than the one you submitted in the featured we will not accept it. You can still submit it to the other folders after that. No Mature content here, there's an another folder for that.
Character folders: Twilight/Rarity/Rainbow Dash/Fluttershy/AppleJack ect. are where submissions of a particular character goes.
Non-Pony Anthros: Here goes Discord, Spike changelings etc.
Others: This is where characters that don't have their own folder go.
OCs: Own Characters. This folder is for characters that YOU have made up. They must be anthro and MLP related. No humanized. Also ponified characters from other shows go here.
Couples: This is where all the softcore cute couplings/ships go and that are NOT rated "Mature". Must contain at least one character from the show.
Groupings: This folder is for submissions of multiple characters when not romanticized. Must contain at least one character from the show.
Commissions: This folder is where artists can offer their services and for members to display what’s been made. Commission examples and Commissions Sheets are allowed here. Sheets can contain other than anthro art and be mature.
Humanized Ponies: Humanized characters and Equestria Girls go here.
Non Anthro Ponies: Here goes ponies that are not quite anthro enough to be considered anthro. We also let some normal ponies through, if we see fit. Be warned that we are more strict with these and will not allow mature content of this, for example. Remember that this is a group dedicated to anthro characters, thanks!

What isn’t allowed:
Deviations that go againt the deviantART's rules.
Overly censored images that ruin the picture. No pictures that are 90% black box.
Major Violence/Excessive Blood/Gore
Mature content of humanized or EG
Sketches/WIP (depends on the case)

Our current icon is created by Ziyane

MLP-anthro Discord, come chat with us!










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Dracsik Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fan art Fluttershy by Dracsik   Sleeping couple YCH [OPEN] by Dracsik   My OC by Dracsik  
MeisterAryanne Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2020  Hobbyist Artist
i make blender commissions, just hit me up if someone need an pony or anthro render, also i make pony models too.! ^^
BunsoGEN Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
BunsoGEN Featured By Owner Edited Dec 8, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
BunsoGEN Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
BunsoGEN Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
BunsoGEN Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
NovaMorphex Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2019
Want your MLP character doodled? Here's your chance! I have 10 spots open!
MLP Sketch Commissions OPENHenlo! As stated above, I am available for any MLP related commissions. I'll only be available for sketches, as well as colored, or shaded sketches! I lack MLP drawings lately, so you'll be helping me expand the examples section of it, haha. Sketches of course will be done in a much better quality than my main example! (I just drew too zoomed in oh my god)
Before commissioning, please share this journal! It means a lot! 

For a quick Commission request, please follow this form commenting with all the details necessary of your oc so I can know what to do a accurate as possible!

   Name of OC(s):
  Clear References:
  Description of OC (s):

——————— ・ ⋅ ✩ ⋅ ・ ———————
                E X A M P L E
——————— ・ ⋅ ✩ ⋅ ・ ———————
Untitled by NovaMorphex
——————— ・ ⋅ ✩ ⋅ ・ ———————
Payment's will be done via paypal!
——————— ・ ⋅ ✩ ⋅ ・ ———————
Tini Peach Lineart - 3$
Tini Peach Colored - 4$
Tini Peach Shaded - 5$

    Full Body
Tiny Cherry Pixel Lineart - 5$
Tiny Cherry Pixel Colored - 6$
Tiny Cherry Pixel Shaded - 7$
——————— ・ ⋅ ✩ ⋅ ・ ———————
Commissions will be in much better quality!
Baron-Engel Featured By Owner May 18, 2019  Professional Traditional Artist
Ah question. Are you not taking submissions? I have multiple submissions some going back to April and they are neither being accepted or declined? Is there a problem?
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